Mario's Day Job

Mario's Day Job

by Butterscotch
A silly comic about Mario and Luigi's "real" jobs as Plumbers.

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Mario's Day Job

A silly comic about Mario and Luigi's "real" jobs as Plumbers.

Updates weekly

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@BonesxPC: I didn't mention it in the comic but I actually had the option at the beginning to dance with boys OR girls.

@Hero of Comedy: I think I had to put my 3DS down for a minute while I made my choice

@Nashew: It's shaped like a pancake

@ShadowMoon:Welcome back!
June 21st, 2017
and caught up again, lost track of this one for about a year and a half
stars are one hell of a drug
June 16th, 2017
A cool hat is enough to make a decision for me.
That's why God gave us the Pause button.
June 16th, 2017
That's really cool! I remember it being just bachelors/bachelorettes in the older game.
Er- Pepper?
You can actually dance with literally anyone, regardless of age or gender. It's pretty neat.
June 2nd, 2017
Yooo free food is always good.
In Trio of Towns you can eat meals with the NPCs. I got into the habit of timing my visit's to Ford with his meal times, so that I could give him a gift AND score a free meal.
It looked a lot bigger online.
@Butterscotch: Heck, I'll admit that I forgot. ^^;
@Nashew: I haven't seen that meme in a long time!

@Hero of Comedy: He'll use ANYTHING as an excuse to kidnap Peach

@BorderWolf: if he did, it'd be the only time either brother got paid in money

@LavaBidoof399: Which game was that?

@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: TBH, probably quite a few
@LavaBidoof399: whoawhoaWHOA, 4 ROWS OF SIX CARROTS? that's crazy talk

@Nashew: Funnily enough in some Harvest Moon games, the NPCs DO upgrade their houses

@BorderWolf: lol
Those wheels by Uncle Frank's house for a moment made me think he live in a camping trailer.
Reminds me of Animal Crossing where your neighbors' houses never ever upgrade.
By that logic I KNOW AN AMASING GARDEN! IT HAS 4 ROWS OF CARROTS 6 IN EACH! (Also, first comment!)
gdi bowser

Let's be honest here though, how many people forgot that was the reason Bowser kidnapped all those people?
I bet he would "kidnap" a bidoof just so he can cuddle it. (Also, I think bowser did have them do the plumbing, in mario bros.)
*sarcastic tone* Yeah.

*normal tone* Maybe Luigi should fix the sink and charge Bowser a HUGE fee.