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DarkFlameOSecrets Art Dump Thing

A place I’ll dump my attempts at art until I become better to make a comic.

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September 7th, 2019
Noice new Profile pic
September 7th, 2019
September 7th, 2019
Another old one because school started again and it’s my brother and sister’s first senior year so everything’s just blown up. I’ve had no time to get used to digital art (help...) so here’s a hurt Wild elfy Boi. I’m trying to get out of the habit of not drawing stuff I’m unfamiliar with so if someone has a suggestion..... pls. Thanks!
Thank you!
Haha I like the sylveon! XD
September 3rd, 2019
I don’t usually try drawing animals accurately, or a background, let alone a nature themed background so, considering this is something rather new to me, I’m rather proud of the thing 😊. But obviously I somehow manage to find another mistake every five seconds... anyway, what do you guys think?
September 1st, 2019
a n g e r
Yey I’m back. I’ve recently got a drawing tablet and digital art program so I’ve been exploring that... quite easily failing on the subject with a lack of evidence of such productivity... but i’m determined to get there eventually. So here’s an old drawing to prove I’m not dead...
August 24th, 2019
August 24th, 2019
Cool! I'll be checking in and seeing your art every so often!
*high quality content*
Eee! Thanks! I strive to be able to draw as well as you do so a comment coming from you is super nice!
Hey dude! I’ve been looking through the art dump and I think your style is super cute! There’s some pretty creative ideas in here.
I think I miiiight have messed up on the Dragonair’s tail, looks wonky ;~;. The background looks a bit scruffy as well. Perhaps I’ll do my OCs next, something I’m more familiar with
Thanks! Much appreciated for my self esteem!
Don't see why you're not happy with the shading, it looks pretty good!
Yey, a human. Kinda... This Girl’s supposed to have Ice cream hair and hair... ice... cream. Don’t know how obvious that is tho
Alrighty then, we got ourselves some Forrest spirit children! Not too happy with the shading
1 1/2 of My OCs! This is Yellow and Blanca! ~yey what else do I put here~
Alright then...
Alright then... where to start

I’ve been on SmackJeeves for a... while. And I’ve been wanted to do my own comic for a long time. But I’m very much aware that my art isn’t quite a high enough standard for my and other’s satisfaction, because of my age.

So, I’ve mustered up the confidence to do this. A little art dump thing. I’ll post my art up here for the internet’s eyes to judge (not so smart when I say that aloud >~<.) I’m doing this because if I were to do a comic it would be you lot who would read it, so what better judge than those who could be future readers? So, if there is anyone out there bored enough to be reading this, it would be highly appreciated if you make a comment on my work. You can’t improve with Criticism or compliments. So, here I am

That’s pretty much it. If you don’t think my art is good, tell me. I’d rather be hit by reality than sit upon a false high throne. Thank you! ~DarkFlameOSecrets