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Firestar Gets A Job

firestar's multiverse misadventures

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I love these comics! They always make me laugh. Especially Sans!
There was one place I used to work where, during the Halloween season, they played Will Smith's rap about Freddy Krueger...on repeat...
Literally there's a song on the playlist at the store about a truck. Goddamn why do they always sing about trucks?!
As someone who works in a grocery store, this is so accurate it hurts
This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. Thank you.
*smacks table*
YES! I'm going to tell my Warriors-obsessed friend about this. Let's see how she reacts when she sees Sans...
If you're my friend, reading this, HI! You probably hate me!
@Shadowumbreeon: marry me
as a jake stan, this is completely in character. Jacob Lucas McKenzie is widely known for his love for satsumas, which is first mention in chapter 5 of the first book if you choose his romance path by spending diamonds, and I quote, "Man I love me some satsumas" - Jake, Chapter 5, Endless Summer, Book 1. During the wedding ceremony, MC is also given a chance to choose satsumas as their wedding flower if they're marrying jake as a small easter egg. If they choose this item, jake will say, and I quote "wow you're so thoughtful MC, I do love me some satsumas."
I would like to thank the author for so accurately characterizing Jacob Lucas McKenzie and for clearly doing research before exploring such a deeply emotional topic related to the character of Jacob Lucas McKenzie. Kudos to you.
@Tehpikachu: thank you so much!!! i'm glad to hear you're actually enjoying this lmao
this is probably the exact opposite of what you expected to hear, but i can tell there's some real talent behind these drawings. they might be quickly done, but i can see your ability underneath. i also love the dialogue, on this page especially. it's silly but flows well especially between sans and the creeper
I should specify that Creeper is another one of Firestar's coworkers!
Beautiful lasagna...
oh snap
October 24th, 2019
Spot fy is my favorite moosic servaze
October 21st, 2019
comic of the year