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G.B.A's Crib

Welcome to the crib, forget everything you knew about logic.
Why? Because G.B.A and his pals have just ruined it...


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@G.B.A: Good job as always G.B.A!
U: I can't believe hebus is dead
The original:


Changed his name from Jebus to Hebus because, one, it was originally from The Simpsons, two, I don't really find it funny now like I did LOOOOOONNNGGGG ago and, three, Hebus sounds odd and funny.


Anyway, first 2018 comic for G.B.A's Crib. Let's get to it.
Guess he doesn't need to worry about shaving anymore.
They were lucky the Bearded One was holding back, he knew that their destiny was to save the world not to lose to him. C:
I JUST LOVE THIS COMIC also your speach bubbles are better than they ever.KEER UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!
Oh, right I almost forgot. I've upgraded my speech bubbles to match what I originally used before.

Whatcha think?
Um... the original:


Considering the next comic is going to be a combination, this remake is definitely becoming all new and all different.

Anyways, latas.
I don't trust him. Look at those hollow eyes. They reek of death.
Now I feel inspired to remake some of my old comics
How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!!!
So he's gonna kick their butts right?
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
The original:

With some, of course, key differences. It's like this comic had entirely reimagined the whole scene.


And yep, we're back to the Retcon saga.

So, enjoy and so on.
And that's the waaaaaaaay the news rolls.

Nice job, pardner.
She IS a girl. Everyone knows girls can't fish.
That fishing line looks like it was barely cast out into the water.
Looks like G has another good buddy in Trudi like Burp only a girl and not a Puffball also nice to see GBD after all this time good to see him trying to change for the better.

Meowth: For once a happy endin'.
You know what they say!

It's time to cook.