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Damon: My favourite survivor in SFC13. I hope he makes the merge again.
Angelo: I can agree with Popper here, being an immunity threat and a strategist won't let you play under the radar. I guess we won't see him in the jury.
Eli: Walls of text, here we go again... He was a good runner up in his season but his tribe would be smart to boot him before the merge. Once you underestimate him, he can easily form a counter alliance and cause another surprise twist.
Cassidy: Probably not as strategic as Eli but not less energetic. I have the feeling she makes it past the merge because the others will underestimate her.
oh no, almost forgot about checking this comic...!

damon: alright! damon was a fun ottp presence on his season. i wonder what sort of new things he'll bring to the sfc table this time around? not sure what else to say about him, but good pick.

angelo: the guy damon bros down with. he's supposed to be the "brain" of the two... maybe he'll surpass damon. they'll both be big challenge threats for sure.

eli: hey, it's the superfan guy! he was funny throughout most of sfc11, but i remember being kinda annoyed by him at the end of the season. with brandi, bowser, damon, and BONNIE on the same season, no way does he get as much screentime. i predict he'll survive at least one voteout attempt premerge, only to become the shock merge boot. just a feeling here.

cassidy: hahaha this is a funny character idea. facebook fan! she seems like the kinda person who would vote out her mom with #bigmoves. hmmm... i suppose voting out your cousin can be a #bigmove.
Halfway thru the cast!
Damon - Heh, preview kind of gave away that this guy would come back, but I'm glad that it's confirmed anyways. SFC13 is (so far) my favorite season so I would've been fine with anyone from that season returning, and glad that someone from that season has returned! As for Damon, I expect him to be his usual OTTP self and go deep a second time. I doubt he'll win and might be the FTC goat (sadly) but I still see him going far.

Angelo - If they're going to be clones (just Angelo being smarter) then I'm excited to see them together. Angelo will probably be more CPP to Damon'a OTTP, but together I imagine they'll be a fun end-game pair that brings a lot of fun to the season! They'll go far together, I feel.

Eli - Well! I'm actually surprised to see Eli back. I figured he'd be a one-time character to demonstrate edgic being used as a strategy to determine a season's winner (both as a viewer but reflecting that as a gameplay strategy.) I'm kind of interested what his role will be in this season...along with his dynamic with his cousin, heh. I'm guessing he goes towards the end of the pre-merge due to his powers, and also so that he isn't dragged out too long in his return.

Cassidy - I'm...not sure what to think of her. She's like Eli in the sense of being a super-duper fan, but I assume she doesn't share Eli's powers of seeing the editing process as the season happens. I'm guessing pre-merge fodder but she could surprise me since there's not a whole lot I actually know about her.

Current Overall Predictions:
Bonnie - Early Merge
Sarah - Late Pre-Merge
Bowser - Early Boot
Bowser Jr. - Goes Deep (?)
Bradley - Mid Pre-Merge (rip if I'm right)
Doris - End Gamer
Brandi - REALLY Early Boot
Lake - Mid-Merge
Damon - Goes Deep (FTC Goat?)
Angelo - Goes Deep
Eli - Late Pre-Merge
Cassidy - Pre-Merge (?)
@anime9001: Cassidy's tastes seem designed to annoy actual fans of Survivor to an extreme degree. Boston Rob, Russell, and Rupert are all famous characters from the real Survivor who have been massively overexposed over the years. In addition, Redemption Island was one of the most despised game mechanics of the entire series.
Now THIS is an exciting cast release!

Damon: I think you guys know full well just how much I liked Damon. I couldn't be happier to see the lovable lug back on this team!

Angelo: Interesting! Damon, but with brains. On one hand, that makes him prime early boot material since he's got the full package. On the other hand, once he makes it over the hump, he should be unstoppable. The real question is just how ruthless he is compared to Damon, considering he's the brains of the two.

Eli: Another fantastic pick! Eli could be slightly annoying at times due to his outbursts of uncontrollable genre savvy, but anyone who could pull off a move like the Lembotto successfully deserves high praise. I don't know if he'll last long, but I know he'll make things interesting.

Cassidy: Oh, noooooo. We have an even more likely first boot than Eli, considering her tastes in irl Survivor. Nobody's going to like someone who plays like Russell and panders to Jeff that much.
@Yumichika Time: I don't think there's going to be another three time player. The more three time players, the less space for new returning players. Especially considering SWSU's views on Survivor.

Also only one rep for 12 makes sense. Only one canon is needed.
@Blastoise_FTW: I broke the rule too in my BvW with non-romantic partners. But I feel like it should be kept to one pair that's not romantic or related.

Damon: Very glad to see him back. The excitable characters tend to be my favorites, especially when they don't have a mean bone in their body. Just due to how much he's loved along with what Jeff said I really can't see him leaving early.

Angelo: So....a smarter Damon? Honestly, the concept doesn't appeal to me much on paper but seeing Damon having a blast with someone else having a blast can't end badly....for entertainment purposes. I'll look forward to their dynamic.

Eli: AND THE GOD OF SURVIVOR FAN CHARACTERS HAS RETURNED!!! I am so so SO happy to see him....but just as Popper said, and just as I said at the last finale if he managed to make it on the roster.....he has very VERY high odds of leaving first. I really really really really really really really really hope that isn't the case, but....I won't hold my breath. REALLY looking forward to him SWSU! Now if only my OTHER favorite character in SFC history also makes it on this season (Hash/Sasha), well.....I guess I'll be doubly happy? I don't know. Maybe she ended up with Orwell and they could get on the season as a couple? Just make it happen! Or don't. We've already got Eli so I can't complain about anything least until he leaves on day 3.

Cassidy: Ironically....I'm not entirely feeling her at the moment. Being someone whose read this series for how many years I've actually never watched real survivor despite the fact I'm sure I'd love it, so....most of what Jeff said was gibberish to me.

All aboard the OTTP Train~

Damon: He should stick around a few rounds on virtue of being so muscly. Still, he's probably gonna get played by someone more cunning than him.

Angelo: Being the 'brains' of this outfit sounds subjective. He could be a sneaky bastard, or he could just the guy that gets the 'better ideas'. Sounds fun~

Eli: Eh... I have mixed feelings about him. He's funny, sure, but his "Edit" talks throw me for a loop. Also, considering the physically strong players we got so far... he's a prime target for first boot.

Cassidy: Either she'll be going far, or she's gonna crash and burn spectacularly. Maybe both!

Oh, this is gettin' good. I hope the last two releases are phenomenal!
*Reads Damon's panel*
*Reads Bro's panel*

And yes, I jumped around....just a bit.

Anyway, I'll get back to finishing the comic....
@TJBambi93: Does therapist and patient really count, either? I don't think they really care.
@dat4yc: With so many big storytellers that dominated their original season. None of them are going to the singular character. It helps balance things out.
@qazox: For Damon, are you referring to placement in Cast Release or prediction for Final Placement?
Holy shit these returnees have been pretty amazing so far.

Damon: Fuck the hell yes. I am beyond ecstatic we get to see Damon play again. He is my favorite SFC contestant and I hope he makes it far again. (Mid merge)

Angelo: More Damon but smarter? Sounds amazing. This is a duo I can get behind (Mid merge)

Eli: I loved Eli the first time he played, I'm just worried he is going to wear on me if he stays too long this time. Really glad he's back too though! (Mid to late pre-merge)

Cassidy: Well I think she's gonna be really annoying. If she is anything like what she seems I'm hoping she's one of our early boots (Early boot)
Damon's back...... winds up in the same spot as last time.

Angelo? If he has it least 1.5 IQ points more than Damon, the he might be final 4 material.

Eli--- hopefully the 1st boot or else he will sail through easy.

Cassidy? Hopefully not as bad as her cousin.
@SWSU-Master: Thank you greatly for the clarification. ^_^
@Guest: Actually for all those wondering out there, I STILL firmly believe that we get 1 MORE 3-Timer, since I think I remember SWSU himself Telling someone that, 15 & 12 get ONLY 1 rep each (through Brandi/Bowser each). So if anything, he might want to get it clarified sooner or later on IF 12 get's a 2nd rep or not.
so considering Bonnie is the only three time player, it looks like we're getting Tialayla, and one more rep each for 12, 13, and 14. CAn you confirm SWSU?
Damon: Well, we all knew Damon was coming back thanks to the preview. I honestly don't see Damon as that much of a target since he was never much of a strategist. I think his tribe might only value him for his strength, so he'll need to win a lot of immunities if he wants to go deep.

Angelo: Clone. This guy's a clone. See above text.

Eli: I've said in my review of SFC11 that I disliked every cast member that season, though I did have somewhat of a soft spot for Eli. As annoying as he can be, I can't get mad at a superfan, even if he's such an exciteable manchild. I doubt he's going to be a game breaker once again, since he's pretty much dead on arrival.

Cassidy: Wow, Jeff, you're not even trying anymore. Anyway, just like with Angelo, I hope Cassidy will be at least a little different from Eli outside of opinions.