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Dymond the Hedgefox

by angel_fox
Join Dymond and co. as he goes on his hilarious adventures in his own comic!

oh, yeah, i'm also accepting any cameos
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11 Years Ago
Join Dymond and co. as he goes on his hilarious adventures in his own comic!

oh, yeah, i'm also accepting any cameos


Recent Comments

December 19th, 2008
for old time's sake

go here ->
August 20th, 2008
No Dymond too, it was one of my favest comics....

I guess i'll have to watch you on DA then *go and watches*
Please continue it!! It's funny to see!! Sprited or hand drawn, I don't care, I don't wanna see this comic ending T_T
ahah, that's fine if you'd like to make it a drawn comic. ^^
i don't normally like spriting comics either.
i like drawing them instead. :>
soo, yeah, go ahead if you'd like!

oh, my user on dA is AlieaSilverFox. XD;
.... your art isn't the worst i've seen, don't be so negative about it like most people please. D8
i like your arrrtttt<3<3
August 10th, 2008
well, I have to face facts, I'm sorry to disappoint you all

And yes, I know this is not exactly a magnificent piece of art, but I was lazy on it and it was done a while ago

Anyways, if you want to continue watching my work (pleeeeeaaase...) go here

or here

oh, and if you think I should continue this, please say so
patience people, PATIENCE! i have many other things, and i'm grateful u like this, but i'm only one person

and yes, i am the king of lazy, worship me
But still, not updating for a while is fine, because comics aren't the only thing to life, but life isn't a good enough excuse to not update for a month.......
But lazyness is>.>
I'm saying something! :D *BRICKED* *FAVED*
-still ranting about bat wings-

Last panel is funny.
Epic. Just Epic.
Boring? Hell no! This was funny!
sorry it's kinda boring, but at least i updated, enjoy!

P.S. just to let you know, once i get past all of these beggining comics, i have a killer plot waiting with many jokes!

...but i'm lazy...ROAD BLOCK!
March 8th, 2008
Fox+bat=fat... Or box.

Why. Oh why. OH WHY does everyone give bats two fingers? It's annoying. The wing is similar to all other limbs, except it has elongated fingers. And when you look at a bat's wing, you see four fingers. The thumb is the little claw thing where all the fingers come together.

And thus concludes your bat anatomy lesson for the day.

Oh yeah, and is his wing membrane... SUPPOSED to go to his legs? Owo

Oh yeah, and I too like Dy's expression in the second to last panel.
Majin Tobias
March 8th, 2008
lol ok now that was funny. I love Dymond's expression in the 2nd to last panel
March 8th, 2008
...i made a typo....ignore it...
March 8th, 2008
You people BETTER enjoy this, it took me FOREVER deciding how to do this with all the effects and panels and text bubbles and stuff...

anyways, the new guy's name is Digory Lindahon, but people call him "Digit" because he supplies all the technological stuff for everyone, even though he's not that smart, he's a great mechanic, and no, he's not a demon, he's a fox bat

one more thing, Genisis in the last panel is just him coming out of cloaking mode, I just decided to use effects this time
February 22nd, 2008
Why can't anyone understand that robot? It's quite easy when you have half of a brain...
-comment- o=
long time no talky
not rly c:
Words in parenthasis (spelled wrong i know) are being whispered so Dy can't hear

...and he's oblivious, so yeah
Kiara laughed her head off.

Kiara likes speaking in third person