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Mystery Sprite Theater

by markusdragon
When Markus and Torgo the Badly Sprited Bat Demon ThingTM are trapped in the internet and forced to read horrendously bad sprite comics, the inevitable Mystery Science Theater 3000 homage is the only practical conclusion.
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10 Years Ago
When Markus and Torgo the Badly Sprited Bat Demon ThingTM are trapped in the internet and forced to read horrendously bad sprite comics, the inevitable Mystery Science Theater 3000 homage is the only practical conclusion.

Recent Comments

Oh, this shit again
What the shit was I smoking all those years ago when I made this?
xD I love the tortured Miis bit. Such a sad image..
American007 - Prelude - Tragedy of the Universe
Britain managed to elect two Nazis to the European election this weekend. On the one hand, it's a massive faliure of democracy that so few people came out to vote that the 2% of the electorate stupid enough to vote for a racist party managed to get a pair of representatives in, but on the other hand, if you've got a pair of Nazis, where better to send them than to Belgium; a country where Holocaust denial is illegal, and punishable by a prison sentence.

I give them a month, tops.
^_^ I knew that... one day... this would update again. (actually I didn't, I just never got around to taking it off my favorites... which, now I see, is a good thing)
Livin' on the Edge - Intro-Not the Bananas!
Did I miss the deadline again? Damn, but that was 2008 for you; the less said about it, the better.
you should of done a barrel roll...
But seriously earthquakes are not healthy.
Yuri World is my Master work...Take whatever stabs you wish at it, and XX...Just don't go at Self Worth yet...Not along far enough in that yet for ammo.

OH, and if you do, PM me about it so I can see it...Some people just don't know how to laugh at themselves, with that said, be as venomous as you see fit.
What if you did one of these for your own comic?
*COUGH*Typo on "artefact"*/COUGH*

The 1990's were the best ^^;

Yeah I heard about the earthquake, I was very surprised about that. I thought Britian couldn't get earthquakes though o.O Well, don't worry about it 'cause trust me, it's worse here. I'd be happy to live in Great Britian if I were you, natural disasters are rare ;)
Takira's Secret Realm (- Page 23)
There was an earthquake last night here that measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. The death-toll is in the... well, in the 0s; Britain is suprisingly earthquakeproof apparantly. Nontheless, we're milking this for all we can because we're British and we don't actually get natural disasters that aren't cold and wet very often, so we have to make out that things are worse than they are if ever a snowdrop falls, we threaten to close the roads, empty the schools and warn people of a blizzard. Also we refer to small puddles in the road as 'localised flooding'.

So if you see a Brit today, ask them whether they felt the earthquake, be kind and don't mock them if they think that a single 5.2 earthquake with no aftershocks is some kind of big deal on the same scale as a Tornado ripping through your town, we need the sympathy, because we don't often get it.
Actually Santa Claus isn't the real meaning of Christmas. It's the world's interpretation of the meaning of Christmas. Besides move the "n" to the end of the word and it spells "Satan". Coincidence? I think not. I would tell you the real meaning of Christmas, but I'm afraid I'll anger you so Happy Holidays ^^
Of course H is intense!
You know what else starts with 'H'?
Hitler starts with 'H'.
No, actually Harry Potter starts with Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid secretly meeting outside of the Dursleys' house after the death of Lily and James Potter. [/nerdiness]

Rowling's one of those people that has great ideas, but whose skill as a writer doesn't live up to the imagination.

Like George Lucas, actually. Great universe and lore, really crappy cinematographer and writer.
I'm sure there are more boring comics, don't worry. ;P

Yeah, and does Harry Potter start with Harry Potter home doing nothing exciting...actually, yes, yes it does. No wonder it's so bad. Yes, I am not a Harry Potter fan. I lost interest at book 5. It's just not a very good bo-*shot by 98% of the world's population*
Tales of Zippo Prower (1: Dull and Boring Day)
Again, only a short one. Not much you can say about the MOST GODDAMNED BORING COMIC EVER WRITTEN! Goddamnit, three seperate frames about the same boredom, what the hell, Zippo!

Unless you're Lewis Caroll, NEVER start a storyline with a state of abject boredom, else you're going to disinterest people right off of the off. Does Star Wars start with Luke Skywalker doing chores around his uncle's farm? Hell, no, it starts with a daring escape. And explosions. And robots. Lots of robots.
you should parody my sprite comic.

I don't think we don't get Sam Adams over here. I mostly drink Magners (which is Irish) and Kopparberg Pear Cider (which is Swedish, I think).

Good stuff.
Paper Cut (1-The Princess Kidnapped)
I know, I know, It's a day late. I'm sorry, but I was drinking last night, and I completely lose my concentration span after a couple of glasses of cider.