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A re-telling of the infamous story, Alice in Wonderland.

Recent Comments

Ches! It's the Cheshire Cat!
Is she gonna find out how deep the rabbit hole goes?
Great job on artwork! :o
i miss this comic.
whathelloI like this. :>
I wish my body looked that good!
Random and creepy.
ooh, invisible elbooow :O
Excellent comic!
The art is gorgeous, of course, but the flow and story have caught my eye, too. I love when people re-do old stories/fairy tales/whatever in their own way. <3
XD hah. lol. That's funny. ^^;
DDx Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ *runs away*
That's awesome. It really looks like she's merging into the shadows. Verrrrrrrrry cool. *~*
Yeah, dude. What the smit? *fearful tremble* @.@; Go somewhere else, Alice! To the... uh... somewhere cheery and light!
Very lovely!
LOL this really DOES remind me of American McGee's Alice :O (Of course I've never played it but eet looked sooo awesome DXX)

Alice looks awesome..
ahhh there's no more!!!

I must fav this then. lol
that's not creepy at all...*sarcasm*

yet i love it.

the suspense!!!