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Team Hades are the newest metahuman actioneers from out Chicago way! Teenage supers who are going to be the biggest news to break the Internet since the last biggest news to break the Internet. Join their adventure!
Updated regularly for the first 2 chapters. Then, weekly.

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Statuesque's mom & dad.
This is the last page of issue one.
"What about Riot Rabbit?" you ask?
Fear not, Riot's origins, motivations and his formation of Team Hades will be explored, in-depth in the future.

Statuesque is, by far, the member of the crew with some of the biggest family issues.
Which is saying something.

Along with Statuesque's parents and the mention of her brothers, you see a few more of the supers from my various projects over the years;
Crush and Barrage from my "Trio" project,
and Hella Valotta Damage, a villainess who plays a part in a project called "Marital Blitz"!
Background stuff about them can be found on my DeviantArt page for superstuff:
Xailenrath Universe

Input and feedback is always appreciated!

See ya next issue!
Badvibe has 2 mommies
Here, we meet Jacob Edison-Hoskins' mothers: biogeneticists Martha "Marti" Hoskins (The bespectacled one with what, in color, would be dark maroon colored hair) and Patricia Edison (The taller one with the mole).
We also get a little peek inside of Badvibe's motivations and thoughts.
LightningBug's mom.
Andrew "Lightningbug" Corrigan would like nothing better than to see his mother smile again, forever free of the crippling depression she feels at being stranded on this backwater planet.
She loves her children, and generally enjoys the life she has built among the human race, but, most days, there is an inescapable miasma generated by her situation.

Lightningbug is determined to one day make things right for his mom. But, as a teen with emotions and superpowers, his first thought is that of revenge on those who hurt his mother.

You'll find that that list includes not only the High Command of her home planet of Myrmithaaqi, who callously abandoned her here, but, also the U.S. Military who captured the majority of her cadre of invaders and their tech, and more than a few certain superheroes who made that happen.
Serpentyne's step-dad
Serpentyne and her step-father, Malcolm Wilkins, don't get along well.
You may also be able to tell from the glowing green, irisless, eyes that he's not "normal".
He is the supehero known as Steadfast!
An expatriate British "Superman" type (or, more correctly, a "Wonder Man" type) who got embroiled in a scandal involving a certain trio of reality hopping demigods, and left Britain for the greener pastures of America.

Of course, those pastures provided archenemies like the shapeshifting thief and mob enforcer called Draconis - aka Donald Wyndham. When Steadfast defeated Draconis and sent him to prison, the Brit hero fell for the villain's wife, Marjorie, and, after a whirlwind romance, got married, much to the disgust of Marjorie's daughter, Skylar.

Neither Malcolm nor Marjorie know that Skylar has powers, or that she is a villain, but, they know that she isn't happy about her new family arrangement. They just think that she's "in need of structure".
Let's see how that works out for them.
MoshPit's mom
So, I've decided that each issue should be around 25 to 27 pages.
If and when IWATSV runs short, I'll pop in some greyscale one-pagers to provide stuff like backstory, side characters and sundry information.

Here, we meet Moshpit's mom, learn her real name, and that mom (and most likely the rest of the family) are fully aware of her 'extracurricular activities.'
The secret of the Ghost Cat
Turns out that the "Ghost Cat" was neither 'ghost', nor 'cat'!
His name is Sphinx, and apparently, he's been spying on our heroes villains for some time now.
What does he KNOW? What does he WANT?
So THAT'S what that stands for!
Now you know what "I.W.A.T.S.V." stands for.
You saw that comin', right?

I wonder what a bunch of teens would/could do with almost 3 million dollars each?
Chapter One ends with the next strip, and we'll see what happens from there!
Your half-alien ass needs a girlfriend!
The Cartoonist took a little break to work on a commission and a couple of other projects, but, we're back!

Still winding down from their latest gig, Team Hades, in their civilian guises part company and makes their way home.
Skylar, aka Serpentyne really likes using her stretchy/metamorphic powers to present as a snake, it seems.

Mo and Jake, aka Moshpit and Badvibe seem to have a li'l some'm-some'm going on, and Lightningbug is NOT diggin' it. "Peaches", or, Statuesque tries to get him to snap out of it, but, apparently, he's a grumpy bastard.

All the while, the odd little "ghost cat", who seems to be invisible to them all, listens to their every word.
Is that a cat?!
Team Hades has divvied up the spoils from their latest caper, and Riot Rabbit has shunted them back home to Chicago.

Meet Skylar Wyndham
Jake Edison-Hoskins
Andrew Corrigan
Randy Norville, Jr
Moriah "Mo" Karlsberg
and Pam "Peaches" Eisenhart.

Just a bunch of normal teenagers emerging from an abandoned bus station. Nothing to see here... Y'know, except for the weird ghost-cat in the corner!
Meet Randy Norville
The job's over, and Riot Rabbit teleports his crew to his safehouse two whole states away! Sure, he may be a supervillain, but, at least he's really close to his family!

It would also seem that some of Team Hades know their way around an engine block and an onboard computer. Now, they have an armored transport! These kids are getting more dangerous!
Oh, Davey...
Dave Luna really thought he was going to get away with it, didn't he? Now, as for what side of the equation Mr. Bench falls on, I'll leave that up to the readers. Team Hades has successfully gotten away with an armored truck full of money.
The op is almost over, and Riot Rabbit takes a moment to point out the flaws in Dave Luna's plan.
And, oh, listen...
The Police are coming!
Duct Tape
Dave Luna is a man not used to defeat, not having his way, or people talking to him like he's not the absolute boss of the universe.
Even when tied to another human being with duct tape and his butt on the ground, dirtying his expensive suit, he is still defiantly entitled.
Obviously, that overconfidence can be a detriment when implementing criminal schemes, as Riot Rabbit just laid out for him.
Yeah, ABOUT that...
Well, I'm no M. Night Shaymalan, so, you may've seen this coming!
Riot Rabbit and the rest of Team Hades are NOT the good guys, much to the surprise and dismay of Bank Manager Julius Bench and casino owner Dave Luna.
What OTHER surprises are in store?
A superpower in itself.
Gotta give it to Riot Rabbit - he has faith in his team.
Let's be honest, one should NEVER underestimate ANYONE with superpowers, no matter WHAT age they are.
Look where that sort of thinking got ThunderLizard, Smokescreen and Crash Hannigan (who should ESPECIALLY know better!)
A little young
Riot Rabbit checks on some guys who got gassed and lost in Smokescreen's fog.
VIP's who are incensed by the goings-on.
I admit, I have no idea why I threw a Phineas and Ferb reference in there, but, I think it fits.
Learn to throw your voice, fool your friends, fun at parties!
How many times have you seen that happen?
Things are going semi-Ok for the bad guys, and, one slick word from their enemy regarding their cut of the score, or their ego, and BOOM! They turn on each other!
Ah, traditions...
Oh DAMN, son!
Looks like there's a problem or two in Crash Hannigan's camp.
I guess ThunderLizard is generally the disagreeable sort.
Or, maybe Smokescreen's just an instigator.
Wait, Smokescreen can't talk!
Back off, Woman!
The biggest mistake folks make regarding young people with superpowers is believing that, because they are young, they are untrained, or worse, underpowered.
Such is not always the case.
Extinction Time!
Statuesque is stronger than she looks… and she looks pretty strong when she's made of stone!
Of course I had to put someone in this comic who had my favorite superpower - MoshPit is the one, as ThunderLizard is finding out the hard way.... and MoshPit is also stronger than she looks!