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"best position of the entire game..." This is among the most naive statements I have seen so far in SFC. Even Brandi is more realistic than her dad and this at least raises my hopes that she forces Vinnie to change his revenge plan a bit.

Not that I wouldn't root for Vinnie but Brandi leaving before her dad would feel wrong after seeing how much she improved.
Was hoping for a bit more talk about why he chose Eli :S (I know it's obvious, but still wanted to hear Vinnie say it...)

Past that, Lake is getting set up for the biggest downfall of a lifetime. Let's just hope he doesn't bring Brandi down with him....
(*laughs*) Oh Lake, you goofball you!
Oh, this is going to be fun. He's going to vote off Brandi in front of Lake just to see the light leave his eyes for the last time.
So, yeah, that happened.
Vinnie's back, alright.

NOW one of the Lake's is probably going next.
Vinnie is back in action, and I'm glad he is. His gameplay will make the post-merge chaotic and frantic, which I like when done well. Although, it seems as though he may go too far against Lake and Brandi on a personal level.

I'm hoping Lake is getting a "Hilarious OTTN boot" episode either this episode or soon.
Whoa. Calm down, Vinnie. It's just a game.

Welp, Lake *THINKS* he's in a much better spot than a few hours ago, but c'mon. Vinnie just pulled a big move right in front of you. Aren't you worried how dangerous he is NOW? Granted, Riley, Damon and Junior would sooner see the cop voted out, but holy crap.

Vinnie, whatever 'revenge' you're planning, it better be freakin' phenomenal. Keepin' Lake around is starting to kill my brain cells.
Brandi is gonna wish that she stayed at Galaxie by the time Vinnie is done...
Daaaaaamn Vinnie is cold. And I love it XD

I just hope that he doesn't target Brandi to hurt Lake, which I'm kind of worried he will. I also hope that he doesn't get to emotional about this revenge, or it may backfire on him. Either way, man it's good to have the real Vinnie back!
Damn.. Vinnie's playing the long con. I have a feeling he's going to backstab Brandi, which would really hurt Lake. Or maybe not, Lake switches between loving her and not giving a shit every other comic.

Jr, Riley and Damon don't know how good of a position their in. Being Vinnie's vehicles to revenge.. All three will make the merge.
Oh Lake, you're still just as clueless as ever. It's kinda a shame, really. He thinks he's got power, when really, he has none at all. AT ALL.
Vinnie has changed a lot in this comic. He used to be a slimy weasel whose elimination was completely satisfying to watch. Now he is a cool yet still villainous guy you would not mind see winning this season.
Oh Lake you are so naive. Vinnie did not get rid of Eli for his sake. Vinnie did it just to lure Lake into a false sense of security so he can brutally betray him later. I hope Brandi isn't the one he uses for his revenge plan.
Oh shit. Brandi's on Vinnie's hitlist next.
It seems Vinnie isn't done yet....
I'm not even mad. Eli's entertaining and all (IMO), but his blindspots were clearly defined to the audience, and more importantly were glaringly obvious to anyone with the chops to go far in this game. And Vinnie, of all characters, is enough of a magnificent bastard that he qualifies.
@Tailslover13: We're all just glad you're happy.
I need to check this comic more frequently because I did not expect this.
@SWSU-Master: Yeah...... Like I was saying. Why he leaves here makes a lot of sense. Just.... I wanted to see Eli take over the game again! At least a little.... :(