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@Tailslover13: That was disgusting. But honestly, I'm much more angry with Cassidy's part. Say what you want about Eli, at least he's not explicitly mocking the idea of using a loved one to win the game. With this, Cassidy is teetering right on the line between "joke character" and "Hantz Parody".
You have to feel bad for Brandi here. She's actually making some smart moves this time around but can't do it without getting attacked by her dad. However, I actually think she has a really strong chance of winning.
While I understand where both Lake and Brandi are coming from, they're also both horrible at the whole 'trust' thing. Makes my family seem that more stable, at any rate.

Also, Bowser just picking up Brandi and throwing her over his shoulder is hilarious. These tribes need more princesses~
Eli really rubbed me the wrong way this comic. He was clearly referencing Adam, and Adam was completely genuine in his reaction. His mom was literally dying of cancer. He wasn't doing it just for camera time.
Jesus Christ Brandi's family is fucked up. While Lake is right that Brandi constanly makes bad desisions, he was way too harsh. He also forgot that the social aspect of the game is important too, and just because you are not aligned with someone, doesn't mean you should treat them as inferiors. That's how people like Richard Kim and Tony were able to win. They made it clear it was not personal.
Lake... stop being an ass.
Lewis is even more Brandi than Brandi. You could even say she has been out-Brandi'd. Impressive? You bet it is.

Lewis Lake must die.
*sighs* really the only saving grace in this part. The scene with Lewis and Brandi is just...messed up. And SFC11 Cheating Satan Spawn needs to shut the hell up; him making fun of Adam and others is truly sick. Adam's mother literally died from cancer, and now he's making fun of it and saying "we need some sorta scene like that to find an idol"? Good, SWSU. Thank you for making me detest his vile ass even more.
Sometimes, you just can't look away from a trainwreck.
@Tailslover13: Dude, everyone knows Ky is your character. You don't need to hide it by pretending that you like him on his own merits
@Guest: Yeah, sure, we'll see about that. Let's just wait and see if Bonnie, Iyzebel, Scott, Thorne and Vinnie/Rosella all leave pre-merge. I seriously doubt that.
@Yumichika Time: I'll just reply to you with the same thing I replied with on Deviantart, because why not?

Ah, my dear friend that loves to write random words in all caps. You're always so adorable to see around here and on Deviantart.

I was only having a hard time 'adjusting' because this season had a lot of negative characters put in. Bonnie, Scott, Iyzebel, Vinnie, Rosella, Lewis, Thorne...and I thought it would be painful and a repeat of SFC10, since SWSU still somewhat has this mindset of "a lot of negativity is funny/entertaining". So, honestly, if we lost most of these negative characters early...which is doubtful...the season might be good. And all the good characters tend to get boned over by SWSU, just like Ky did last season when he should've won, and instead we had four idiots make the final 4. least so far, it's not HORRIBLE...but it's just been one episode. So...who knows what will happen?

If I wasn't going to give it a chance, I wouldn't be here. Contrary to what some people may think, I'm not here to be a troll or cause drama; if I didn't care, I wouldn't be here. Period. So, I'm just trying to take the positives out of each comic from now on...while also telling those I hate to go die in a fire, because again I hate negativity.
I really hope these two last a long time out here; we need scenes like this to distract us from the bad person.
Damn, Doris stole that ''I'll get dad'' play right from my mom. And I think every mom.

If Stagg really was in the.. ''Military'', then it's not surprising he has to be leader all the time. He wants to be Alpha, even though Deer are a prey animal.. Don't tel him I said that..
@anime9001: Doesn't seem like Bradley has any pants on, so I believe we have our answer.
@Tailslover13: With all the negative characters SWSU added this season, surely most of them will leave pre merge, right?

...right? *pushes SFC10 down a hole*
Fairly rare that there's both a mom and dad of the tribe. Even rarer that they're actually married~

Not really much to say this time though. I'm sure there's a "who wears the pants in this relationship" joke here somewhere, but I'm too tired to think it through at the moment.
Bradley Doris and Riley <3

Seriously hope this couple lasts a while they are fucking adorable.
Bradley and Doris are in control of the tribe of the tribe but hardly anyone has a problem with it. Bradley getting Scott to apologize and Doris trying to wake up Riley like a little kid... priceless.

Too bad Iyzebel won't like her boyfriend's apology and I don't expect Bonnie to play a passive game either. Let's see how long the peace lasts...
I hope there's a little family alliance coming soon. That would be very precious.
Liking Bradley more this season more then last season which is good and Doris and Bradley are relationship goals

Riley is the UTR person that I love so no change there

Im probs the only who likes Iyzebel but like I hate her fuck boi boy toy good god.