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The Lone Swordsman

Heaven has fallen, including its Leader, Aven, thanks to the Demon King Shutendoji's new Elite Demons. Now Shutendoji has his eyes set on Earth. Can a Lone Swordsman wielding Aven's sword stand a chance against such hopeless odds? Or will the madness of the souls he must absorb destroy him from the inside?

Rated PG-13 due to cartoon violence, blood and mild language.

The Lone Swordsman and all related subsidiaries are property of Sol's Dawning Creations. The use of such without permission for the purpose of monetary gain is illegal and will be met with legal action.

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Matrix dodge!

Been watching the NBA playoffs, I feel like they're better this season than in recent memory. If only GS wasn't so wildly overpowered...
@Sol: Nothing to see here~ (STEALTH EDIT)
Sorry for Kratos' dialogue getting cut off here, that's my fault. I sent K.K. a revision.

Currently in Japan on my Honeymoon!
I imagine that Stephanie's style is somewhere between Xianghua and Raphael from Soulcalibur (so... Wushu with Fencing?)

I also imagine that Kratos has no actual style since his sword is kinda unwieldy (though if it was slightly smaller, maybe the Ren style, which I always just thought of as Link's style from Legend of Zelda).

Sorry it's a bit late (but only by like... 3 hours, so not bad, eh?)
Running a bit late, next page will be up by tomorrow morning.
Celestia is referring to the power she used in Chapter 42 - Page 21.
She's got a real Phoenix thing going on.
@Sol: Congratulations!!! :D!!
April 10th, 2017
I'm officially married now as of April 8th! :D
His shield is pretty gnarly. I assume the sword handle wrapped itself around his arm, then the blade part kinda went "splat" and turned into the shieldy bit.
That wing is really dexterous considering how big it is.

Posted! Now to go watch Wrestlemania! (I'm a Seth Rollins mark, but the rest of the card kind of looks boring to me)
Don't get me wrong, diamonds CAN cut. Even the article you linked to mentions how it's a diamond that's been specifically fashioned into a blade which is actually my point. Diamonds can be cut and formed to have a sharp point or blade and that would make them sharp. But they aren't like that naturally.

My problem with his description is it changes based on what kind of diamond he's talking about. Is he talking about a diamond knife? Is he talking about a diamond fresh out of the ground that hasn't been processed yet? If you say something is "As sharp as a knife," you get the general idea that it is sharp. You could make the argument that maybe they are referencing a dull knife, but then the analogy would have to clarify that it means an "unsharpened knife." You don't have that luxury with a diamond. You have to be clear that it is a diamond that has been formed to be sharp, like that very diamond knife you mentioned.

Look, I get that this can be seen as a nitpick. It's not like I don't get what he's trying to say. Although rare, I've heard and seen it used before too. It's just really not the best way to describe what he's trying to say, in my opinion. Can he use it? Sure. He can use it so long as his little heart desires. But sometimes even the little details like this can make a big difference in how the reader perceives the character and story.
March 31st, 2017
@Vye Brante: Oh. I used that analogy because lots of other medias have used that analogy. My bad.

EDIT: I did find this though:
Does Kratos know that diamonds are not inherently sharp and therefore make for a poor analogy? He might as well be saying "My wing is as sharp as a rock." A rock or a diamond can indeed be cut to be sharp, but that doesn't mean that's a given. Diamonds are more traditionally associated with density and durability. So unless the analogy was actually meant to describe invulnerability instead of damage output, it's not the best thing to use...

Something like, "My wing is sharper than any scalpel" or "My wing's sharpness surpasses even your sword!" would something better to explain its cutting abilities. If we don't want to make the other swords weak in comparison, he could just simply say something about have two blades or two weapons now, and imply how that leaves him with fewer defensive options than before. "My attacks now come from two directions!" Or something.

Just a thought.
That wing is razor sharp, btw
March 24th, 2017
A tad fitting that this ended up being the 50th Chapter.

When I came up with the design and concept behind One Winged Demon Kratos and this part of the battle a good 13-14 years ago, I initially had him call himself the One Winged Demon of Power and Lust instead of Envy. Mainly just because I liked how that sounded, but as we got to this point, I realized it didn't make any sense. Kratos' "signature" sin is Envy, so I changed it to that, even if it doesn't roll off the tongue the same way.
March 24th, 2017
@makogun2000: lol no, sword is the same. Kratos' "One Winged Form" is due to the fact that his true power is sealed by the curse. Otherwise he'd have two wings.
"One Winged Demon", Really? And I suppose his sword has gotten absurdly long to match his new status? Did this guy idolize Sephiroth or something growing up?
So yeah, Kratos was using a lot of his power to create Berserker Raven. Since he's now fighting at full power, Berserker Raven was destroyed.
Looks like he's rebooting.