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Deltasave AU

Kris start dreaming of a mysterious tall figure coated in black and it doesn't help when he's forced to team up with Susie.

Recent Comments

@Painterkitty: No problem! :D
@BrowniePokemon: Thanks and I'm glad you're enjoying the comic so far.
Whoa neat gif
@Painterkitty: lol
that would've been funny
That third panel is a mood
I love your style, it's so cute!
whoa neat
October 14th, 2019
Geuss i,ll be first tough crowd
October 5th, 2019
That face lol
September 30th, 2019
@LuckyPuppie: Including since I kinda fused it with my vessel's soul trait determination (yeah it's more bad luck for kris)
September 29th, 2019
September 29th, 2019
@Painterkitty: instinct is an interesting trait, is can always go in both good and bad directions. Let's hope he uses it wisely
October 11th, 2019
Ok at first the choices were going to say No and Hell no but would have the same result of Kris helping Susie. (of course, I'm too lazy to do that and it's the same reason why I didn't make this a gif)
September 29th, 2019
Also if you guys are wondering what's Deltasave Kris trait? it's instinct as in he listens to his instincts and stuff.
September 20th, 2019
*... And the story begins...