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Imagine the world of the video game Castlevania, with one huge difference: everyone is completely out of their mind!


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@Lockhart665: Then why haven't you made it then? i keep searching and it's not there when i look up Castlevania on the website.
P.S. Don't you dare make Soma-kun sound like an a-hole or i will not forgive you (though i may still be reading it)(shrug and look a bit ashammed, but only a little).
(sigh) Alas, another lose of one of my few favorite webcomics :(
@Raust: I'm begining to think that with every webcomic that i like and begin to read is always the ones' that are hiatus. Well, sorry that you lost your flash, but, just to ask, are talking about a flash drive or the Adobe Flash? 'Cause if it's the Adobe flash, you can just buy another one, but if it's the flashdrive...... i'll just feel like a big jerk. (sigh)
P.S. Nice job with the Soma Cruz dialogue though.It's just what i was thinking that he would say in those situations.
spiritual successor.
Dude,my lil bro and i wanna make a spiritual successor of sorts.we already got the sprite sheets.this is really inspiring stuff.
and a murdurous cliff hanger.
Hey Look!
It's That one guy...Balore! and he's gonna inflict a WORLD O' HURT on Jonathan and Soma, This oughtta be good ^w^
November 28th, 2008
I'm sorry, The comic is on indefinite hiatus.
I lost flash when I switched Operating systems, so I can't make comics anymore.

however, I have a youtube series called Dairantou Gaiden if anyone wants to see any more of my comedic work!
Yes. Yes he is.
Hm cool notion.
Good. All the more reason for him to hate Soma soo much though. Glare a hole through him hahahaha
Agreed. Oh good answer. Hehe.
Pershaw nontheless excellent
Heh heh funny ^___^
Fist fight might have to do.
Yet neat. Yet cool. Yet awesome.
Oh. Well jinkies. Neat page.