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You're Embarased by Me!
Woo-hoo! First of the server!
@Frank Harr: And the FACEPALM AWARD goes to Frank!
An Idea!

Yes! That! And, in the fullness of time, it can be a good prototype for an industrial blender.
@Frank Harr: What they need... is a giant driller!
Fishguard Part Doux
Well, you do always have to ask for more than you need.
Under the Sleave
Well, the fact that Godfrey/Godfish is English and not French, that Philo doesn't seem to know about the attack and that our heroes are from Farthingsh(ire) and not the Farthing Departmente rather suggests it didn't work.

Or is it in process. . . :)
@Frank Harr: Who says it didn't work? Or are you talking about ACTUAL history? ACTUAL history and this comic are only passing acquaintances.
Overly Focussed
He's offering you a military job you idiot!

Sheesh! No wonder it didn't work.
@Brother Parvus: Cool. Dumb luck, I guess.
Late to the Party
@Brother Parvus:
I still like the original.
Who wants the surprise spoiled? That and the Fishguard thing was the best I had to offer.
Meanwhile I must say (I must! I Must!) that the expression on The Little Corporal's face in the last panel is priceless. This reboot seems to be richer in detail (like this) than was the first run.
@Frank Harr: You do realize I can't go giving away the surprise, right? I can be bribed, however.
Being Dismissive about Plot Points
Yeah, let us know how that works out for ya', kid.

I say that (it's my line, it's right here in the script), but I'm really interested in how these events tie together. What happened that the French decided that they'd rather trade with Ogg's people than invade Great Brittan. Did the war end too soon? It's very interesting.
Welsh History

I'll do better than that. BtQ1kBhp&index=7&t=0s
@Frank Harr: Please elaborate.
Citation Needed
This makes SOOOOOO much more sense than landing a bunch of criminals in Wales. I can see why they tried it.

It would never have worked, Ogg and his family notwithstanding.
For a Prologue, this Was Awfully Tense.

Oh, you know I've seen the main story. I'm doing the right thing with my seatbelt.

By the way, I like the Unclick sound effect. That was cool.
@Frank: Don't strap your seat belt on just yet. It's still the Prologue.
And we Strike . . . Plot!
Be careful, you might find yourself part of a comic.