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by s1r_h4xx0r
In a distant future, in a world unknown to him, an strange creature will try to find a propose and find out the mysteries of the world present to him.


It's about sci-fi, mistery and stuff like that.

IMPORTANT: you'll NOT FIND yaoi/yuri/geyness/pr0n here.
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11 Years Ago
In a distant future, in a world unknown to him, an strange creature will try to find a propose and find out the mysteries of the world present to him.


It's about sci-fi, mistery and stuff like that.

IMPORTANT: you'll NOT FIND yaoi/yuri/geyness/pr0n here.


Recent Comments

I love this comic :3

Me encanta <3
New site URL:
Derideal; movie
If you don't mind, I'm going to try and make a movie out of this.
so let me get this straight. Adres has visions of the future?
The text in this sounds like a video game. cool
What happened to

it's totally blank, I really hope you can get that comic going again, I really liked it.
congrats XD.

this thing it's getting bigger day by day.
September 18th, 2008

HELLO, the news are that there'll be no more updates for derideal here on smacksjeeves; because derideal has new homepage now; with it's own Domain.


so now are the updates will be there. remember visit the new page ;)

now there'll be no moar comments for the comic on the website, so, if you want to comment or speak to me, you always can send me a mail to or
visit the derideal forums at:

thanks to all the readers!

and also to smacksjeeves for hosting the comic during this time.
Catgirl, eh? that brings up another question: what are they? Did the science people mixed the human DNA with,a cats? Thats most likly, in my opinion,not that it matters much... anyways, she does look like a cat, espesialy in that first frame.
Tight git!
Booooo...if I had a blue catgirl around i'd spare no expense on her :P
September 11th, 2008
I can't believe there's not a reason for giving her a notebook over the Digital agenda, Except cost. He's up to something. Also, Fed, The old posts are still there, I managed to find them before. The problem is I found 3 copies of this page all with different comments.
smskjves erase my previous post or something xD
WELL, my previous answer got deleted or something was never showed.
I'll write it again

All I can say is that Adres and Laura are 10 years old. but that's not really their mental age or body development; in human terms.
in fact, before on the comic, I maybe write in some pannel that the project prime was finished 10 years before the comic story starts.

at some point of chapter III , I'll deal with some of this facts.
let me see
that's maybe a question for the comic F.A.Q. on the forum.

when I started the comic...that was something it worried me a bit..

the answer would be 10 years each one, Laura and Adres; maybe Adres is a little more old; but only for months.

but that's not they mental age really, at some point of this chapter I will deal with their age and explain some things about the project prime (Remember that the infiltrator stole some information from the laboratory)
September 9th, 2008
I can see that she wanted a digital agenda as well. I think maybe she's pouting a little at the end. heee :)

Anyway, I was wondering about Adres and Laura's age, or level of maturity. I never thought about it before, but the way this guy treats her like a child, I wonder just how mature are they.

Being part animal they might age faster, they were more developed than a human child when they were born.
They could be physically full adults. In which case Laura has a right to complain about the way she's treated.
Me too! I like the perspective, also. I don't know what HE'S talking about, a 'Digital Agenda' would be WAY better than that old notebook! ...I'm gessing the 'D.A.' is like an iPhone... Anyways, good going geting your own webpage, I'm sick of going to buzzcomix and waiting for there page to load... twice...
Derideal needed it's own webpage. =D
I love the look on her face on the last panel.
HI, has been a while since I uploaded a new page; I have some things to take care before to draw derideal with more dedication.

anyways, the news are that "ICEWIND" has make a GREAT ALL NEW webpage for DERIDEAL, so, in the future, spect only that page for derideal, I'm leaving smacksjeeves; when I make time to upload all the spanish pages to the new homepage.

anyways, the english version es working, you can found it here:

and again; my public thanks to Icewind for doing this for the comic.
*flips thru dictionary*
'Journal' might be a good word...kind of like a diary but used more to record events and your opinions on them. Sort of midway between a formal log and a diary. But then it doesn't matter a whole lot xP English is wonderfully flexible.
Sorry for not answer since now to all the commentaries.

well, thanks for the commentaries, and for the support QuothTheRaven;

and well, in the spanish version, in fact the word that used Andres wasn't "diary" was "log" or "bitacore" is that word exist, XD XD XD...cos he likes to call the diary that way.

and well, Andrés is kinda fun to draw.
7th panel made me chuckle :) Andres does have a bit of a creepy vibe...mabye just that he's trying hard not to make the wrong move