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Survivor Fan Characters

Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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Okay, Stark needs to be on the next season. No BvW. Just do this.
Although if Atlas gave up his identity, powers, and memories, and they supposedly were passed to Stark, I don't know if the latter being near anything is a good idea.
That was one harsh way to explain Atlas' background story but I guess if Stark wasn't honest about the past and the headphones no one would have suspected the real reason for the amnesia.

It's obvious Atlas will share this knowledge with the others but does that mean he will want to end the game the same way as Deimos? I think it's safe to say that at least one participant will throw the immunity challenge...
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: The major development is that now Atlas knows it. I'd say that's pretty fucking huge XD
I’m sorry, we all already knew everything that was explained here. I just can’t see this as some major development.
lol @ Clarissa's visitor being a cat

so this interesting development
So Clarissa brought her apparent pet cat as a her loved one, and Atlas has an asshole brother and gets even more abused. So we counter the cute with the depressing. That's a good juxtaposition. Not like my love for Atlas couldn't go any higher than it already was.
Seems like someone reached their breaking point.
Well this explains why Frysk cannot respect his younger self and doesn't value the life he still has. I thought he simply hated his old personality and how he provoked others on any occasion. Will he ever get over this incident?

Jessi sure loves to show her new personality but was it necessary to stir the fire? She could have simply said no but now she will have to deal with property damage and environmental activists...
It says a lot about Kitsunie that THIS was needed to make him change.
Also, stealing personal belongings to learn about a tragic backstory is already unoriginal. So are tragic backstories, they really pop out too much this season.
EDIT: It's 9 hours since I've first read this comic and I finally noticed Yessi burning her phone.
Frysk will remember this person on the other side of the phone. He won't be in another solar system forever.
Even when he’s getting legitimate development with some real weight to it, Frysk still continues to annoy the living hell out of me.
LOOOOL @ E.T actually getting an FBI agent to visit him. Or maybe it's Mulder?

They got buuuusted. Some nice insight on Frysk though too bad he's about to kill Yessi and E.T
Wow, Property Damage and Theft. Yessi you're becoming a real troublemaker....
Looks like letter-gate is over already even though it took some help from the outside.

Ria's story somehow reminds me of Porker Lewis from the Fleetway Sonic comics and his stay on the Miracle planet. I don't think Sagittaria can prevent the future Juliette revealed to her but I think her warrior heart can handle this.

Makes me wonder as well if the season ends with everyone having their memories wiped or not...
Well, it seems like a random guy that I saw called it.
Also, it seems like Shin has problems.
Well, that was cute enough.
Seems like someone got their second wind.
September 16th, 2019
Ah we finally get to one of my favorite parts in every season and I think for once almost all the "winners" need some emotional support.

If Ria is right about her loved one then Sagittaria will definitely turn their meeting into a lively conversation. However it worries me that the North Star prevented Atlas from winning his match despite being usually helpful. I have my doubts that this will be a happy reunion for him...
I'm surprised they didn't designate Kitsunie as the "pervert."