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Some friend you are
Uploaded Sunday, August 18, 2019

GENERAL NEWS: Wow, this really doesn't paint May in a good light for this guy. She does care about Brendan to a degree, but yeah, this does make her seem like a horrid friend.

Thanks once again to my awesome Patreon supporters! It's been a while since I've made a comic due to ComicGenesis stopping production. But hopefully I can earn your trust back and gain more supporters.

- Recon Dye

Awesome Patreon Supporters

Emmett E. - Nicholas R. - Mach - Cabinet - Mizuki
The New Kid in Town!
GENERAL NEWS: The original cover showed a picture of Littleroot in the background, with Brendan and his mom outside the truck, and in the foreground.. was Brendan and May, they were about the entire size of the cover, this was back when I was using a blurred white border, and everything was all screwed up cause they were jpe
<br><br>GENERAL NEWS: This was the first comic I ever made for the Keenspace site, I previously had 25 comics called Pokémon-X which took place in Pokémon Yellow, it had Ash who was a wigger, and a talking Pikachu that escaped Team Rocket after genetic experimentation, the original comic for this page had 99% the same dialog.. I'm real happy with the way the eyes turned out in the 13th panel, a lot better than the original! When I made the account for this comic, I had at least three months of comics done. This was the first pokémon sprite comic on the internet, I know.. I looked around forever to make sure there weren't any others. Since then.. there are over 1000 pokémon sprite comics on the internet. I'm sorry for starting this trend everyone.

-Recon Dye