Riza Wolfe is a pretty ordinary teen. You know, normal school, normal friends, normal looks, normal family, normal life. And she just so happens to be completely bored out of her mind with it. However, when Riza receives a dream catcher as a gift one day, things get more interesting in a hurry. She's suddenly offered the chance to get away from her ordinary life, and escape to another world full of the sorts of things she dreams about. Like, you know, anthropomorphic wolves with funny bandanas, idiotic spike demons, annoying old men, furry-feather dragons, elven ninjas, sarcastic street kids, rich bratty fire mages...okay, so it's not /exactly/ what she had in mind. But hey, it beats doing homework by a long shot.

And the best part about the whole thing? She's not even human anymore.


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Guessing dragon's egg, or at least an egg shaped rock that is probably enchanted.
Ah curiosity! A dragon egg perhaps? Or a cool bird egg? Only time will tell!
For some reason this egg reminds me of the book Eragon...
Aaand we're back to the naive and curious young Dae.

Question of the Update: Well, what do you think is up with that weird egg?
@KingKomodo: I won't spoil it but I will tell you that the peculiarity of Arashi is something that will be addressed in like, 2 or 3 chapters ;)
The horse (Arashi). It's been noted to have higher than average intelligence for an animal and also seems to like messing with Dae. It's just really been bugging me that I have no idea why this is or at least they seem like there's more to them then we see.
\m/ >w< \m/
great song to go with this pix!
I love Savior! ive been blasting Rise Against for the past week (mixed with metallica and other rock songs lol)
Uh, kind of bouncing back to the past here. I thought about just going straight to this bit from where we were in the flashback last page, but then I remembered that it was Dae telling the story and it wouldn't have made sense for him to remember something he didn't see. Hence, a quick visit with Salshira, somewhere else in the world, thinking about the same thing. Very quick.

Question of the Update: I have kind of a different one for you guys today--I was thinking about some of the plot threads in this story that have been touched on briefly but kind of not brought up again, and I believe most of them get resolved at some point later in the story, but I was wondering if there's anything that's been mentioned that you definitely think needs explained or resolved eventually. Just so I can make sure I don't forget anything that you guys think is important.

We're not anywhere near the end of this, I'm just thinking ahead.

Song of the Week: "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" - The Offspring. Yes, I'm aware that everyone probably knows this song. But I already featured the one that I thought would actually go best here, apparently, so this is the next best thing. I think it says something about Uther, the way he works, his relationship to both Salshira and Dae, and really anyone who finds themselves working under him.
Little jarring, honestly thought we were still in the past. Could be she was there that day? Out of towner type person just passing through.
January 16th, 2017
Oh, I dunno, it's not like Salshira's a half-dragon or anything...
Hopefully this scene change isn't too jarring. We'll get back to past-Dae in a minute, but that is present-Salshira you're looking at here.

Question of the Update: Uh, what does Salshira have to do with any of this?

Also casual reminder to check out the last update if you missed it for whatever reason for info on DC's 10th Anniversary Fanwork Contest! Because that's a thing.
Congratulations on making it 10 years! Here's hoping the next decade goes even better!

Can't believe I've been reading this eight whole years. At the time it was my very favorite webcomic, now I'm not sure I have one but this is definitely still a top contender. Thank you for all your hard work and friendship! I'll have to think about what kind of entry to make
Nicely done!
Congratulations on your perseverance! Also, love this page!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Congrats on 10 years!
I've been reading for a year and a bit (The last page up when I started was Chap. 25, Pg 14.)

I've already been working on my entry for hours
help me
These prizes sound awesome. Lets see what I can cook up :D

Congrats on 10 years! This is quite possibly the webcomic I've been reading the longest
A round of applause for 10 years!!! Congratulations!

Also I don't know if I've said how much I love this picture, but every time I see it I'm like 'Yeah, that's really nice!'
Hey so, remember how successful my contests have been in the past? Yeah, me neither, but this is the best I could come up with in between drawing pages and doing everything else I do.

We're having a DreamCatcher Fanwork Contest!

I have received a handful of lovely pieces of fanart over the years, which are mostly displayed on the gallery page of the website. But I want more. Because I'm greedy and need validation.

That's where you come in!

Draw a picture. Write a fanfic. Compose a song. Make macaroni art of Riza making this ridiculous face. Literally anything that you make that is related to this comic is game. I will be choosing 3 favorites to hand out prizes to, probably based less on "skill" and more on what makes me smile the most, but I will be emailing every single person that enters a personalized thank you doodle for being awesome. It might just be a scribble of Luna eating pie or something silly like that but it will be SOMETHING because you deserve it.

That said, PRIZES!

I won't be ranking the winners, just picking 3 to be on equal terms, so the prizes will be the same for all.

1) A DC poster, specifically the image on the last page there of Riza and the Dreamstone, professionally printed and ready to hang on your wall. Or get shoved under your bed, your choice, but you'll get one either way. I'm currently waiting on a test print of it from Society6 to arrive at my house, so if it looks good it'll be from there, but if not I'll find somewhere else.

2) A full color commission of basically anything you want with a semi-detailed background, a la this thing. Doesn't have to be DC related; this can be your OC or fanart for another series or whatever.

3) A cameo in the comic. This can be of you or a character of yours. You'll probably just get shoved into the background of a crowd scene somewhere and considering the upcoming events in this chapter I can't promise you won't be murdered on the next page, Homestuck-style, but I will try to oblige requests related to that.


There aren't many of these.

1) Whatever you do has to relate to DC in some way.
2) It has to be your original work, obviously.
3) Try to keep it work safe, please. I'll be posting the entries on the site and I try to keep this thing at least mostly PG-13, other than me swearing in the author comments.
4) Please send all entries to me at dreamcatchercomic@gmail.com or via SJ PM! I may not see them otherwise.
5) You can enter multiple times if you really want to but can only win once.

I'm setting a tentative deadline of February 12, 2017. That's a month from today. It may be extended if people ask, however.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I want to extend a giant THANK YOU to everyone who reads this comic. Whether you wait for every update or just catch up every couple months, know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my shriveled little Grinch heart and I couldn't have gotten this far without a little encouragement from you guys. I read every single comment and smile a little every time that fan count goes up or I get a spike in page views. I really, really hope you guys stick with me from here on out because I think the best is definitely yet to come with this story and I'm pretty sure my art can't get worse so there's that too.

See you all next update!

On this date, in 2007, I posted the first page of the original prologue of DreamCatcher on my DeviantArt account with basically no plan or anything beyond the first chapter even written. Now it is 2017 and this comic has 29 chapters with over total 800 pages, has moved websites a couple times, and is sitting at just under 1300 *official* fans as far at SmackJeeves is concerned, but I know there are some of you floating around that don't have SJ accounts, which is totally fine.

I was a dumb 14 year old with dumb 14 year old problems like getting a B in math class and boys that didn't like me when I started this. Now I'm a dumb 24 year old with dumb 24 year old problems like student loans and car payments and still boys that don't like me but it's not as big of an issue as it once seemed to be. My priorities have shuffled around a lot, my career is in another universe from what I thought it would be (but not in a bad way), and I started wearing makeup at some point?

But goddammit I am still drawing this comic.

Nowadays I have significantly more chapters written and the whole thing outlined and I even know how it's supposed to end! That may change by the time I actually get there since it's...not the first one I had in mind or probably even the second. The upside to this moving so slow is that I get to do a lot of adjusting to things later in the story before I get to them so they hopefully don't suck when I do.

DC has been one of the few things in my life that has survived the past 10 years, despite a lot of bumps and missed updates and impromptu hiatuses when I just straight up had other things to worry about. I am, at the very least, proud of the sheer amount of work I've managed to put into this thing, and the fact that I can look at the hundreds of pages and say "I made all of this!"

Anyway. I guess that's why I've chosen to rehash this particular image, which has gone through quite a few iterations over the years. There's a couple other versions of it floating around my DA gallery and some really old WIP versions buried on some storage disk somewhere. I remember thinking this up around the time I started the comic and thinking, "yeah, that'd be a cool picture, I'm gonna draw that", but my skill level at the time wasn't quite where it needed to be. Now, I'm pretty content with this thing and hopefully can stop fucking drawing this same visage of RIza holding her stupid glowy floaty Dreamstone. HERE. TAKE IT.

Okay, so, that was my semi-emotional spiel. Please go to the next page for actual stuff for you guys since you're almost as important as I am in the longevity of this comic.
Hello here is a page.

Also HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY TO DC! Please proceed to the next page for festivities information.