Evil Plan

Updating since 2007, Evil Plan follows supervillain Dr. Kinesis on his road to world conquest. Along the way, he'll have to deal with a troublesome AI, his unwilling friendship with passionate black-market dealers, and the possibility of romance with his second-in-command. And there'a s superhero trying to muck up his plans. Can't forget that guy.

With all this going on, Evil Plan is a comic for people who want to see the bad guy win. If he doesn't blow himself up first.

Current Chapter: Chapter 17. Alice's attack has permanently shifted the status quo. Time for the heroes to make their move.

Updates Sundays
Lineart & Writing: Alexis Royce
Colors: Megan Johnston
Nosy Wife who is listed because she likes comment emails: ChibiSilverWings

Recent Comments

Looks and sounds more like villain
Am I the only one to think of fallout when reading this pages title.

And I totally didn't forget about wanting to draw for the cameo thing.....
Some seek to minimize collateral damage. I get the feeling that Blast Radius is more about maximizing the odds of a successful target elimination. You know, things like "Destroyed entire building and all occupants to eliminate mosquito in bedroom."
Some say "collateral damage," I say "kill insurance."
Oh, and who is paper cutter and did papper cutter do? Besides the obivous.
All i can think of is cutman using origami cranes to get from place to place XD
Say...If Will were to become a robot, (have his psyche loaded into a machine Aradia style) what would he wind up doing? Would he be able to engage in telekinesis? (presumably he could wield it as he had the power for .025 seconds before he died, but then again the powers would not be in the current back up memory which was probably of that day but not after death). Would he actually have the willpower (pun not intended) to kill someone?
I feel like Blast Radius would have gone by "Ground Zero" but maybe that was taken by a villain, a weapon/codename for an operation, BTD5, or another hero presumably with missiles or earthquake capability.
edit: i think why BR's kill count is classified is because they can't calculate how many people have indirectly died from his powers fallout. Really, you can't walk around hurling radioactive mininuke explosions without something falling ill from the radiation. Thats like saying that you can fight using fire without accidentally burning someone's house down. I also think a super's "invalidation of license" would be XXX $ and maybe a week or 2 in prison as a standard. For really bad crimes (heavy unneccesary civilian casualties) would be substantial prison time, but most likely under a year unless it is a crime so bad that it merits a revoking of a license. I don't want to even THINK about that.
Kill count classifed
And another reminder that the 'super heroes' come across more as villains with good publicity than real heroes.
@Xylas_Incarnum: Whatever sounded edgiest at the time, and then in six years he'd rebrand to stay current.
... Eh, if he became a patriot would his name change to "The nuclear option", "final solution" or "Big red button"?
@LKWayvern: Radius, Dave: https://youtu.be/IIORoBOgN-s?t=4m35s
Blast 'Radius'
You may remember Blast Radius from Supreme Court case "The State vs. Blast Radius."

Joint colors this week!
Sorry Kevin, the company kinda owns your ass right now.
Marco is probably wishing he had spent more time on the cape.
It'd also be cool if there could be a scene of Fay chatting about Kevin's disappearance or something. It'd also be cool to see what new set of people would be admins/participants.(Maybe even myself, even though i dont have an account but have become an active part of the community?)
I'm sorry Amazingman, but you...you... *sniff*

...You will never tapdance again.
Toes are very important. It's good to be able to wiggle them.
I don't see your toes though. Surprise mech legs?
... You know, I'd honestly be fine with delayed updates if they'd cut down on the wait between characters finishing their sentences.
February 12th, 2017
Oh no ... I don’t like where this is going ...

Coloring by me this week!!!