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Sonic Speed Zone

It's Sonic Speed Zone!

Every friday(Well that's me)
Let's get this comic back on it's feet!

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11 Years Ago
It's Sonic Speed Zone!

Every friday(Well that's me)
Let's get this comic back on it's feet!

Recent Comments

July 11th, 2008
Hey can I be an author when my new sprites are finished?
I'm busy so I can't update, sorry.
Hey Gold, SE is long gone. Russ took away all the permissions and we made a new comic SE2. I want this comic to survive because I like the plot. But if too many people say it's dead then I won't update. Also srry for lack of update Friday, I got carried away by my real life.
if it's dead,do i have to update?cuz,i updated war of the flesh eaters,and i'm trying to get a comic up for SE.
face it, ever since orange left, this comic died, plus those are my old sprites
I did a little snooping around.
nice one spear where did you get my sprites
I know, I did that on purpose. I was wondering how bad I could make a sprite.
Here's another update! Does the lead clone (evil echdna) look good?
darth nexus
June 13th, 2008
i know haaaa
Wow, that is a wrong yet easy way to kill clones!
Sweet! New sprite to use! Thanks, now lets get this comic alive again!
hey spear you got slarz sheet simon russ has quit so he said i should give it away
darth nexus
June 12th, 2008
the reason his clothes went are because they were roped into thier weird foreplay i dint show for it would have driven you insane and melted out your eyeballs
i is king
its not a filler it leads to my clone story i did this because i saw the kissing video on youtube and remembered that shadow was nemo for maria the shadow peeking up amys skirt is just for laughs
He is the lead clone, (I have an Idea) And Slazz got teleported, and in the last panel is both Spear and Slazz.
just one thing why is there an organisation 13 bloke there and where did slarz go
Thanks, now try to get everybody to post real updates!


Oh and you need to put 2 red pixels on the clones hands to make them a clone.
nice one spear way to breathe life back into the comic thumbs up
1. Miracles happen.
2. Hopefully a 7 panel comic will fix some damage
3. Sorry for the blank space.

Oh and clones can't talk.