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Found A Peanut

Status: Dead
Updates: No more.

Recent Comments

This character looks pretty darn cool, I must read on.
Not too happy with this one.... The toning isn't at all what I wanted it to be... >:/

You should do the same with TDS!! >:O ........ :P
New page!! :O
ooo i likey!! do more! do more! do more! =D
*looks around* Dice-chan 0.0 where are youuuuuuuu >< I miss you ;n;

Oh by the way, have you edited the character page? Because it looks different than I remember...I think it's neat X3
April 10th, 2008
Gah, I missed an update 0.0
Anyway, I really like the new lay-out (feathers YAY^^)
that panel's so great XD 'You-!!..creepy...voice... '
i love those wings!
Nuuu! He did that like 7 times 4 pages ago! :O
I think you forgot to do the famous "pinch and check". I hear it's a great way to tell if it's a dream.
I like this page. X3
thanks a lot but that name is a lot of responsabilities and pain -____-" just kidding the xp meaning xperimental but it's freaking too long i'll be waiting for update ^0^
Yeah, this is one of my favorite pages. :)
Ah, thank you, suicidoll. I'll try to finish the next page soon. It's already drawn, I just need to tone it. No promises though...

Love your name btw. =3
waaahh cliffhanger!!!try to spent less than 3 hours per page. hehe =D
i just started to read your comic and i think it's really good i'll be waiting for the next update fav <3
this page is awesome i love your art and story specially the angel the way you big the huge wings #_#
So like..I spent nearly 6 hours on this page and it still turned out looking half-arsed. ;___; I'm outta practice at photoshop...
YAY!! I'm glad!

And you did. But don't be sorry!! It's a good thing! If you hadn't done so, there probably would not be this page posted right now! x3
February 4th, 2008
YAAY! *glomps Dice-chan* I Totally love that first panel X3

Did I make you feel bad 0.0 oh...heheheeh>> Sorry owo'