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Dove Leader's Comics!

I make stuff.

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silver moon :3
May 7th, 2019
Ok but will I draw him into the comics?
@silver moon :3: He was born a Rouge, but then opened into the clan, because of his strength. He then becomes the deputy, the leader dies. And he becomes the leader. He then forces the clan to do bad stuff, like Shadow Clan. Then I will think about what I will do after that. :3
RIP It didn't work. ;-;
silver moon :3
May 3rd, 2019
Ok so when I see it will I add him into the comics like draw him also is he clan born or rouge or kp
I'm going to draw with a Draw Pad now. So the art will be better. As long as I find the connector to my Draw Pad.-
And no. The scars on me is NOT blood...
Okay so.. I JUST DREW THIS SO BAD> I'm going to remake it. Also... The reason why I wrote it like that, was because it was in "Azul" A English font I made up. If you can't read it, tell me.
Oh um.. Guess it works. Sorry, this was a test page. I will start comic soon. :)