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Good Vibrations

by gabbie
Life, friendships, romance, death, murder, heart-break, and most importantly, rock n' roll.

Updates on Fridays.
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11 Years Ago
Life, friendships, romance, death, murder, heart-break, and most importantly, rock n' roll.

Updates on Fridays.


Recent Comments

abyssdoor (Guest)
September 15th, 2015
I can't believe I just found this yesterday, such a pity it didn't continue (or did it?)
don't worry, I hope to resume it eventually!
Kay (Guest)
February 3rd, 2010
I am sad this is not continuing. I saw potential in the angst.
Oh god that just made my day.
"We've got to find him! what if hes like.. ripping out sinks?"
Oh nooooo.
May 16th, 2008
Good luck in college! <333
May 16th, 2008
As it says. Sorry!! @__@
Vin has good taste. : D
May 5th, 2008
I've got a little extra treat for you all, for putting up with me :) so here you go, Vin and his top 10 favorite songs.

You can the .zip file here :D

PS. if you are just seeing this update and didn't catch the one I made yesterday, go back a page. <3
ahhh ggsdgf it's so lovely and wonderful and happy and idk i just really like your style.

sorry this page is 1...well, 2 days late :x I was busy with various things (*coughcoughincludingIronMan*) and whatnot BUT HERE IT IS.

on the bright side this page makes me laugh a lot, so I can at least say I am fairly pleased with it.
sgdmfgfs NEED MORE

i love your paneling in pencil so much<33
kjsdfjg is this a boylove comic

this is probably the only one i'll be able to stand reading

since it's SO AMAZING AND THE ART IS SO WONDERFUL agh i love your characters and bawwww D:
holeh helllll
i love this so much
and i cant wait for more
and i wish i had an account on here so i could favorite this or something
y u such a teasee?!?! D:
Sorry this is kind of late XD; it gave me a LOT of trouble ugh.

omg exposition...sort of. :D I like teasing you all.
8O I look foreward to some flashbackness :D

ahem :>

you know that restaurant must be fancy, look how clean the bathroom is. boy, I can't wait to get to the flashback portions of the story. James need to crazy-out more though before you get to find out how fucked up he is.
If less frequent updates means you'll be able to put more into each page, that's fine with me.

Hope it works out a bit better for you. : D
bitch do whatchu want! :P
okay I lied, only one page. >_>

I'll admit I'm getting a little burnt out on this; the story isn't progressing as fast as I'd hoped and the frequent updates mean I can't put as much as I'd want into each page, even if this IS just a rough draft. I know I plan on discontinuing it online eventually, but I think before that happens (since I want to get to an interesting part of the story first, as well as have fans that'd be willing to follow it into publication), I need to ... just figure stuff out hmm ~ so I think from now on I am only going to update on Fridays. that'll give me more time to sort of the pacing and do better art <3