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Mario's Day Job
A silly comic about Mario and Luigi's "real" jobs as Plumbers.

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Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 15 (Final)
KirbyFighterDeluxe, 24 Sep 2016 05:46 am

ba dum tss
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 15 (Final)
Merrsharr, 24 Sep 2016 02:36 am
It's called hospitality for a reason
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 15 (Final)
Nashew, 23 Sep 2016 03:33 pm
Hospitals accept villains?

...I guess if the heroes bring them in, why not?
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 15 (Final)
Freezer818, 23 Sep 2016 11:08 am
"FYI, I have a backpack full of giant hammperspace tools and I know how to use them. Now how are you feeling?"
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 14
Butterscotch, 16 Sep 2016 02:17 pm
@thelegendoflink: Thank you! It's good to be back!

@Hero of Comedy: Yay. a party!

@KirbyFighterDeluxe: Yup, it did!

@Nashew: Well, Mario's just an upbeat guy

@Pokemariosoniclover: Yay! :)

@Unclever title: that made me chuckle!
And Link calling Linebeck isn't that farfecth'd...Link's off being a Pokemon trainer, so he probably has a c-gear or something.
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 15 (Final)
Butterscotch, 16 Sep 2016 02:11 pm
Please don't panic! The "final" in the title just refers to the fact that this is the end of the Mario vs Ganondorf storyline! Not the end of the comic!
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 14
Unclever title, 10 Sep 2016 05:10 pm
*Link calls Linebeck on the phone (just roll with it).*

Link: Linebeck, what's this rumor about you marrying Ganondorf?
Linebeck: WHAT!?
Link: People are saying they saw you and Ganondorf enter a building together and you were I quote "Carrying the king of evil like a new groom carrying his bride across the threshold."
Linebeck: That was a hospital! He was unconscious! And in need of a doctor! He was going to die!
Link: You... saved Ganondorf's life? Wow.
Linebeck: Yeah, tell me about it.
Link: I never knew you cared that much about him.
Linebeck: What!? No. That's not what I said. That's not why-
Link: I can't say I understand either. I mean they say the heart wants what it wants...
Linebeck: No, SERIOUSLY. I'm not-
Link: Well whatever, I hope you know that I won't go easy on him just because he's your husband now. Goodbye, Linebeck.
*Link hangs up*
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 14
Pokemariosoniclover, 10 Sep 2016 12:51 pm
Yay you're back! :)
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 14
Nashew, 09 Sep 2016 11:14 pm
Nobody looks remotely happy about this situation.

Well, except Mario for some reason.
Comment on Mario vs Ganondorf, Part 14
KirbyFighterDeluxe, 09 Sep 2016 07:01 pm
Ey, this updated!


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