Neo Crystal Adventures

My best, and longest lasting attempt at a sprite comic! Has a mix of things, ideas, and characters in it! All put into a dramatic/romantic/comedy setting! Currently numbering at 1700+ comics and still going strong, this comic is updated daily if at all possible! Enjoy your stay, and have fun reading! may not be the best...but I just do it for fun and something to do. And not re-use any of the comics, or characters, nor review it without my explicit permission. Thanks!

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Icepath is her kitty in my hand drawn comic..also I will put this in it's own chapter now that I know how..tomorrow...thanks again foxpuff for telling me how to do so :)
No..this does not mean he's one of those two I said will die!

Just saying...

Not that he's not in sorry shape though!
I hope that injury isn't a sign that he'll get killed.
Very brief "scene" change...back to the fighting next...looks like Tails' and his little group arrived...

and no it's NOT going well at all..enough said.
@foxpuff: ah okay..thanks. I might do that at a later date :)
March 19th, 2017
@ShinigamiMaxwell: I said if. :P

It's pretty easy. You don't need any subcriptions for this. You go to webcomic management, select comics and there should be a button that allows you to create a new chapter. Once you've made a chapter you can select a page and move it over to said chapter. You can change the order of chapters too.
@foxpuff: I don't have a block...and I don't know how to "seperate" chapters. if I even can as a free member and not premium or whatever
@ShinigamiMaxwell: X3 awesome
March 19th, 2017
While it is your choice on if you want weekends to be art weekends or not, don't pressure yourself to stick to these days, especially if you have an art block.

If I may be honest, adding in drawings makes for a bit of a mess. If you want to add in drawings, I suggest putting them into their own chapter so that way people can read the comic without other things being in between while still keeping your page count.
Decided both sat and sun will be art days for this comic now :)

This is the first and only time I've drawn Marth so far..I like it though!
@ShinigamiMaxwell: she does look tired as in exhausted
Gonna make Saturday an art day I think for this comic....of characters in the comic of course.

Here's Crystal far into the future..she looks tired doesn't she?
Shadows awake..!

And they caught up quick...Tails and the others who found him won't be far behind!
@ShinigamiMaxwell: no no no no.. XD ITS SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!!!
Surprise Raph!
They weren't on the cover..but I already knew they'd be in this!
Well...there's Shadow!
@ShinigamiMaxwell: O_o lets hope the others come over on time
Well...shit XD