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@Duckvader: ollie is better than you
The way this season has gone... Mele might go.... but i think Jeannie is safe for now. And Jenny is going home
I think it's about time we see Ollie join the jury. I like him as a character but actions have consequences and since our animatronic wants to make an independent move I'm pretty sure he will have to regret it.
Hmmm. Ollie's throwing up a lot of boot flags, but I think he'll ultimately do what's necessary to preserve his metallic hide. Parmesan's been throwing enough weight around that he's a nice visible target, plus Ollie can take partial credit for his downfall.
I hope it's Ollie.
Ollie is back into a corner... Why not just do what Jenny says now, THEN vote her o-- Oh right, Idol. Aw man.
I think it's Ollie he has gotten too much screen time this episode
Um...I....think Ollie is going home? I want to say? Man, this is a hard vote to predict... Either way it shouldn't be Jenny, because she has her idol, but between Jeannie, Parmesan, and Ollie this is hard. And I'd still not right Jenny off completely with how messy this looks, though it's probably Parm or Ollie.
Is Ollie sitting on a cloud?
I'm still thinking it's Parm, but at this point, it would be stupid to think anything.
Who will be going home? Jeannie, Jenny, Ollie, or Parmesan?
I just really hope Josh wins. Go Josh!!
Damn good play from Jeannie and Jenny on this one, sucks that it didn't work out. If we're lucky, maybe Ollie or Mele will leave after all.
Gotta admit this was a good plan from Jenny here. Not sure how it'll end up working out though...
Jeannie can shapeshift as well? I thought she could only change others. Either way, it looks like Ollie caught a lucky break this time.
The pepe le pew of Pikachu’s folks!!! Also glad to see josh still in this.
With all the chaos going on within the majority alliance, I’d actually be surprised if they managed to get rid of Jeanie or Jenny.
[Sleepy_Otter.exe] claiming that for a band