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Panzer Dragon and Enigma: Complete Edition

by finalformsora0619
Panzer Dragon and Enigma: Complete Edition contains all of the comics from the first incarnation of the Panzer Dragon and Enigma Saga. The archives were fully completed as of March 20, 2012.

To read the reboot version of the story (OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED), head to the following address:
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8 Years Ago
Panzer Dragon and Enigma: Complete Edition contains all of the comics from the first incarnation of the Panzer Dragon and Enigma Saga. The archives were fully completed as of March 20, 2012.

To read the reboot version of the story (OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED), head to the following address:

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@Advertisement: Check out the final comic's comments. I've got a surprise!!!
DO IT. Then you can say you have a completed comic.
@Advertisement: I have thought about that actually. I'm thinking that I would probably do that with the next arc, but I'm still deciding whether or not I should do it.
A Message From the Author
The conclusion to Panzer Dragon and Enigma: The Comic Strip. The Trinity Catalysts escape from Meridian Temple, leaving behind destruction within caused by Niavana's last-ditch effort of using her Implosive Desolation attack. The three make it to the entrance, where Ichigo, Messenger, Ruxik, Sophie Marie, and Nightwolf are waiting for them.

Tomorrow's Update: (A NEW SERIES)
Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+)
Season One: Twilight Dawn


I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone that has been supportive of this venture. I have truly enjoyed making this story and I'm looking forward to the next one beginning tomorrow. All of my readers (SmackJeeves, Facebook, etc.), you guys have really been amazing. I hope that I have done well to entertain all of you with a great story and well-planned presentation. Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+) begins tomorrow, and the long-awaited intro theme will premiere here as well! Again, thank you all for your support and I will see you tomorrow!!

Today was the day that Panzer Dragon and Enigma ended. This site will no longer be updating except for minor backend fixes. However, the story isn't over...

At the top of the screen where all of the links for the site are, there is a new one that was recently added called "The Story Continues...". Follow that link to catch the brand new arc for Panzer Dragon and Enigma. All other content on the site (not including comics) will be moved to that site, and it will be going through constant updating for the next several days to get situated. This is for everyone who reads the comic to inform you that there will be a brand new site and it is already up and functioning. Spread the word to your friends about the brand new site, and this one will remain up for people who haven't read the first comic fully. I'll leave an update about this on the last comic as well, so people reading can catch on to it.

I'LL SEE YOU GUYS AT THE NEW SITE TOMORROW ever think of making a new comic site? Maybe that would get a little more attention...
This is it guys... tomorrow ends the first arc. This is the second to last comic before the premiere of Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+) on Thursday! The first comic, along with the Opening Theme will be up on the site Thursday! Until then, enjoy the conclusion.

---Escape!!! The Purge---
Story So Far from #691: Enigma is caught between a group of Nexx Hunters after wiping out three of them. Panzer runs in to assist him as Niavana has plans of her own to save her friends. As she pulls out the Twilight Pendant, one can only wonder her motives...

Tomorrow's Update:
693 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????
A small group has already gotten to the designated location and is blocking our heroes' paths. Enigma is already on edge because he wants everyone to escape from the temple in one piece, on top of the worry for the others, and this just adds to his stress. Oh man... and you thought Panzer was the only one that had it rough.

---Escape!!! The Purge---
Story So Far from #690: The Trinity Catalysts try to make it out, but are stopped by three Nexx Hunters, no doubt present for the purge order.

Tomorrow's Update: 692 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

A few more updates to go before PDE(+) is released. A few small final preparations are being made for the release, and should be done in no time. Stick around for the release, because I'll have the intro theme up here on the front page. A lot of people are excited for the release, and I'll try not to disappoint. ^_^ See you tomorrow.
No defeat of a tyrannical jackass is complete without the obligatory scramble of EVERY person in said group for the sole purpose of doing anything and everything within their power to eliminate the people responsible for the death of their fearless leader. Let the assraping begin!!!

---Escape!!! The Purge---
Story So Far from #689: With the purge order on the Catalysts and the scramble of all remaining Nexx Hunters, Enigma leads the party's escape from Meridian Temple.

Monday's Update: 691 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

Alright guys, a few more days before the release of Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+)!!! Hope you're as excited as I am! See you guys Monday!
The fifth season is now... nearing completion. What, you thought that they'd just kill off Syn (for real this time) and the season ends? NO! They've gotta get out of there first. Well... now more so than before because they are now about to be PURGED!!!

---Escape!!! The Purge---
Story So Far from #688: A message is transmitted through Syn's armor and throughout the temple issuing a purge order for Panzer, Enigma, and Niavana.

Tomorrow's Update: 690 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

This arc comes to a close very shortly, guys, so expect Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+) to start next week or the week after. See you guys tomorrow!!!
There's just one thing I need to say about this...


Syn is finally dead (I swear it this time), and the Trinity Catalysts are wiped out. I don't blame them for being wiped out. This was a very long and grueling fight for all of them. What's next for our heroes? You'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finisher---
Story So Far from #687: Panzer Dragon, Enigma, and Niavana Avalon have given it their all in the fight against General Syn. In the end, they have come out of the fight victorious.

Tomorrow's Update: 689 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

Alright guys, I will see you tomorrow with another update! ^_^
Sorry I missed Monday's update guys, but I needed to rest up after the weekend. I'm happy to announce that we reached our goal once again for $1500 for Pediatric Cancer Research!!! The next marathon will be in January, and I'll have the information for that for you guys sometime today! In the meantime, here's today's update:

Enrise Finalizer #686 now available.
Enrise Finalizer #687 now available.

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finisher---
Story So Far from #685: The Trinity Catalysts are giving their all against General Syn, and are not letting up on the assault.

Tomorrow's Update: 688 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

Alright guys, I've got a Marathon update coming later today, and the intro theme for Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus is completed and ready to go. Some people at the marathon got a sneak peek at the video and were extremely pleased at how it turned out. Be sure to check it out when it goes public in a week or so!!! See you guys tomorrow!
@Advertisement: I participate in a gaming marathon every few odd months, and the group helps raise money for charity. The one we're working on is a 73-hour Castlevania Marathon and the proceeds go to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. I'll arrive to the place it's held in person between 10:00PM EST and 10:45PM EST and be there for the weekend. I'll also be under the same handle as my username on here: finalformsora0619. If you can you should check it out and tell your friends! All the info is on the front page.


It begins! Place your bets on who is going to come out of this alive, maimed, bruised, etc.

The marathon started last night at 7:00PM EST, and will continue until Sunday night 7:00PM EST. I'll arrive there between 10:00PM EST and 10:45PM EST to join in. I'll be doing commentary this weekend as opposed to playing games in the event, but I was asked to take part in another 4-way speed run of one of the main event games. I'll let you guys know if that occurs or not. But if you guys have time, check out the site, donate if you can, and jump into the chat to have some fun. I'll be there all weekend, with a special treat: the completed PDE(+) Opening Theme. So be sure to check it out, let them know you read the comic strip so i can jump on and say hi to all of you.

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finisher---
Story So Far from #684: Panzer, Niavana, and Enigma begin attacking Syn as the battle reaches its conclusion.

Monday's Update: 686 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

Alright guys, we're just days away from the release of Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+), and the marathon is in full swing so I'll be there tonight, and PDE will be up 24/7 throughout the event!! Hope to see you guys in the chat, and if not, I'll see you guys Monday!!!
The next strips from this point will be nothing but action, wrapping up the story and setting the stage for Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+). Expect larger than usual updates from here on out. This ending is going to be quite epic!

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finisher---
Story So Far from #683: The Trinity Catalysts march onto the final attack, which will decide whether their home will be liberated or conquered.

Tomorrow's Update: 685 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

By the way guys, the Opening Theme for Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+) is now complete!!! It will premiere here the day of the PDE(+) Release, but you guys can get an early chance to catch it before it's released to the public. I'll be at the Bonus Stage Marathons Castlevania Marathon tomorrow night, and I'll be there all weekend, so check out the site for BSM located on the front page and join in the chat. Just ask for me and say you read the comic strip, they'll know what you're talking about. Join up, chip in if you can, if not, spread the word to your friends! And all of them can have a chance to see a glimpse of the Opening Theme before it hits YouTube. So check out Bonus Stage Marathons, join the chat, mention you read the comic, chip in for Pediatric Cancer Research if you can, and check out my Opening Theme this weekend at BSM, and sometime next week on YouTube. See you guys tomorrow!!
So all four reveal their essences, signifying the closing of the battle with one last round of attacks. The essences of each person reflect the deepest element within the body that it reacts to the most. Syn is Earth, Panzer is Light, Enigma is Dark, and Niavana is Twilight. This will become more prevalent as the story continues.

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finisher---
Story So Far from #682: The Trinity Catalysts prepare to finish off General Syn.

Tomorrow's Update: 684 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

The video for the intro theme is nearly finished. Another night or two of fine tuning and it'll will be finished. There's a chance that it may debut during the marathon this weekend, with a reaction video! I'll keep you guys updated about that, and definitely check out the marathon page. The link will be on the home page of the site all weekend!

See you guys tomorrow!
Happy November everyone!!! Alright, two quick things. 1) The intro video is almost finished. Should be done within the next few days but definitely by the end of the marathon. 2) Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+) will be released in about a week and a half with its first installment: Twilight Dawn!!! That will be coming very soon, and will begin the halfway point of the entire PDE series.

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finihser---
Story So Far from #681: The Trinity Catalysts gear up to lay down the final assault on General Syn.

Tomorrow's Update: 683 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

The marathon is quickly approaching, and I'm very excited!!! Hope to see you guys in chat, and I'll be back tomorrow with another update.
Happy Halloween everyone!!! Hope you guys are having fun today!!! My Halloween gift to you guys is a brand new comic. (Oh wait, I do that everyday!)

The video for the opening theme is almost done. The busy weekend caught up to me, but there's not much left of it to finish. Also, this and next week will most likely be the last weeks for this season. After that, PDE(+) will begin. I'm excited for it!!!

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finisher---
Story So Far from #680: With the doppelganger gone, Panzer and Enigma turn to the original Syn, who has his eyes set on Niavana.

Tomorrow's Update: 682 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

See you guys tomorrow with another awesome update! Don't forget to tune in to the marathon this weekend! I'll be there this Friday night starting at 10:00PM EST!
Oh, where else do you think the shot would be fatal?
RIGHT IN THE FACE. Looks like Panzer took a hint from Toon Link.