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A Silly LillieLocke

a simple comic about Lillie story in Kanto after the events in Pokemon Sun & Moon
It is based on my FIre-Red Nuzlocke run.


Recent Comments

I'm sure only a f e w people drowned in Misty's stunt but that's ok.
This is genius.
The person who's writing this comic is a genius. xD
OOF!!! Poor prince regulus
Yes, prince regulus it’s called disadvantage! XD
Hahaha gladion living the life! XD
(ba dum tsss)
The aladeen one! Hahaha XD
Oh wow the perfect dragonite! XD
Okay that that is just really neat O_O
@Haruto12: A wild ultra wormhole appeared!
What the heck is happeniiiing!?!?
Yeah, I heard that too Lilly, but... it was a lie! XD
Poor rattata! XD
king of S U C C
Aww prince regulus is a shorty! XD
Prince become the King!
*GASP* prince is evolving!!! And heh I know what’s gonna happen next!
Hahaha, yep that’s definitely team rocket in a nutshell! XD