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Survivor Fan Characters

Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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It's ironic how despite Vinnie always bragging about how SMART and STRATEGIC he was, he was the only one to not see Ellise must have an idol, "The Good People" all saw it and went for Vinnie.
"I would own Ellise in any mental challenge". Great job Vinnie!
The purple team wins.
So he does have an idol...
F5 lock?
@rac567: And that's why you should never trust any group of individuals named "Good People".
There must be a rule against giving anyone the idol after you were voted off though, or the whole "removing the idol" idea is pointless.
RIP my favorite. At least I'm spoiled she'll be back for All-Stars.
God, I hate Kris and her betrayals.
You predicte the 12-person jury, and Kaoh Rong.
This means that Bitsy is flipping to Carugas.
Think about it. If she voted out Mary, that means she couldn't stand her attacks for 30 days. But she eliminated Polly, meaning Bitsy wouldn't like her as an opposition.
I can see Bitsy flushing her idol. Or, The tribe votes Bitsy, Bitsy plays the idol and votes out Max, and Polly and Co are like "Oh, good".
Bitsy, don't roll your eyes again!
I really like all remaining Carugans (or Carugians?), especially Gus.
So with the hint of a double elimination (highest stakes), Max and Denise are sure the next two bootees.
January 10th, 2019
Also, is there any update on SFC18? This is around the time the previews have come out for previous seasons, but I have searched the Internet and found no info on it.
January 10th, 2019
Final thoughts
I admit, this season is a lot more popular than I thought it would be. It was definitely very good and well written, but I enjoyed 13-16 more. I have it tentatively ranked 12/17.

I really like Ollie, but I can't figure out how I feel about him as a winner..

For me, this season felt like the boot order was driving the story rather than the other way around... which is fine, but again I feel like 13-16 were handled better. I still appreciated this season and enjoyed it a lot.

My character rankings:

20) Josh - His arc was not coherent at all. He was divided into two personalities, and neither was interesting.

19) Charity - never got a story

18) Slash - generic

17) Naomi - Would have been 19th if not for her post-boot storyline

16) Nezumi - meh

15) Lester - Ended up being a more generic villain than I hoped for

14) Raiza - I liked her before her love story with Josh... but the love story was easily the worst part of the season. It SHOULD have been a Derek/Jenny love story smh.

13) Joy - Fun gag character but there wasn't much to her.

12) Tony - wow there were a lot of male villains this season. I liked him while he was on, but he is extremely forgettable for some reason.

11) Kade - honestly wasn't anything special as far as villains go, but I enjoyed his presence

10) Quickscope - fun character

9) Jeannie - I didn't really start liking her until around final 7, but she delivered after that point.

8) Derek - Again, I didn't like him at first, but I liked the resolution to his story with Jenny. And they should've been the love story of the season... smh

7) Mele - was too OTT and annoying at times, but overall I have positive feelings about her. I loved her passive aggressive remarks and calling people out.

6) CutieCat - Very enjoyable character. I was disappointed that she left pre-realmerge

5) Amadeus - One of the greatest premerge characters of SFC easily. He was my favorite villain of the season despite leaving early.

4) Jahira - I loved her character and was disappointed that she left so early.

3) Jenny - She would have been number 1 before FTC. She was written extremely OOC there imo. I would've gladly accepted an ending where she behaved normally within FTC and lost to Ollie anyway, but her behavior felt extremely forced and inconsistent just to justify her loss.

2) Ollie - iconic. I loved his brutal honesty and not tolerating Josh's pity party.

1) Parmesan & Ghost Bro - They had a great dynamic, and I enjoyed both of their characters even though Parm couldn't talk. You always seem to write great MLP characters lol. Sunflower, Alleio and Parm were all great.
Crazy person + Exile Island = : (