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In the scary place of Resident Evil, an idiot makes it his upmost duty to make it look silly.

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No, it's easy to kill them. Dude, this is chapter 4, when you have effing Strikers to kick ass.
You can see a chainsaw man on the top left corner.......your so close to him that your screwed
Stupid thing is, nobody gave 2 shits about RE4.
February 13th, 2011
Hair coloring much? It depends on the console's capability. The Wii can handle more.
December 21st, 2010
See this? This... is my BOOMSTICK!
August 20th, 2010
when I came to this part I was more scared by the fact they're in gimp suits then the fact its two gianete :l *shudder*
I have NSC already faved hpoing to see what you do there! Now all i have to say is......When i saw those two for the first time i thought they were BDSM partners....
Mr Aids
August 20th, 2010
Thanks for following the comic!
Alright, this comic is finished. Thanks to the fans for their support and enthusiasm for the comic, I had a fun time providing comics for you.

I'm moving on to Not So Captioned, which is essentially the same as this comic but not restricted to the world of Resident Evil. I hope to see you there, and thanks again!
August 17th, 2010
Finishing? Shame =(
August 16th, 2010
sad face the comic is ending D:
Strange. You'd think the Jehova's Witnesses would at least show up... and to bad the comics ending...*sobs*
Mr Aids
August 16th, 2010
Sorry about the delay
I kinda forgot about this comic with uni and all, here's an update.

This comic will be finishing soon, I'm almost out of screenshots. However if you like this comic, I would suggest you fav this one, which I will be updating once this finishes.
July 15th, 2010
I want cookies now!
July 14th, 2010
Damn thin mints are addicting.
July 14th, 2010

For some reason I got reminded of this.
Watchoo got against Thin Mints Ada!?
I want girl scouts to sell me cookies D:
Mr Aids
July 14th, 2010
Another lame update
This comic sucks, I'm sorry.

Also we don't have Girl Scouts in Australia. I want to be sold cookies.
July 14th, 2010
@Bruce: No they stoned them to death, apparently. Though in the film they stone the executioner for saying "jehova"
@Mach: IDK, did they shoot up Jahovas witnesses in the movie?