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My Eeveelution Squad Arts 2019 - 2020

These are some projects I made during the years 2019 - 2020. This is my version of my Eeveelution Squad ft. My Friends.

Credit to my friend Landon for giving me ideas for the Cover Art.

Recent Comments

@IndigoEevee: Its more than perfect. I dont what to call it, but perfect isn't quite good enough
@Jackson the Riolu: I know-isn't it the perfect dare? :D
Yes, because your feminine lashes are gone.
well, since you and Landon like k-pop, what kinds of music does everyone else listen to?


I want to see that
@Courier of Yeets: The pokedex does whatever the author tells it to

so who are we to say
??? *a little questioning about the first 3 words
Good luck with that buddy
Is this because Landon walked in on you and Zeek kissing?!
Is it just me or did anyone else notice on the bottom of Tristan’s speech bubble it says “ lol nope”? Just me?
That's just unrealistic (Sorry tristan)
How would Everyone react if they were a different Pokemon? (eg. Pikachu instead of Jolteon, etc)
I dare zeek to eat 30 cherri berries. (Read that their mildly spicy taste is addicting in sword & shield, maybe they'll be the new cracker)
Tristain, I dare you to wear a cute, frilly, super girly pink dress, makeup, a bow, and sing the Eevee song(or at least the first few lines of it) >:D