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A comic poking fun at life, love and work in a very random way. At times there's a topic, but there's a lot of random, "spit your drink" humor. You'll love it, at least, I hope you will.


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How do you duck?
How do you turkey?

I think that cat is doing it wrong...maybe...I don't know.
Internet's back on, yay.
Bunny, the artist who works with me on Mayhem: The Comic and who has joined me in a few streams/videos is need of some assistance rescuing her cat from her shitbag family:
A little late because my net was turned off until last night.
April 25th, 2018
Was this one ahead of it's time a bit, or timeless?
"It triggers my triggers." is my new favorite sentence.
More stuff up on shortly.
@Seven Rain: I do like it though, and it means that newer strips can be published a lot more easily.
The new artstyle makes the comic feel so much more surreal for some reason.

You’d think I should have updated on Thursday with all the throwbacks in this one, can you spot them all?
March 11th, 2015
The writer's block was strong this week, thanks to a sick kitty, and me worrying with the force of a thousand suns, Bunny (formerly credited as Amber) knocked out an old school style strip and left it to me to violate it with my words. That said, the first (second really) Mayhem: Mini-Cast may or may not be recorded today, depending on the severity of my migraine.

Also, fuck Tim Schafer.
March 3rd, 2015
I worded all over this one, one of the fun things about having an actual artist on the project is visual gags galore, but I still need to brain out my words.

This one is really about, and poking fun at, those people who paywall off all their content on a Patreon account like it's their own, personal paysite. No content here will ever be walled off like that, although I'm not making any promises about early access to extra content like concepts, Amber's bonus doodles, or whatever else, but I will say that once the Patreon is up and running, any content there will only be early access, all content will be released on the main site and/or supplemental sites.

Last note: I am going to be running my mouth again sometime this week, hopefully I'll have company this time and it will be uploaded to the tubes of you when it's done, look for that by this weekend.
Words and concept are by me, art and additional concept are by Amber. Kept the text on this one short and sweet to give you guys a good look at her art style, which I'm sure will evolve as we go. That said, the comic will be returning to a more uniform style in the future and the credit will be better since, due to personal issues, this strip is edited and uploaded late.

Also; happy anniversary.
This is a comment, perfectly innocent, no reason to suspect any shenanigans in the coming days.
Hurricane OHMYFUCKINGGODITSTHEAPOCALYSEOFRAPETRAIN is coming in tomorrow (my birthday, yay) and Tuesday, while it looks as though my area might scrape by and avoid the rainy doom, I may not, so if I vanish a bit, that's why. It feels good to have a legit reason, not.
October 23rd, 2012
Main site is currently fubar thanks to a shit plug-in update, posting this link there, fuck me sideways.

In any case, if you were looking for something fun to do, why not watch me play video games?
Seriously, now if anyone makes this game they better be ready to back a truckload of cash up to my door.
I love this page too much.
I think you meant "where?" on the third panel?