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In My Thoughts

My musings and thoughts condensed into comic form.


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September 26th, 2019
Seeing child/teen activists like Greta Thunberg has ignited this frustration with myself and the system. I used to be an angry teen. I didn't know what I would do and everything felt smothering. I have such respect for young people like her who have the conviction and ability to speak out and try to rectify things, and make people take responsibility.
September 16th, 2019
This is our favorite impression of his ....but Kermit singing kesha is hilarious too
September 15th, 2019
Sources + Resources:< br /> -climate-strike-if-you-cant-leave-work science-activism-jonathan-franzen
And oldie but a goodie. This one's from 2017. I started using a little hair fluff for my persona lol
September 12th, 2019
some of these are drawn in a rocketbook i got for xmas last year!
This is the spiritual and physical successor to this comic done in 2016:
and this one: