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Way of the Waifu

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, six newly-built waifus battle against impossible odds to find the last dork alive.


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it's not a true waifu lineup without a cat girl
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@artofjoe: It shall be glorious.
It has begun!
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@dweeb: I've read Mercury is the most popular scout in Japan, because of her studious qualities. I should rate her higher, but I only put her above Mars, because Mars is annoying.
@Jeremy Ray: she's the coolest Sailor- Venus is my second choice too!
@dweeb: Huh, same here. I'd say Venus is a close second though. Why do you like Jupiter best?
@Jeremy Ray: Jupiter hands down no arguement
@dweeb: Which Sailor Scout is best waifu?
@artofjoe: It's strangely fortunate that Ram and Rem reverse into Mar and Mer, and Mars and Mercury were the only scouts I didn't have equivalents for. Things don't always break in my favor, but this did.
Oh I got it alright. I'm ready to read, laugh my head off, repeat.
These references are, dare I say, out of this world! (I'll see myself out)
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In case you don't get it -

Ram and Rem -

Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury -

Yorha 2B -

I wonder how many of these channels YouTube will leave up after December 10th?
@dweeb: I believe I've run too many of them, but they have to get drawn sometime. Next we'll have an outer cover, than another inner cover, and then finally comic pages again.
they all look great
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Last of four inner covers I needed to draw. They're done!
@artofjoe: I'll post on the hosting services until I get the character development anthology done. After that, I'll direct everyone to the website, unless something changes. I may keep Line Webtoons since it accounts for more than half of my hosting service followers.
@Jeremy Ray: The whole thing could definitely use a reset button. Let old franchises burn and let new young independent ones take their place.
It's time for an indie age.
Also, yeah, if it's not worth your time don't waste energy posting here. More = more, but is it enough more to be worth the time?
@artofjoe: I'd like to see most of the entertainment industry go down.

I'm getting pretty good traffic through my web site. I may stop posting on these comic hosting services.