Evil Plan

Updating since 2007, Evil Plan follows supervillain Dr. Kinesis on his road to world conquest. Along the way, he'll have to deal with a troublesome AI, his unwilling friendship with passionate black-market dealers, and the possibility of romance with his second-in-command. And there's a superhero trying to muck up his plans. Can't forget that guy.

With all this going on, Evil Plan is a comic for people who want to see the bad guy win. If he doesn't blow himself up first.

Current Chapter: Chapter 17. Alice's attack has permanently shifted the status quo. Time for the heroes to make their move.

Updates Sundays
Lineart & Writing: Alexis Royce
Colors: Megan Johnston
Nosy Wife who is listed because she likes comment emails: ChibiSilverWings

Recent Comments

Right or left?
Is it just me or is the orientation wrong in panels 2-4? Look, he walks by with blast radius on his left side, then he looks to the right(away from blast radius), raises his right hand, and swipes the cigarette with his left.
Nice to see agent in the standard pose in lieu of the OVERWHELMINGLY WELL DONE GRAPHIC NOVEL STAN LEE WOULD BE PROUD level.
Any word from anguish yet?
Ooh, shiny floor.

I suddenly feel sorry for their janitor.
well holy smokes
When we say no smoking, WE MEAN NO SMOKING, GODS BLAST IT!
I got the Edna Mode reference.
@Booyahman: I should really do some extra content to give background info on The Company...
@SoulRaider116: Thank you so much! We'll keep working hard! ^-^
Should he really be up and walking so soon, Agent?

Collaborative coloring this week!
Andy's done with your BS, Blast.

Coloring by Megan this week! Also, Chelsea and I will be at Shuto Con in Lansing next weekend. Table location and commission info over here. If you find yourself in the artist alley, please stop by and let us know who your favorite Evil Plan Character is! We've got some buttons that we'd be happy to gift to readers. :3
Am i the only one who gets the Edna mode reference?
I'd have to guess that he's given so much leeway because it'd be a lot worse for everyone if he were working deliberately against the system rather than blowing things up occasionally on the right side of the law
I'm loving it! Just so....AHHHHH!
Welcome to the dark side.
And now it's hitting her. Eh, she'll get used to villainy.
Henry... he's given that much leeway because he's a literal walking nuke.

Or another way to put it is: he's being given that leeway because this universe has it's own branch of marvel comics and has gone: yeah, no, the treatment of mutants here is just idiotic to the point of being suicidal.
Okay, how is Mr. Chestfins-Jerk being given this much leeway if he's this rude?

The Company won't exactly fire him, yes, but it could make things a lot more difficult for him until he learns the basics of politeness.
@BattleStarX: Thank you for letting us know! I'll get that fixed.
Psychically punt him out of the room. Do it!

By the way, this is coming up Chapter 12, rather than chapter 17.