Riza Wolfe is a pretty ordinary teen. You know, normal school, normal friends, normal looks, normal family, normal life. And she just so happens to be completely bored out of her mind with it. However, when Riza receives a dream catcher as a gift one day, things get more interesting in a hurry. She's suddenly offered the chance to get away from her ordinary life, and escape to another world full of the sorts of things she dreams about. Like, you know, anthropomorphic wolves with funny bandanas, idiotic spike demons, annoying old men, furry-feather dragons, elven ninjas, sarcastic street kids, rich bratty fire mages...okay, so it's not /exactly/ what she had in mind. But hey, it beats doing homework by a long shot.

And the best part about the whole thing? She's not even human anymore.


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Riza: Oh man, and I thought Aiden was a jerk. Here I've been hanging with a guy who gets possessed by a mass murderer...

Nirako: Just thinking of all the things he left out
They're probably wondering if he's really ok talking about this. In that concerned friend kind of way. Also killing someone without being in control of the choices tends to mess with peoples minds so.
It's been one of those weeks. Again.

I'm not home a lot lately and when I am I just want to sleep |P

You know, there was originally supposed to be a lot more detail in the flashbacks concerning exactly what happens here, but in the interest of time and keeping DC at its psuedo PG-13 rating I'm choosing to let Dae gloss over a lot of it. He's clearly in the mood to nonchalantly talk about terrible things at the moment, might as well let him do it instead of showing all the gory details.

Question of the Update: Riza and Nirako look mildly concerned. What do you think is going through their heads right now?
Remember when I said I shipped Adrian X Nirako?
I now ship them harder than ever. The Christmas special made me ship them real hard, but DISAPPEAR TOGETHER FOR COUPLE HOURS?? It's confirmed- cutest ship in all of DC is canon!! XD
I ship it. :3 I don't know why, but I SHIP IT. :3
February 23rd, 2017
What happened to Riza's dreamcatcher in her third panel?! Her alternate self is gone! Did she lose it and rediscover it later on? Was the original one DESTROYED? I guess only time'll tell...
February 22nd, 2017
Oh nooooooooooooo I found this comic to late to enter! I guess I'll just send in some fanart just to show how much I appreciate your work. This comic is so cool! Thank you for working so hard on it.
February 22nd, 2017
I'm glad your computer troubles got sorted out!! As for the icicles, I don't suppose they'll be nice-icles D:
They're going to turn Luigi there into one of those cartoon standing against the wall with knives around them things isn't it? Wait no that's a fan setup not a cluster, yeah Luigi's dead too.
Arturro: Shoot, I dropped all my icicles. Can someone help me pick those up?
So, I finally sat down to make that fanart I promised. And realised that I can't draw. Like, at all. Except stick-figures maybe or really geometrically figures that will take me a day to calculate. So... sorry.
But then I came upon an idea some days later. I guess I'll keep this one till the next contest, 'cause I know my brain will be blubber again by then. So, you'll see it then ;)

Qotu: yeah, I think we all know what is going to happen now. Even more so since Daemian already told Riza a few chapters back.
Why do I have a feeling that everyone's going to die?
SO SORRY for the delay, I had some computer issues to contend with during the time I would normally have been doing comics this past week and then I worked a lot and it basically put me behind on EVERYTHING. I am trying to get an extra page done this week to catch up. It turned out my graphics card drivers just needed updated, but doing so somehow required hours of headscratching and troubleshooting and some fear that I would have to upgrade the entire computer just to get it back to its normal functionality.

Question of the Update: Uh, what do you think he's doing with all those icicles...?
Obvious joke

Answer of the update: Never have warm drinks again! There's probably a lot you can do with those powers I haven't thought of...hmmm
Ice powers? Eh probably look for a bald guy in a wheelchair. Joking of course I'd probably just mess with my family, and since I live in AZ be alot of peoples best friend during the summers.
February 14th, 2017
Alas, poor Mario!!

Ahh I'm sorry you didn't get many entries - I do have something in the works still!! I didn't get the time I wanted to work on it last weekend unfortunately, but I definitely will finish it! (when...that is another question...)
I would probably get rid of everyone I hate (which is like 99% of the world)
Hai Hazumirein,

sorry you didn't get a whole lot of entries. I meant to make something but since I can't draw, and I'm a perfectionist I tought about it for too long and... *sigh* let's just say I never got to the point of actually sitting down.
Maybe I'll send something in in half a year or so. Who knows :) . Once I get this great idea.
What I really wanted to say is that, altough I never usually comment, I really enjoy reading your comic. Just so you know.
And last, what I would do if I had ice-powers? Probably keep them hidden until there was some great danger or something. Seems like a usefull secret.
(Or I'd build a castle, like that girl out of a movie I once saw. A castle for pinguins, 'cause I could never live there. You know, the cold and such ;) )
Alas, poor Mario. We barely knew ye.

Man, I get sidetracked on one page and now everything's behind. SIGH.

Question of the Update: I'm too tired to come up with anything good. If you got cool ice powers all of a sudden, what would be the first thing you'd do with them? After initial experimentation, of course.

As far as the DC Fanwork contest goes...well, I was gonna do a separate update with winners and whatnot originally, but honestly I didn't get enough entries to properly pick favorites. So, everyone that sent something in wins! I'll be contacting you all over the next couple days with details and to find out where to send posters and such. If you sent something in and I never responded to the message, let me know since it probably means I didn't get it for some reason.