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by Xero Boomer
Hello all! Xero here, looking to review and have funz! Horror, fantasy, drama, I'll review what you got with only 1 rule, it has to be your work, no sprites please! So, if you would like your work reviewed/critiqued I'll be happy to take a look!
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Hello all! Xero here, looking to review and have funz! Horror, fantasy, drama, I'll review what you got with only 1 rule, it has to be your work, no sprites please! So, if you would like your work reviewed/critiqued I'll be happy to take a look!

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Hey there! Do you like superpowers?, do you like polar bears?, How about super human's transforming into super human polar bears, and everything under the sun? If so then I found the series for you! I have just finished with what Squirreltastic-Blue has so far created with their world affectionately known as "Nick Polar Bear".

This is an action packed superhero comic series, with emphasis on the "super"! It is a well rounded story that jumps off the pages and kicks you in the face with creativity. Although the drawing is somewhat gritty, this comic still gives many eye catching and eye pleasing panels throughout his body of work. He uses shadows and mood lighting to set certain tones to deepen his characters struggles or joviality.

From witches, to robots, to ice cream selling penguins, This story has a ton of elements that when combined together give "Nick Polar Bear" an identity all of it's own. He delves deep into each character, giving you more than just a one sided persona that could go into "trope" territory. These heroes are quirky and identifiable, giving a true life to this series that I personally enjoyed reading. If you are looking for a lengthy comic that keeps your attention, then this one should do the trick at 369 pages and counting :) The action scenes are pretty cool and intense, although I guess I would put a few more action phrases in between the fighting, but that's a personal opinion is all. I still enjoyed myself getting into all the "super" ass kicking that was going around.

One thing I thought was a pretty cool idea were the "breaking" pages that gives you a small game to play before going back to the story. It is a 90's throw-back for me because a lot of underground comics I read at that time had those little fun side quests, From a hero maze to others games, this is just a little fun page to involve the reader!

Hands down, this comic is a one of a kind gem that you might add to your collection simply based on how off the wall intriguing it is! The plot is an ass kicking treat that makes this series unlike any other comic adventure you have been on. So, if magical stones that transform your body into a deity like superhero sounds like a party, then give Squirreltastic Blue's "NICK POLAR BEAR" a chance today! It very well may have you screaming...

[url] the-bird/[/url]
Of course the pleasure was all mine!
Oh, man, thanks! That's actually a very positive review! The comparison to Marvel and DC means a lot to me, because it's kind of what I'm aspiring to! There is a long way there, but it's one I'm willing to take :D
And yeah, the spelling's been a problem. Sometimes I forget to check the spelling of a sentence and stuff like that, but I'm hoping to fix that :D
Thanks again :D
What a fun and exciting ride this one was! I finished with Stanley Comics "Superhuman" and all I can say is what are you doing reading this? Go check it out!
From page one he grabs your attention and doesn't let go until you are finished. This is a highly stylized and graphic story guessed it from the title, super-humans! Without giving anything away (do you know how hard that is when your doing a review?) the story focuses around an adolescent and his "version" of growing out of teenage-hood. As I read along and got to know this character, I realized he reminded me of a teenage Deadpool, with quick witty quips (and a disregard for human life ;) ) he is a quirky young adult that I find fascinating. And even though I can compare him to Deadpool, you will see that SC (Stanley Comics) creates a superhuman all his own in very different and unique ways.

As a little side-note I just wanted to add that the way he introduces his characters is pretty clever! He gives you a one page stat listing that is comical yet informative. You end up knowing a volumes worth about the character before even seeing them in the story, very cool!

The story in a whole is well rounded and interesting. Their are intricate scenes that automatically grab you attention, and keeps you guessing where the artist is going to go with it. The fact that I couldn't assume where SC was headed with the comic gave him my full respect! The pacing is PERFECT giving that professional feel we all as comic book lovers want to find in a graphic novel.

From colors to shading, right down to the city landscapes; everything SC does is with a perfectionists skill that I usually only see out of the Marvel/DC universes. To think that I get to read for free is mind blowingly awesome! Honestly, the only thing I could really see off is some of the wording looks misspelled to me. But that is only nit picking and could be justified with it being apart of a British accent.

It's hard hitting and controversial, and definitely worth taking some of your time to read. If you read anything today, I highly suggest Stanley Comics "Superhuman". It will be one of those tales they will levitate and elevate your imagination!
Hello everybody! I'm back with an in depth look at Chris Samuels "Rended" and I have to say, what a fun world to visit! With beautiful artistry centered around a magical world with creatures and humans co-existing together, I could not help but to become fully engrossed in this story he creates!

The characters work off each other through clever dialogue and story telling giving you an easy reading comic. What I mean by this is some comics are very boring starting off. As creators we try to engage our readers to the point they can understand and relate to the characters without feeling like they have to work for it. Finessing the story and pacing is something he got down right from chapter 1 (the prologue comes off like a literal book at first, but I didn't mind seeing as to it's sets up the world for you).

The drawings are exquisite, from the angles, to the colors, to the transition from one scene to another, I completely admire his creativity in this department. Even the shadows and night scenes are created to set a mood that is fitting to the situation, yet again; absorbing you deeper into the story. Nothing about the way he draws seems rushed or out of place, he takes time and utilizes his skills to make every page as unique as possible.

As for the story, Chris Samuels weaves a unique tale that is easily graspable by all age groups (maybe not the gore buuuut). It is a story that knows what it wants to be and so far (It's still rather in it's early stages of chapter 2) delivers it to it's fans. It's part fantasy, part horror, part sci-fi, all beginning with a journey of a soul and the struggles within. Even certain situations have you feeling for each character. They make you ask certain questions like "Could I leave my home and family to better myself?" and "HOLY S&$# A MONSTER!"

So if your looking for a new kind of tale with eye catching panels, clever writing, and a look into another world look no further! This comic may come off as far away from home, but it just may have the magic to keep you as a fan!
Keep it going your are quite skillful in what you do ;)
Omg! Thank you so much!! And yes I'm aware of the speech bubble problem, it will be fixed in the upcoming pages. Thank you for reading my comic and kind words. There's still a lot to unpack with this story. ;)
Hello everyone, my name is Xerocorpse Boomer and I have just finished with ZORAX12'S "BRAINS: THE LEGEND OF RAGING FIRE". It is a somewhat campy and somewhat horrific comic series that focuses around a world where felines run the planet.
The color pallet used is actually quite beautiful, with shadows and highlights it is pleasing to the eye. Even when the kitties are fighting each other, the use of fading and action lines make it much more intense!
The characters (while still in early stages of the comic) are well rounded and identifiable. You can relate to each character in different ways because the situations they find themselves in are all that we have been in as well (mostly). For example, we have all had to deal with bullies, and indifference towards situations that are presented to us, Zorax12 reflects this perfectly through dialog and pacing throughout the chapter.
I find the story rather strong, it is a unique concept I have never heard before and it kept my attention while I was reading . I am not saying no one has ever made a story like this, just that this is the first one that has presented this kind of concept to me. The situations we find our "heroes" in is rather polarizing. It kept me asking myself what would I do in their situation? When a comic makes you ask questions like this, it means they are doing something right, very good job!
While the story is good and the layout and color choices are quite masterful, it is the wording I am having trouble with. Zorax12 left the word bubbles somewhat invisible (you can literally see the background inside the word bubbles) and it makes reading the dialog extremely difficult. I had to keep tilting my screen just to read what they were saying, especially during night panels.
And then you have one certain character that I am guessing has an accent because there are so many misspellings it made my brain hurt. Even some wording that comes across completely different, with said accent. Also, there are a couple misspellings that are obviously accidental (I think) because everything else beside the misspelled word is spelled correctly.

Overall, I enjoyed this comic! It's cute, it's fun, and it still gives me my gore fix near the end! (something I was not expecting seeing all the cuteness kitties running around!) This is a purrrfect comic story for horror buff cat lovers around the world! It's a colorful action packed comic that will leaving you oozing for more! If kitties in a kinda post apocalyptic world sounds like your cup of tea, give ZORAX12'S "BRAINS: LEGEND OF RAGING FIRE" a chance, it just may have you mutating for more!
Just shoot me a message and I will jump right on it!
*I forgot to add that there is a musical soundtrack that intertwines itself right into the story. If you decide to read I would highly suggest headphones and the music provided to get the full benefits of this comic series!
RADICAL (SERIES I) - Crystal Dawn
I have to admit this one here was a nice interesting read. It is an up and coming comic, with just enough content to spark your interest and keep you invested. The style of this comic is definitely a throw-back to the 80's and early 90's manga style that I know I grew up on. I love the homage to this era and I am amazed with how loyal TheSanteri stays to the medium, way to go!

The story as it is written so far is focused on a group of 3 teenagers, out for a walk in their hometown. Pretty ordinary start, we get a feel for their personalities and the motivations reading along. The creator of this comic understands character building, story pacing, and dialog giving the reader a rather fun ride (especially near the end)!

The backgrounds are rather beautiful, and the perspective is dead on, I'm pretty jealous as this is something I have tried to master, just amazing!

In short, this is the kind of comic that knows what it wants to be and it shows. From the masterful art style to the colorful characters in an action packed world, TheSanteri satisfies your thirst for comics with it's fists of wallflower fury!
Loved it keep up the amazing job!
Thanks for the review. Part 2 redrawn is in its editing phase, so I'll have it nice and new soon! :) I'm glad you liked it.
Hello comic lovers of the world, my name is Xerocorpse Boomer, a.k.a Xero and I love comics! Recently, I have delved into artist (ARTOFJOE) and his creation "Charming". At first glance it is gritty, almost sketch-like with little to no background. Even though the first (and a couple after) page in rendered in color, it stays consistent with it's black and white theme and stick figure drawings. So what do you guys think I thunk?....


Yeah, the drawing is rough, but the characters bring the story alive! It takes place in a fantasy world (no spoilers) with iconic fairy tale characters we ALL grew up with, only THESE characters spent several years either in fighting dojo's or mental wards.
Artofjoe brings a colorful cast and impressive pacing in this black and white action rumble that, if you give a chance, will keep you engaged in whats going on while giving you a laugh or two.
I say give it a chance because Ch. 2 is....rough. It was a challenge to get through because I felt like his skills went backwards instead of forwards. Everything in it looks and feels rushed and somewhat sloppy, like someone had a gun to his head and said "DRAW!". He does explain this to the reader in the comments (he is updating his rough drafts and hasn't completed the 2nd part yet).

With that being said, Chapter 3 was AMAZING. You can see his transformation from sketching to art as you go page to page. This gives a more pleasing look to the eye and makes the action all more intense! Even the character interaction with each other is improved by tenfold. They even break 4th walls when talking to the reader outright! Doing this makes you feel like your are apart of their fantasy, thus keeping your interest.

Frogs, Swordsman, Princesses, and Witches alike are all crammed into this action packed "Once Upon A Fist" that for me, left me wanting more! It may seem rough at first, but if you give ARTOFJOE'S "CHARMING" a chance, you may find out that what you thought was a toad could very well be your Prince Charming.