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Golden Rain

This is my first comic. Golden Rain is inspired by eeveelution squad. If you recognize the characters I do have permission from PKM-150. And the others belong to the co-author

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Noice comic
@DarkFireEevee: yes,why ask? we're going to be on hiatus for a little bit longer
Are you guys still doing the comic?
forget it
August 9th, 2019
What is
August 9th, 2019
@jaketheflareon231: IDK you came a bit late for battle
wow.........thats a lie
@Flareon1225: wad es going on?
I can try. Ill talk to him about it
Hey you know those "ESMV" music videos you do
Could you make one but shiny Cobras comic white Rose pls! :)
sorry im leaving smackjeeves
I just saw your new ESMV keep up the good work on this comic and your Channel
@Flareon1225 sorry forgot about that
@DreamHorrendous: Ummmm... In the description you said that its based off ES,so I assumed(Ya I do that sometimes) that you got permission form PKM
Can’t wait to begin / like he said nice DH keep it up
@DreamHorrendous: It means the things that would've went, but it didn't happen
Sounds interesting...
No problem