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Comic Status: Old and gone forever.

Much love


Recent Comments

I know it's been a year, but I still have hope!! D:
poooooor queeeeeeeee why you no update
I'm still hoping for a update!!
I love this comic!
aww! you know that you have to continue, right? =D
pleaseeeee comee backkkkk D: i'm like....a second away from cryingggggg (not really) pleaseee continuee this comicc!!! i'll do anythingg for you to continueeeee!! D:
February 20th, 2011
I really hope you will continue this comic, 'cause its so cool. I really like how even tho hes wearing wings he still looks like a guy.c;
moaaaar =A= how can you do this to uzzz >x3
Wow i love this comic after only reading a small amount, will it really be continuing?
I lol'd
Just discovered this comic and FUCK do skirt-dude and I have the same name?! o__O
I love this comic and i miss it just as much. Any chance of seeing an update soon? Pretty please?
I really hope you make more.
I'm hocked now :D
next next next next!! Nooo!! :( I want to read more.
Oh cruel fate why must life pose against the things I love! I HOPE YOU UPDATE SOON!
my viens cry out for more D=

skull. shakespear<3

ily so much right now.

i like skulls and shakespear!
offically +faved just now!
i do the same thing, walk to class/locker/ everwhere, reading what i need to have for next class whil;e scribbling my homework to be due next class :)
i dont notice the people talking to me, or the random ppl i run over. they only thing that get my attention is the feeling of angery stares!
if they my riends i glare, if they my enemies i smile like im high and skip past them.

(ever seen a tomboy goth skip smiling? it puts them into fear i tell you =D ((specially kiyle, lol, he rides my bus/ think im possessed >:D)