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Jodie Askblog

An Askblog about one of my MANY PMD characters.

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Who are these two? Stay tuned for part two!
She’s referring to the ask used in this one. As the asker gave a lot of questions.
Here's a ask: I forgot where to ask. Where do I ask? Even though I'm asking right now to make a not funny loop hole joke.
Le R.I.P
XD wow thanks for answering my questions. Hers another, why do you cover your other eye ?
If Jodie was a Jolteon
This is an inside joke.
You probably wouldn’t get it unless you know the characters.
Jodie what do you do when you're bored?
A friend of mine drew demonic Jodie.
Jodie. are you a boy or a girl? Jodie is a both gender name.
Jodie what is your fav color?
You can ask here if you want, Amino is just where I mainly do things.
Where do you ask?