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The stories of some very special plumbers and a whole lot of other guys including a babysitting thief and a flying plant.


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!@#$%^&*(&^$ u mario *GRABS GARNADE AND THROWS AT MARIO* !@#$%^&*^%$@!#$%^& U
I wantto hear from the koopa guy.
sooo rofl'd.
a stupid comment on an old comic
i just started reading this, and can tell its gonna be a funny series (WHY AM I COMMENTING ON AN OLD COMIC!)
Hmmmm...since all you other comics are updating, will this one?
Pretty gosh darn good
Oh I think Luigi noticed. But it may well be the final part was sarcasm.
Good wonderful filler and not stupid
I don't have to feel bad for Luigi but I will. *glowers at Mario*
That. He could do that.
Well he had to try didn't he
The final panel is really neat