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A Crafty Uke x Dorky Seme comic


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Janese (Guest)
August 29th, 2011
Shoot, so that's that one sppuoses.
Kaedn (Guest)
August 29th, 2011
You're on top of the game. Thanks for srhiang.
DARN...I kinda wanted to see! XD<3
ep1: I suppose its awesome, i more or less got used to it. My friend just happened to bring it up(he was trying to tell someone tentacle rape is hot) an if it wasn't tentacle rape it'd be something else. GOOD LUCK! :D

Psh he'd probably like shy tentacle most guy too god i bet he would. Since the shy guy would remind him of me *long sigh*
@Crimson: Pervy fetishes? Oh boy, now that you mention, I just realize I have one. XD Tentacle rape ideas.

@BK: I find it awkward to have friends talking about tentacle rape. XD But you're awesome having such friends. Oh yeah, I do hope I'll update too. ^_^;;;
Following the previous page of the sketch, I had some weird fun drawing this. I hope I don't give everyone a mental scar after reading this. XD

I won't be doing Shy Tentacle Guy comic after this. I will see if I can resume update the original comic.
is it funny to tell you my friend started talkin about tentacle rape yesterday? haha. what good timing you have. I take forever to do my comics good luck with your things an i hope you update soon! D:
lol xD haha nice. i have alot of things i don't update that i started to update now
Oooohhhh Ep... You greatly underestimate the pervy fetishes of yaoi fans.~
Sorry, I haven't been updating this site for such a long time due to work load and lack of rest and also heavy sickness.

It was tough trying to keep an updating schedule. I tried but a lot of things tend to keep holding me back.

Just to keep this site alive, I may post some random stuffs once in a while. This drawing is inspired from a really crazy dream I had few nights ago. It's a one-shot yaoi story about a guy who was the offspring of a human and a tentacle monster. Unfortunately, the guy wasn't very pleased with his newly appeared extra "appendages" once he hit his so-called "monster puberty side". Hilarity ensued when his uncontrollable tentacles started harassing everyone in school. And one of his victims turned out to be another guy who had a huge crush on him for a very long time. And yes... you guessed it, there will be tentacle rape scenes.

This is probably the craziest yaoi tentacle rape idea that I even laughed at the thought of it. Eh, forgive me for my dirty thoughts. I don't think most people like the idea of tentacle rape in yaoi. XD
hurry and update i want 2 c wat happens next
wow im like retarded. I asked you what you used, and here it was all along. smooth joie.
Joie la douleur
July 28th, 2010
Okay wow you make beautiful comics! but i have to ask:
What are your main tools for creating?
okay I know I said I was glad, but now I miss your awesomeness. D:
July 2nd, 2010
You Must!
I need you to continue this! I want to know what will happen.
May 7th, 2010
I can read chinese! (yay)
I actually prefer coloured pages...but I'm pretty used to B&W anyway...
LMFAO!!!!!! seriously lol!
I was laughing uncontrollably.. but the feelings of disappointment still stabbed me in the stomach. D:

I had no idea that combination of feelings was possible.
I'm kinda glad you haven't updated, I was away for quite a while, and I missed NOTHING. :D<3