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Now I'm Lost

Now I'm Lost

by crowheadman
A slice-of-life drama following a young man as he attempts to find his sense of self after growing up in a dysfunctional family.
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1 Month Ago

Now I'm Lost

A slice-of-life drama following a young man as he attempts to find his sense of self after growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Recent Comments

The storm passed with no damage to my house. Yay!
This chapter may drag on a bit longer than I anticipated, but I'll keep the backstory of Lea/Gabe and their friendship as concise as possible. One page, maybe. Also, the storm is weakening, and I may not be badly affected.
Gabe has a death wish.

Fun fact: Gabe is 5'7" and 145 pounds, while Undercut Man is 6'7" and 200 pounds. Yes, this is playing into my size difference fetish.
New character, again
So here we introduce Undercut Man Who Was Hanging Up Laundry. I'll leave the shipping to you, lovely readers.
Yay for bad weather
So I'm actually in the path of a major hurricane, and updates may not be daily or bi-daily as I originally intended. Best-case scenario, I'll lose power. Worst-case scenario, I'll lose my house.

So... Yeah.
Oh, the symbolism
As an ex-English major, I'm allowed to use something as simple as Lea handing Gabe a seashell and call it deep and artistic.
Chapter 1 is almost done. It was short, but I hope you liked it. Once it's finished, I'll be taking a very brief hiatus to write Chapter 2.
You'll see who Undercut Man is in the next chapter. He's not the same person as the undercut guy in Gabe's class, about whom I completely forgot until I was inking this page. Oops.
For those of you asking, "Is this an example of bad parenting?" the answer is yes.
Well, I said this page would go up after 8 pm on Friday, and that wasn't technically a lie. So there.
Pretend Lea's arm makes sense.
Yay, another character
It's Lea, not Leah. They're pretty much like siblings to each other. Friendship goals, amirite?
Welcome to hell
I've had the idea for a town called Oleander Beach floating around in my head for a while now. Glad I finally get to use it. The town itself is fictional (as far as I know), but if you were to put it on a map it would be in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, just north of Nags Head and Manteo.
First page, oof
Welcome to the first page of my shitty webcomic, rated PG-13 for language and graphic depictions of dysfunctional families. My traditional art may suck, but my digital art is worse, and this method lets me update more frequently, so... Sorry, I guess?