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Way of the Waifu

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, six newly-built waifus battle against impossible odds to find the last dork alive.


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@marshman101: I'll get to drawing soon. I had to work on three different vehicles today and I'm not even a mechanic.
I need more this is awesome
That's about it for my backlog, from here on out I'll be updating towards the middle of the week, once or twice.
Mother of Mike I did not see that coming!
@dweeb: Yeah, but what is a comic creator to do? Original material doesn't play on the internet. But if I reference stuff, and you don't know the reference, that's not good either. I've got a bunch of Star Trek fans on my Deviant Art channel because of the Enterprise redesign I did. That's the most popular thing I've done in 25 years of trying to be an artist. So, probably more people are getting this than will get the other stories.
this would probably be a lot funnier if i knew anything about star trek
@dweeb: Looks up fujoshi - oops, maybe it should have been "Fujoshi Hokkaido" instead of "Yaoi Hokkaido." The latter rolls off the tongue better though.
hrrnn *fujoshi noises*
@dweeb: There's one for each waifu. The writing is done. I've thought about only doing short waifu stories. Waifus come and go so quickly. I want to see them interact as a team though.
@dweeb: At least she printed.
*sees a new wofw chapter*
"Ah shit, here we go again."

oh my
@dweeb: This story isn't going to end quite like the last one. FWIW the last page of Seaman X is the dream.
Should've known
@dweeb: Long-O is a worthy adversary, can Sissy beat him?
jesus christ that is one long schlong
New Phrase: I'll eat my butt
@dweeb: I'm gonna have to grow a lot more, but I'm on Line Webtoon, and if I got moved into the official comic category, it wouldn't be too hard for them to walk over to one of the Kpop studios and say "Hey, we've got this concept for a band and an established audience." Those Kpop girls make almost nothing if their group doesn't get into the top 3, and they don't last long.
I’d buy that album