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The everyday adventures of Armless Monkey: THE MONKEY WITHOUT ARMS!


Recent Comments

How did he make a shot without any arms?
Great Lines!
What do you use exactly to get those beautiful, bold lines?

Have you sent to the syndicates?
Different and Great
This is really a brilliant strip; I hope you keep up with this. I fav.'d it!

Thanks for your nice comment at my site.
LOL! Omg, this comic is awesome XD His expression in the last panel is fantastic! XD

If the monkey used his tail there would be no jokes DD:
Ha ha ha ... XD
(Gets one off the shelves of some awesome store)
... Hells yeah.
I love the guy with the glasses.
That's... vaguely scary.
A friend for an armless monkey... just for a few seconds. :D
Good, but not as good as armless monkey.
Armless love is the best love... are you down?

I only have a few more new Armless Monkeys to update with after this one, but that's because I've been really busy and working on other things lately. Since I have no dignity, I'm gonna plug the other comic of mine that's going strong:

Catohoop Heroes! Written by JoJo, drawn by me, checkitout!
... SIKE!
the panels are bigger in this comic. that's right... i noticed
Best sound effect. Ever.
... And none of them stood a chance.
Are Oh Eff Ell
XD Epic win!
And if this were X-men Legends, Armless Monkey would fly right off a cliff and die and we'd have to backtrack for twenty minutes to find an extraction point and revive him.

In other news, "snikt" is really a verb whose time has come!
Egads! How dare that silhouette toy with our hero's emotions! HAVE YOU NO COMPASSION, SIR?
X-Men, you guys, X-MEN!!!