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Welcome ta Bing's Place! Best darn resturant in town! Pull yourself up to the counter and have yourself a nice cold glass of Bing's Special Rasberry Lemonade(non-alcoholic), and watch the fun unfold in this sitcom like webcomic!

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February 16th, 2006
oh, I do ink it, and I am going to start doing that. Thanks for the comment. ^.^
February 5th, 2006
I suggest you ink it, and, if you already ink it, then when you do ink it, straighten the panels out to give 'em a more professional look.
ah, u noticed that too? heh...
Oh I know it's up, but it still sucks, this place is a whole lot better!

Oh and I'm 19 by the way, and yeah it's rough, mainly cause I tend to be lazy or in a hurry, plus I need to practise more often, if you want, u can visit my dA page:
Wow thanks for the comment!

New ideas? What do you mean exactly? What, that's she's fat? lol, you'll find that in this comic and my Spike Thrower one, that I like bigger girls, lol! ^.^
January 27th, 2006
ideas suggestions
well you don't have a lot up..yet. it is ruff but has potental. i suggest you simplify your "people" to make them easy to draw. keep working on it. i'm guessing your young. sokeep working keep trying new ideas and try to learn all you can. :) best of luck. dd is back by the way...
January 27th, 2006
give you points for trying new ideas here..
January 27th, 2006
the color is not really working for you...