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Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
TJBambi93 (Guest), 23 Oct 2014 11:49 am
Bleh, please be Tapioca. Don't think it's time for Hash to go yet.

And I really doubt Orwell will give up his immunity.

And I'm shocked that Iyzebel isn't even a target.
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
sonofhades (Guest), 23 Oct 2014 11:41 am
I'm hoping Tapioca goes, but I'm not sure that Luna will let that happen. Sigh. She's starting to annoy me more than Generic McBitch.
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
jdawg-likes-kaleidescopes, 23 Oct 2014 05:37 am
Tumblr Tapioca is very entertaining.

I really have no idea who's going, I guess I can see it being Iyzebel but I can see it being Orwell too. Either way I think Sasha and Tapioca are safe.
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
Friend of Fennecs, 23 Oct 2014 05:29 am
Well, I expect to kiss my perfect prediction streak goodbye, because I'm not sure at all who's leaving. I thought Iyzebel made sense, but now Sasha and Orwell seem worryingly likely. I guess I'll go with Sasha since she stood out this episode, but it comes down to... just about everyone, really. The only thing I'm certain about is that Luna isn't going.
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
PugLOver (Guest), 23 Oct 2014 05:02 am
Orwell is probably going tonight for the sake of the story, but how would they get the votes to go that way? It seems like, logically, the vote would be unanimous for Iyzebel, but it all depends on Tapioca's personality, Luna's plans, and Jim, who hasn't been seen at all throughout the episode. I have NO IDEA how that plan will work, but most likely, it will.
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
SkySurfer (Guest), 23 Oct 2014 04:31 am
Well, the targets surprise me. I didn't expect Iyzebel to think of targeting her ally Tapioca or that Sasha's name comes up. I certainly don't know who goes now

Thinking back to the "Moving forward" comic even the Orwell option isn't too unrealistic... Oh dear, another unpredictable tribal council
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
Fern111 (Guest), 23 Oct 2014 03:38 am
Told yall Sasha was gone

No idea how the votes will fall tho so im confused but ye

where does jim stand?
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
sesareee, 23 Oct 2014 03:14 am
I think Hash/Sacha
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
anime9001, 23 Oct 2014 03:11 am
Huh, looks like it may be Orwell afterall, but two things seem off here...

1. Luna said back when she wanted Alleio out that she wanted him out BECAUSE he was so unpredictable and that makes them hard to control. Now she says she needs Iyzebel and Tapioca to stay as long as they can because of the same thing?

and 2. Um... the plan to vote Orwell/Sasha only happens after they convince Orwell and Sasha that they are voting for them, which would mean that they'd know they aren't voting against Tapioca, so they'd vote with Damon and it'd be tied Iyzebel vs Orwell/Sasha... I'm quite certain Orwell is leaving now, it's the perfect set up for the whole OrwellxSasha thing this entire season has been building up, and the irony in multiple directions is just too much to pass up (first couple to agree to not risk their game for eachother and still do, and not to mention, after everything Sasha has done to stop him from doing this before now, Orwell is STILL GOING TO LOSE HIS GAME FOR A GIRL!), but I logically can't see how this works out...

Sasha has been my number 1 winner prediction since her big reveal, but if tribal tomorrow goes the way I'm 90% sure it will tomorrow, then her chances will have raised dramatically higher~

Edit: Oh yeah, I kinda forgot Jim exists....which means it can't be a tie, but it just makes me question why neither side has attempted to get him to vote with them, since he kinda doesn't have any alleginces anymore...
Comment on SFC13 Day 33 Low Blow
AkumaTh, 23 Oct 2014 03:05 am
My money is on Tapioca.


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