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The Legend of Incineroar

There was a time when Incineroar had a violent and selfish disposition... But that time has passed.

All Incineroar cares about now is his family, and he will do everything to protect them... even if it means tapping into his dark side.

*Updates Mondays*


Recent Comments

@DragonImps: The very best :D
@Dzib: It's not a dumb question at all! My wording is to blame.
Daisy’s great at shadow puppets :D
3 hours ago
@Blargargy: thanks and sorry for the dumb question.
@artofjoe: *insert Death Star alarm from Rogue One*
@Gin: Bruh. BRUH.
@AceDelta12: Imagine how mad Incineroar would be!

@BeretCat: Yes! Exactly :D And Pikachu just wanted to teach Incineroar Thunder Punch all along XD

@AceDelta12: Much appreciated mate thanks heaps!

@Gin: XD

@artofjoe: :(

@Dzib: Nah you're right, just the arc.

It'll be clear by the end of this first arc that there's a very clear (and I'd like to think unique :P) path I have in mind for the overall story in relation to this Universe and its characters, and honestly, it's what's driving me to that finish line.

But this particular story/arc will have a very definitive ending :)

@Theresia: Wait til she gets serious :/
Holy heck, Daisy is nightmare fuel material.
10 hours ago
@Blargargy: feels less like an end to the story is coming up, more the end of an arc. am i just misinterpreting what you said?
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue....
Chansey: "You can't fool me, you dumb broad."
He's got them wicked Pikachu eyes.
Daisy is an Eldrich horror, omyfreakinggosh
C h i l d E n d a n g e r m e n t.
@Blargargy: I meant AFTER this scene.
@Blargargy: I saved a link to your profile on my Chromebook, so I can see whenever you release a new comic! You'll be seeing this familiar face [Insert Incineroar Image] in any comics you make. I'm a big fan of your work now!
Daisy just wants to make sure we aren't robots
@Blargargy: You're welcome for the reminder! I like to coordinate my favorite video game characters' birthdays based on their debut games' release dates (e.g. Incineroar, Nov. 18; Rosalina, Nov. 1). It's actually pretty cool to work with!

I like how I can determine a character's birthday based on their debut game, it's a really cool skill. ^-^