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110% stupid Mega Man stories!!!! Status: Dead!


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October 18th, 2008
9 man
October 18th, 2008
it may seem like bob and george because thats where i got inspiration from.
ok i wont use the breaking the fourth wall technique like i did in my third comic.
also ive been looking for better backgrounds for a while now

-Shaun McGarry
Problem: This looks way too much like Bob and George.

- Use backgrounds other than just two-toned stuff. You didn't use super bright colors, which is good, but two-toned just don't cut it anyway.
- You've got a bad habit of making one panel, then pretty much copying/pasting it 3 times, then filling in the dialogue. Try messing with sizes (only multiples of 100) for the sprites/backgrounds. Zoom in, zoom out, change poses... anything that will vary the panels is good. You can't go wrong with at least trying.
- Um... introducing people via breaking the 4th wall is not good. Even if it takes longer, just introducing the characters as if they were in a natural story is best.
- Watch out for the jokes resembling BnG. This current one, and just about any joke that ends with "Megaman is stupid" is going to cause people to raise an eyebrow.

So... yeah.
That's actually really good.