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Seph's Mom

A Final Fantasy villains-centric AU comic. Weird teen romance. M/M, some NSFW.

Kuja is Sephiroth's hot adopted mom, and the story goes on from there.


Recent Comments

April 23rd, 2019
That's weird because right before coming to this comic, I got notifications of mature content on other comics
April 23rd, 2019
@lemnlime: I suppose I can add "NSFW" to a page's number to make them easier to find...

I would recommend checking the preferences in your profile and that 'yes' is marked for "Show Mature Content Warning", as this comic is indeed flagged as such in the system.

Thanks! :)
April 22nd, 2019 really need to add a mature advisory for this as I totally wasn't expecting to see something this graphic here. Geez
Yes, I know Father's Day was a few days ago. Just enjoy the silly bonus page. Part 5 starts tomorrow!