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So Doris is winning? Great, two shit winners in a row.
This is just about the worst situation possible for the defensive alliance. Their lowest-tier member is so averse to making decisions that she's gonna purposefully nullify her own vote, their most likable member is about to turn into a moronic psychopath, and Doris has only one idol to burn. I'm pretty sure Riley is gone tomorrow night.
I'm getting the feeling the Kopeii arc is going to conclude with this tribal, and I doubt it's just going to end because Riley's eliminated. Perhaps he'll still be voted out, but I have a feeling something different's going to happen with Kopeii.
It would be too predictable if it was Riley going home. However there are a few times the most obvious one goes.
A little bit of Riley's funeral wraps up the pre-TC preparations~ A lot of people are saying Riley goes home here, and he PROBABLY does, but......Kopeii can end up doing anything. We'll see what happens.

Past that, doesn't make much since for Sierra to vote Doris just because she can. That's basically just an indirect vote to Riley at this point.
I shall prepare the funeral service.
Riley nooooooo... this season was better for having you in it...
Yeah...bye, Riley. Join Diego and Ky as the other legendary fan favorites who unfairly finished in 5th place. I'm sure you all could enjoy a nice drink later on. It's been nice knowing you. See you in SFC20 for the next All-Stars!
Who will be going home tonight?
@Zentillion: It makes you wonder how Bowser would have done in all these challenges.
@Guest: I don't think he'll have a problem with that. Especially since we had a gender-bending character before.
Excuse me, I'm curious.

I haven't made a character yet, but I wanted to ask you if there's no problem with you acceping a transgendered character into Survivor Fan Characters? ^.^
I'm gonna guess Sierra leaves due to her disinterest in playing along with the others.
Riley has a good chance of surviving. Doris and Sierra are obviously going Vinnie; Vinnie and Jr likely going to vote for Sierra. Leaving Riley/Kopeii to vote for Vinnie, but only if Kopeii doesn't make an appearance until after the vote was cast....
Man I wish one of Doris or Riley could have pulled this out. Oh well, I'm ready to be sad tomorrow...

Also, how about Bowser Jr. the low key challenge beast!
Riley has about as much chance of surviving this as a typical Survivor fan has of surviving One World-none at all.

Another great challenge! Jr might just immunity streak into FTC.
Bye, Riley! It was nice knowing you, but you're a Jury threat and a massive liability to boot. And congratulations to Bowser Jr. for again proving himself formidable on all fronts of gameplay.
What are the odds Sierra quits?

What are the odds that Riley gets ejected due to Kopeii. Or even injures Doris which causes her medivac?

What are the odds Doris gets voted off?

What are the odds this season sucks thanks to Sierra and Bowser Jr.?

EDIT: In all seriousness, if Riley doesn't get ejected... it's likely that Sierra votes for a random person (likely Riley), and Kopeii votes with Vinnie and Bowser Jr against Doris. Doris plays her idol, and it's a tie between Riley and Vinnie.

Doris votes Vinnie, Bowser Jr votes Riley, and Sierra.... votes Riley? Vinnie? I have no fucking clue.
Junior's on one hell of an immunity rush. Surprising? Not really.

But yeah, I don't see a way how Riley is getting out of this one alive. Vinnie's pretty good at manipulating the wolf, but Kopeii might remember that he didn't actually get to eat any fresh meat. Sierra isn't in a mood to help anyone either. Doris MIGHT use the idol to save the wolf instead, and take out Vinnie... but that's one risky move.

I guess it all boils down to how agreeable Kopeii is to working with Vinnie or Doris. Funny thing: the wolf is easier to work with than Sierra. :3
@Zentillion: Just another reason why if he wins this season goes down the shitter even further after Sierra ruined most of its potential.