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Random comics about random stuff. You'll love it. If not, go jump in a lake. See if I care!

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Wow, this describes mt comic almost perfectly. Good thing I decided to actually TRY and make it decent by restarting it a month ago.
Personally, I've collected enough info to know that I should be original, unlike some people.
I think that says quite a bit about the medium, don't you think?
Funny thing is, is that this is how the most popular webcomic of all time started.
True. I don't even know where that comes from.
Im glad I am not the kind of nerd that gives a shit about this kind of thing.
Oh no!! Another 12 year old told you your comic is unfunny, and that you can't handle 12 year old criticism, the world is coming to an end!!
Dude, I already killed myself this morning. Done and done.
What's with the Douglas Adams hate?

Seriously! He was a really good writer!

Also, this particular comic actually isn't that funny.

Guess you'd better go off and hang yourself. After all, you obviously can't handle somebody's opinion, especially if they're 12.
Oh no, some 12 year old doesn't think my webcomic is funny. I have failed! I guess I better go kill myself.
This comic really is not the that funny.
I am unamused.
10 points for SRD
Okay, that got a laugh outta me. I have to say I agree, though ... about the change in games, not the hating Sonic.
This is a remix of the comic that started it all. I felt it was appropriate.
This marks the official relaunch of SRD Comics.