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A depressed alien emissary tries to cope with being exiled to Earth. It's like Cheers meets the X-Files!


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"It might be a communist... I mean a terrorist" ROFL! That this rings true enough to be funny is also kind of scary.
I really love this one.
Ha! That was so Mulder-esque :)
keep it up!
glad to see your back
Please don't die! Live webcomic, Live!
Simon Says
I wonder how exactly he became an expert?

*Imagines a sadistic game of 'Alien Says'*
Lost (Guest)
May 22nd, 2008
Testing the color idea some more? Looks like adam is still sick
J. Elli
May 22nd, 2008
I see they have been to a tanning salon.
"no time for research right now human, we're depressed"

luv it!
I think I sometimes I AM that guy... Maybe Im a extraterrestrial
With what did you the last two panels?

hehe. Colour TV.
Next day
You are correct, this is the next day.

I'll try to keep up on DD, things just got a bit busy. At first I was just posting there to try it out, but I like both sites for different reasons.
Is this the next day? That means everything that happened in this strip so far was in the same day. Just trying to keep my timeline straight.

Are you going to keep updating on Drunkduck too? There hasn't been a new strip there in a few days. Now that I found this one I know whats going to happen anyway, but others might not know about this feed.
Oh yeah...
At first I read this I didn't get it, then I suddenly remembered that chuck eats people. I wouldn't ask too many questions either.
lovin'the color
It's like Disneyland with drunken aliens!
I think there is an inside joke here but that's OK, I still think it's funny!
Wow. This must be what it was like when people first saw colour TV...
with moving pictures...
Yeah, either everyone is kinda goth... or I'm just lazy. :)