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A Witch and A Demon

A Witch and A Demon

by Lunaravocados
A story about a 25 year old woman who goes under a contract with a demon to kill the hero of the prophecy in another world! Reincarnated as a "Witch," she faces many great enemies that want to kill her because of her title. She also suffers a lot in the course of the story.

Update schedule has changed to catch up to the webtoon updates.
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A Witch and A Demon

A story about a 25 year old woman who goes under a contract with a demon to kill the hero of the prophecy in another world! Reincarnated as a "Witch," she faces many great enemies that want to kill her because of her title. She also suffers a lot in the course of the story.

Update schedule has changed to catch up to the webtoon updates.

Recent Comments

July 12th, 2019
Thank you!
July 12th, 2019
Hello again Marty! I will have to decline your offer. It seems that you are really passionate about this idea of yours, so if you'd like this idea to flourish then I suggest you try making this nice comic idea yourself.
July 12th, 2019
I love yoo reference?

annonymous (Guest)
July 12th, 2019
and one more thing
Oh and one more thing what do you think of the manga recommendation I showed them to you?

Happy End de Hajime which is an :

Tuxedo Gin :

My Dead Boyfriend Came Back as a High School Girl :
annonymous (Guest)
July 12th, 2019
A tensei isekai story I thought of that yo ucan turn it into a webcomic called A young sorceress and her 'imaginary friend
It’s me again and I was wondering .In case if you are done with a witch and the demon comic story or give it a hiatus. I thought of an tensei isekai story you can turn into a webcomic but its different because you see it's about a female spirit from out world who ends an imaginary friend to an young sorceress and it's called “A young sorceress and her 'imaginary friend'”

The story is about a kindergarten teacher named Emma who cares for children in her kindergarten. One day when she returns home after her day of work she is just driving in a car when suddenly she was caught in a road accident and lose consciousness.

There she ends up as a spirit in a fantasy world and wanders around the area wondering where she is while not being seen by others since she is a spirit .But When she walks to a kindergarten site which is similar to the area where she once worked back in her world she spots a lonely child named Daisy and wish she could comfort and support her but then the child begins to see her as if she exists, Realizing that everyone doesn’t see her except Daisy Emma decided to adapt her role as Daisy’s ‘Imaginary friend’ since she does a similar thing back when she was a child as she is also friends with an imaginary friend.

And throughout the months in earth time which for the fantasy land is ‘years’ Emma is having fun with her only friend with Daisy during her childhood which is strange for Emma because according to her smartphone which she still has it in her spirit form that’s it s been one year since she becomes a spirit in a fantasy world and people in the fantasy begin to grown rapidly for months but when Daisy reaches her 10th year which takes place one year later in earth time she become a sorceress apprentice for a magic school and this is when Daisy found out the reason why she only sees Emma in her spirit form because as it turns outs, people from the fantasy world must have used their transparent soul to visit our world so they can learn about other worlds they travelled but in spirit form .

In fact children who are young during kindergarten form our world begin to look at them thinking that they are imaginary friends as they are the only one who sees their transparent souls and that Emma’s imaginary friend turns out to be Daisy’s father when he was a college magician who was exploring our world when he notice young Emma when she was in kindergarten and becomes friends with her until when it’s time to return back to his world while Emma is about to enter first grade ,Some magic must have affected Emma before he left which unknowingly saved her life from the road accident at the beginning of the story and made her end up as a spirit in the fantasy world guiding Daisy throughout her child hood until her 10th birthday which explains the myth of not only imaginary friends but also how daisy sees her since she is related to her father

But another surprising twist is that it turns out according to daisy’s mentor who is the other person who sees Emma ,it turns out Emma’s body is alive back in our world and is now currently in life support in the hospital but the problem is that if Emma doesn’t return back to her world in her original body in about a two weeks then she will be killed off for real and let her soul be vanished into nothingness ,Now the rest of the story has Daisy and Emma trying to find the ingredients to create a portal so that Emma can return back to her world in her body, There will also be a part where Emma gain the ability to possess Daisy so she can help her out in dire situations..

Okay now here comes the spoiler alert revealing the ending because this is where the ending goes, After Emma helps daisy become a better sorceress while gaining the ingredients to help her return back to our world with her body.

She says goodbye to Daisy and then she wakes up in the hospital bed in her own body. Alive again. Then two years later Emily is now married and pregnant but continues her work as a kindergarten teacher when she notices one of the kindergarten students tells Emily that she has an imaginary friend named Daisy and she wants to meet her ,this surprises Emma as when she still have the effects she received from Daisy’s father she saw that one of her kindergarten children’s imaginary friend is Daisy now as an adult woman and is exploring our world , The story ends with Emily happily greets her students imaginary friend Daisy .

What do you think? Do you like the story? Do you think you can turn it into a webcomic? Write to me back after you read this message.
annonymous (Guest)
July 11th, 2019
my reply
@Lunaravocados You have a good point. But also there is something I have to tell you it may be rude but the truth is I don't like isekai stories because they are so cliché in every literature in Japan like manga and light novels including Tensei isekai (or reincarnated into another world) because what is the point about a person who dies in our world reincarnated into a fantasy world as a different person while remembering his or her previous lives ,it’s so illogical! Heck others who are mostly westerners and some Japanese and Korean likely don’t like isekai stories except some which are ‘Non-isekai’ but has the transported to another world element like Gulliver’s travel, wizard of oz, A Yankee in king Arthurs court, Maybe yesterday the movie, the phantom tollbooth, A wrinkle in time and even the animated series Amphibia.

Now I may say something rude but it happens to most people such as the twilight fandom for example as some who watch the movie and novels like the “ sparkly vampire craze” while others don’t like it because for most people the twilight novels and even its copycats eg-Fifty shades of gray are considered literary trash to them, The same that happens to the isekai trend as some people don’t like it including the Tensei isekai ones because they are considered cliché and trash.
If I were you ,I would change the story into something different without the isekai element.
And if you are done with the witch and the demon story or you are not interested in the story I suggest maybe you can make a different story perhaps like a young witch from a fantasy world who interacts with a spirit of a woman from our world and will help her return her back to our world in her body as she is in a coma that will make a good story as its about a comatose person in a form of a spirit interact with a girl from a fantasy world as the spirit will be considered what tv trope considered as an ‘Audience Surrogate’ and experience her friend the young witch girl doing in a fantasy world or maybe make a story about two people in both world switch minds and experience each other shoes with one person from our world end up in a body of a person from a fantasy world while the person from the fantasy world end up as the person in our world.

Anyway sorry I said something rude but it’s something I need to come out of my mouth, that is all. Perhaps the only isekai trend I like is if there is a deconstruction story to the genre which I hope would happen someday just like the other deconstruction stories like Watchmen and the boys which are the deconstruction of the superhero genre, Evangelion a deconstruction of the mecha genre the oldest that is don Quixote which is a deconstruction of the chivalry knight stories

Also there is two reincarnation stories I like but they are not tensei isekai such as Happy End de Hajime which is an anthology series about people who died and posses a body of a cat to be with their loved ones before they move on to the next life : which you can check it out, Tuxedo Gin : and that one shot manga My Dead Boyfriend Came Back as a High School Girl : you can check them out if you like but they are not tensei isekai.
Again sorry I said something rude about what you like and that Witch and the demon story, I hope you forgive me for this.
July 11th, 2019
@annonymous: Hello Marty! I appreciate that you took the time to come to me personally on my twitter and DM me about this. But I have to say that this comic is free to read, I originally made this on my birthday because I enjoyed the isekai stories I read through manwha's that featured female isekai protagonists. If you do not like my story then please do not frustrate yourself by continuing to read further. Perhaps there is another story out there that you will enjoy.
annonymous (Guest)
July 10th, 2019
change the whole A Witch and A Demon story by removing the 'isekai tensei' element
Hey about your A witch and a demon story,I don't like the part with the tensei isekai part where it has her reincarnated into a girl in a fantasy world with the memories of her previous lives. So I suggest you change it instead by making it into a story about a teen witch and her encounters with a demon (non isekai that is) or maybe change it into a story about a young witch from a fantasy world who interacts with a spirit of a woman from our world and will help her return her back to our world in her body. Will you be interested in changing that? If you do please cancel the original one and change it into a new one instead without the isekai tensei element