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Survivor Fan Characters

Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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Honestly this season was WAY better on a reread. Shelby, Yvonne, and Lola are great.
Sylvia is so much more derpy than I expected <3
Why are so many of these from shows I don't know or don't care about (BoJack is the only exception).
@coolkyledude: Wow, another person who loves 11 and dislikes 4!
Yukie - Liz
Mac - Liz
Amelia - Jojo
Prussia - Liz
Desmond - Jojo
Ivan - Liz
Bradley - Liz
Diego - ???
I'm trying to be as unbiased to Liz as possible, but she still obviously wins.
Here is my predictions for order Placement:

18th=Sprinkles [(Past) Hyperdemensional Neptunia]
17th=Kasai [(Future) Yakuza]
16th=E.T. [(Past) The X-Files]
15th=Nayla [(Past) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure]
14th=Lady Bit [(Future) Hyperdimensional Neptunia]
13th=Clarissa [(Future) Mean Girls]
12th=Deimos [(Past) Second Life] as 1st JM
11th=Shin [(Past) Yakuza] as 2nd JM
10th=Ria [(Future) Fur Fighters] as 3rd JM
9th=Ernest [(Future) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure] as 4th JM
8th=Ethan [(Future) The X-Files] as 5th JM
7th=Frysk [(Future) Starfox] as 6th JM
6th=Claire [(Past) Mean Girls] as 7th JM
5th=??? [(Future) Sencond Life] as 8th JM
4th=Yessi [(Past) Star Wars] as 9th/FJM
Kitsunie [(Past) Starfox]
Nolaa [(Future) Star Wars]
Sagittaria [(Past) Fur Fighters]

Lets see how well this does overall, shall we?
I actually prepared myself for Jojo boot, but oh well.
And, I called the "Jake is just a insert character" theory!
I just feel like it's going to be a Liz/Jojo final two, because Stagg and Desmond are threats needing to be removed, and Diego is an obvious goat. Plus it' be a nice conclusion to the "duos" theme.
Two identical bear puns in one episode? It shouldn't be this hard to BEAR the weight of creativity. (sorry)
Ludovica is the best first boot tbh
Desmond Derp Face in panel 2.
Yeah, like their mum didn't make them reconcile and they didn't vote together to eliminate Jojo's closest ally.
Beast. (sorry)
If Jojo was in her place, the exact same conversation would have happened. Fuck Amelia.
I'm so ready for this to start.

First boot will be Yessi or, more likely, Sprinkles. Calling it.
I totally expected Desmond to go! Seems like he has mind-reading powers, just sayin-.