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Neo Crystal Adventures

My best, and longest lasting attempt at a sprite comic! Has a mix of things, ideas, and characters in it! All put into a dramatic/romantic/comedy setting! Currently numbering at 1700+ comics and still going strong, this comic is updated daily if at all possible! Enjoy your stay, and have fun reading! may not be the best...but I just do it for fun and something to do. And not re-use any of the comics, or characters, nor review it without my explicit permission. Thanks!

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I know I said the full strip would be up...but..I didn't like the wording >_<

Here is the only drawn panel (minus words) as a preview...I think you can guess what's happened..
Pic of Mikey from 12 years ago heh..

also..I have the comic idea in mind for the next one..I just gotta put it together right..will be uploaded tomorrow..promise! :)
@ShinigamiMaxwell: O^O she's not gonna start crying right
She's not in the mood for talking...oh and her super "quills" changed slightly because the power is fading away now :)
Same person that did that Jeff picture did this one...this is what Shin (whose name I use on SJ) looks like :)
This was done for me way back when Crystal (who still uses the name) went by Celius. This is the look she had right before she got shorts and before her quills went down like echidna dreads :)
@ShinigamiMaxwell: XD well that skeletal dragon.. just got deboned
Raph woulda said something too..if he wasn't out cold right now haha XD
I decided I had to do at least ONE picture that fit with the storyline...and it gave me the excuse to finally draw Crystal's super form...or at least this version of it..normally her eyes are normal..not solid white :)
Sorry for no comic...but my mom found some old artwork others had done, and to my surprise and joy, my favorite pic someone's ever done for me of Jeff (Crystal's dad!) was one of I had to share :)

What little I remember of the artist is the name started with a Y..and they also did Shin, my persona! (whose name I go by around here!)
@ShinigamiMaxwell: O_O holy fluffballs Crystal
Scourge is with that the big undead Dragon can finally be hurt/killed! It's blood is dark's undead!
Sorry it's not a comic today..trying to think of the best way to do the next one XD

If you don't know Sean, check my hand drawn comic..but has MATURE themes! This is from 1997..or maybe earlier..and is my VERY first design for Sean..back when I was new to doing human art XD

(Also..Sean as a hedgehog has appeared in this comic briefly!)
Fanart someone did for me some time ago :)

Also..have a safe and happy easter!
@ShinigamiMaxwell: Dark Crystal has been unleashed...
What she means by don' don't go on a rampage...or you'll regret it later..that sort of thing :)
@ShinigamiMaxwell: She's enraged thats what.. its simple math... something terrible happens to her mate and thus going into berserk mode