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I cant wait to read it ^D^
E (Guest)
August 24th, 2009
Aww peas. Your art was really good too! I hope they can find another artist at least half as good.
August 23rd, 2009
Aww butterscotch! Well, it was good while it lasted, so thanks for doing it for as long as yall did!
August 20th, 2009
Oh my.
August 20th, 2009
Just to elaborate on that a bit and maybe clarify a few things:
This isn't an 'on-the-spot' moment for En or DL. I notified them a little while ago in an email that still saddens me.

Since day one, back in 2007, when I started receiving scripts from En and DL, I fell in love with this story. I wanted to see where the characters went, what they did and most importantly what would happen to them. Over the last few years I have grown more and more attached to these guys and their little quirks; and it is almost painful to have to say goodbye.
Nevertheless it's clear that both myself, En and DL are becoming too busy to uphold this comic, and it sickens me to think users have waited for months to see updates. That we have over 100 fans now makes me both massively proud, and crushingly devastated. I doubt that 100 people care about the comic anywhere near as much as we did, but it sucks to take it away from them.

My heart goes out to all of you who spent even a second of time on this site, and to everyone that ever supported us. I truly hope this comic can continue with a new artist because I honestly want to see how the story pans out, but that artist cannot be me.

En, Dl, I wish you the very best in all of your future endevours, and I hope we can work together again in the future --albeit on less ambitious projects. I feel terribly like I have lead you all on; as if I masqueraded as someone who could provide a comic and then turned away, but it is the only option.
Indeed. One of these days, he may get a haircut, perhaps.
After creating En I was told he had hair very similar to Spike from Cowboy Bebop, which is totally correct--even though entirely unintentional.

Curse you Spike!
He looks like that guy from "Cowboy Bebop"! I keep forgeting his name but he looks just like him!
I absolutely agree. Over the last few months I have been doing mostly full realistic sketches in pencil, and so it's actually really hard to 'turn off' that part of my brain and get back to inking. Hopefully once I get myself back into the swing of things it will all come back, but right now it's really troubling me.

Panels are also an annoying issue for me because I am most comfortable with action scenes. As such I find it very difficult to judge how many panels I am going to need for [insert random talking page].
Yeah park benches shouldn't be very optimal. How about just taking a lot of free newspapers next time?

I just hate how pages seem fine when sketched and then turn to crap once inked. That's my most troubling issue. Also how to put the panels. Can't do that either.
/Emo moment
I swear to god these pages are getting worse not better. You can see the style that I've sort of morphed into, but I still have zero control of facial features (especially eyes and mouths) and so they continually end up being lifeless masks. On top of that I can't do just plain, standing poses. Give me something crazy and I can pull it out of the bag, but monotonous pages are KILLING me.

What the hell! How can I make something so awesome and amazing one day, but then as soon as it comes to this comic just give you guys crap. GRRRRR
I'm not looking for some ego trip here, though. I not hoping for everyone to jump in and and try to pump up my self-esteem, because honestly that's not the issue. I've let too many things slide over the years, from bad posing to emotionless characters, and it's all coming back to bite me now.
I'm really hoping I can catch up with this, though, because it's a massive morale downer!

I'll get it right one day, guys. Just wait and see.
/End Emo moment.

June 2nd, 2009
Yeah, so, comic speaks for itself I guess. I didn't have time to do anything this weekend, let alone comics. But the folio is done, you can see the finals over at the Shovel Take , and a new comic should be up next week.

Chapter 2 is drawing to a close, and I think the plan is to go back and put in a few pages that will fix up the storyline. As has been mentioned by a few users it is on occasion hard to follow the plot, so we'd like to address things that will give new users a smoother experience.

Then it's onto chapter 3!
Nice artwork! I'll favorite it! :D
You'd think she'd have noticed earlier, what with the scorch marks and burning clothes and such. SILLY LADY.
Happens to the best of us.

I seem to have been missing during these updates. Therefore, I don't know what's going on. Therefore, I will look and see.

Funny page, by the way.
I am honestly disappointed in these last few pages. My art style is changing and my once easy-to-draw characters are becoming morphed and horrible. I also seem to be taking steps back in panel composition. Bleh.

My Art and Visual Communication Folios are due...oh about next week, so keep an eye on The Shovel Take for updates when I don't have time.
There's one more comic after this that should be dropped next week, but we'll see what the schedule holds. After that it should be back to normal as we move away from finals and back into average work.
Aaaaw yus, things are about to get REAL
The guys posted a new script today, so I shot it out. I know this whole process keeps jerking back and forth between fast and slow but that is an unfortunate byproduct of all of us being in various forms of senior academia, and we're trying to think of ways of compensating for this right now.

Hopefully it won't be too bad soon.

As for this page, I have to apologize for the bad art lately. I honestly don't know why I keep messing up poses, as I know I can do them better. Sadly I don't have enough time to repeat them right now, so they have to do, but it is a but morale-crushing!

Anyway, enjoy!
First off, thanks alot to both of you for reading the comic, it means a lot to all of us!

As for your questions, I wanted to leave it for the writers, and they hopefully will jump in after I have done this and correct me, but I wanted to answer at least the questions I could.

1. The Real "leader" would be Riko, who is the Commander of the Anime Empire. However, the leader of the task force sent to Earth would be Rini (the one who is currently dealing with the American School System).

2. The Main Good guys would be Rini, Shasu, Ninja, En, DL and Alexander. There are several other characters that are essentially good, but those are the main squads.

3. I'm afraid I don't know exactly, so hopefully En and DL will fill this one in!

4. An unfortunate side-effect of the name, I guess! None of these characters are meant to exactly duplicate any anime characters, but rather are intended to play off cliches in the Anime/manga business (whilst also being original characters in their own right). As such, you will often see characters that have caricatured versions of Anime or Manga personalities, but they are not meant to be covers of legitimate characters.
Well done on keeping the comic going, together and entertaining. I just read the whole thing from beginning until now, and i'm inclined to continue following it. 'Tis cool.