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Lotl Life

Lotl Life

by Rubaface
Random comics I'm making because I just want to practice comics and see my characters interact. The main characters are Lotl, who is (unsurprisingly) an axolotl and Api, who's a robot.
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Lotl Life

Random comics I'm making because I just want to practice comics and see my characters interact. The main characters are Lotl, who is (unsurprisingly) an axolotl and Api, who's a robot.


Recent Comments

i think you're work is amazing :) I am invested to see this to the end.
@BritDillinger: Ah thanks so much! I'm glad you find them relatable.

And I'd be super happy if you shared it with your audience! Although, I'd feel a little bad since I'm not making a lot of comics atm .v.'
I would hands down read a full timeline comic or anything involving these two. Even if you don't, though, these little slices of life are just enough for me to piece together a general idea of who they are and what their days may be like.

It may seem silly to say, but even though they're not human, they feel relatable to me (and others I bet) on some level. The anxiety episodes for sure.

I feel like even if you don't do a comic spread the way your comic had been previously (old fan here haha) even just continuing these slices is just right. But you do you and do what makes you feel comfortable. I understand what you mean about the disappointment.

Oh! And before I forget to ask, would you be fine with me sharing your comic link to my blog? To recommend them to you? It's not a huge website or anything, but I know some of the audience I bring in would also like to read this. If not I understand!
Long-time no see.
Sorry about the inactivity, I really want to post more here. So why aren't I?

Good question! I guess it has to do with not knowing how to execute my ideas. You see, I do have a timeline planned out for a full comic. Like, I know what has to happen in every story beat. What the set-up will be, the big thing that happens at the midpoint and what the big finale is. It follows the 3-act-structure, kind of, the set-up is like its own little story.

But there are scenes I don't know how to execute... I know WHAT has to happen in the scene, but I don't know HOW to make it happen.

So that's one roadblock I'm having, another one is that my confidence isn't exactly on top. You want to feel what you create has value to an audience, or else you might as well keep your art to yourself and save yourself the disappointment and discouragement. Which I've had enough of through other sites.

However, I see Smackjeeves as my last lifeline. Maybe... MAYBE, my original content can find an audience here since I've had a positive experience on this site in the past. I don't know, I've been gone for a long time.

Anyway, sorry for popping up out of nowhere and being such a downer. I WANT to post more content here, but I'm dealing with a few mental roadblocks. So I thought I'd explain before I'm completely forgotten!

I appreciate the comments and "fans" I've got so much! I'm wondering though; does a full story with Lotl and Api sound intriguing to you?
they got the milkshake!
July 14th, 2019
@Nekoturny: Oh this has nothing to do with that, haha
Those are some nasty allergies.
July 11th, 2019
@glowingspiderbutt: Thank you!
July 11th, 2019
@Allieluigico: They radiate serotonin~
This is adorable
Sometimes, all you need to cheer up is cats. Look at all them cats!
@KaidaCreator: Those are indeed wings :3c (Although they're useless, Lotl can't fly)
@BritDillinger: !!Thank you! So happy someone from the good old days found me again!
Are those wings I spy??? :0 I wasn't even paying attention to them first time I read this page, but now I'm very curious if that has to do with Lotl's panic attack or not o.o (or if it's just a feature you decided fo add for some other reason : P)
I feel so bad for him though ;-; Api is super helpful and nice, I love them c':
I clicked on this comic faster than I care to admit when I recognized the robot! Aah! So happy to see them again. Love your style and stories. :)
@KaidaCreator: Thank you so much!! I'm weak for expressive art styles as well, I lov them... I'm excited to have you around!
I really love your art style here :0 And the character designs are really cute! An axolotl and a robot is a very interesting combination for protagonists!
I really love the range of expressions we've already seen from Lotl in this one page also. Expressive art styles are my weak point XD I'm excited to see where you take this comic in the future!
I know you have no idea who this is, so I know this appears to be super random... AND IT IS. I have no idea why these two are hanging out and interacting with each other, the only context to this is that I got this interaction idea last month since I had to go to a party. SO THIS MIGHT NOT BE CANON.

This aloe vera guy is named Nyckelle, or Kelly for short. I don't know how big of a role he will have, but I like drawing him.

And this was the last comic I had in my archives. I don't know when the next one will be out, it all depends on my energy level.

In the meantime, check out my website! -