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The Crazy High Sea Adventure

A polygonal pirate and his equally polygonal pals set out to discover the treasure of Hidden Island, encountering some crazy situations as their journey progresses.

For translations whenever Pete speaks French, mouse over the comic and the translations will appear!

Recent Comments

Mon frere = My brother
@plasmaster: It's an Energy Shot. She can shoot these out her mouth, but the barrier absorbs them.
Huh <:0
@Pidgeot Slayer: The page loads just fine for me. If it doesn't load at all, I do have a link to the page on another site.
What is that bird shooting
I am so confused on what that blue thing is supposed to be.
END-A's Gender
@Pidgeot Slayer: It's all right! END-A's a girl! I was thinking of giving her eyelashes so it'd be easier to tell, but I didn't at first since she's a robot.
Is it just me or is this page not loading
Is the eagle thing a girl or not? (Sorry it is a little confusing for me)