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Discussing a Dificult Subject
Well, yeah. If they talked about the machine, it would turn into a fight about the machine. If they talk about the weather, it might (but won't) turn into a talk about what they need to talk about, which is their relationship. Or lack of relationship. Something. Either way, it would be bad for the story.

Children don't always get it.
Lettem havvit, Charlie!
@Meran: The author is the parent of two females, and is married to a third.
@Meran: Does that include ANY purpose?
@Meran: So, you saw the punchline coming? Good for you :-)
@Frank Harr: A world where well-adjusted people always make good decisions is a reality the author is unfamiliar with ;-)
You either ~are a parent, or you paid attention to your own.... this is a Truth!
I LOVE it when a Woman gets a Purpose in her head and pursues it!
Well, I would have picked the dog too! Though they were both very cute ☺️
@Brother Parvus:

Empathy knows neither fault nor blame. It's a bottemless well of "Yeah, I know how that feels" and all it requires is to put the effort in.
@Frank Harr: Nah; he brings it on himself by his obstinate refusal to exit his carefully-constructed comfort zone.
Poor Ol' Philo
Poor Ol' Philo.
@Frank Harr: You didn't spoil anything... It was me who did a bit of it, actually, by forewarning Roddy's return.

Sorry. I'd assumed the main comic was fair game.
@Frank Harr: You need to put "Spoiler Alert" for those who haven't read ahead. I will say this: Just because Roddy hasn't been seen in a while doesn't mean he's out of the picture... I just haven't drawn enough pictures.
@Brother Parvus: I fear "Knowing his limitations" is not how Roddy's mind works.
Isn't that the exact same poses Godfrey left Philo and Alice. Man, they DO need help.
Yay, Godfish!
Yay Godfrey! Roddy doesn't have a lot to do in the main story after Philo goes off in the coffin, so it's nice to see him stretch his wings a little.