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G.B.A's Crib

Welcome to the crib, forget everything you knew about logic.
Why? Because G.B.A and his pals have just ruined it...


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One punch Masky
Rest in pieces, Mister Hedgie
El Sharkoopa
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Why yes, I am indeed obsessed with this game's soundtrack. :P
Original comic:


Boy, that original comic sure is... Blah.
I didn't want this Godzilla movie spoilers dammit
I can't believe science finally figured out how to make CGI real
Filler, filler, filler, FILLLEEEERR~!
El Maskoopa
The master of not giving a flying crap. Also, 2 UPDATES IN SERIOUS TIMES AND 1 UPDATE ON G.B.A'S CRIB!? BEST DAY EVER!
CD (CuteDino) and Solar replace the fusion that happened in the original because, seriously, I don't want to get official characters involved anymore.


Anyway, here's the original camic:
I actually didn't forget about em and its nice to see them again, can't wait for the next comic and good luck on it
Masky and Burp will have to fuse into the Legendary Space Warrior Murp in order to defeat the fused hedgies. Screencap this post, history will prove me right.
I wonder what happened to those old hedgehogs. o:
@G.B.A: Some say they're in the spriter's resource in the sky now...


Boy, howdy I wanted this issue done sooner, but I've been oddly sick.
Sorry about that.

But anyway... I bet you guys had forgotten about these two. Nah, I'm gonna honour my old sprite friends, wherever they may be now.