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Survivor Fan Characters

Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

Recent Comments

@SWSU-Master: What do you use to make these and when is the next season coming?
@Vilecheese: Love the intensity of OTTPP and NN.
Cue the Ventious boot.
Hah, go away Driz. Her story ended the second she set foot on the island.
Aw, screw Derek.
Russell, police officers are unlikely to wear glasses.
@SWSU-Master: If terms of screwing over everyone except you, this IS a smart move.
@Cute Kitten Fan: Well, you just stated the obvious.
On the scale of evilness from 1 to Mo this just broke the scale. It's so overly evil I can't even hate Skazz.
Well, this was after the Football World Cup, so I expected it. VUVUZELA! BZBBZGBSABZSGBSGZBSZGBS
That smartbutt dog in a business suit is named Wrecker? Talk about irony.
Derek reminds me of PJ. So much.
Jsen is #ForeverAlone. Russell being revealed will be hilarious, I know it. (Although he hardly can be described as "smooth".) And I won't even be surprised if his tribe then throws a challenge to vote him off.
@Vilecheese: Who's the old emo? Jasen?
Ho'Aku sucks. Plain and simple. No thanks to Krusskazz.
Russell. Finding idols? Check. Making dumb decisions? Check.
NaManya > DeDriz
Uh, Driz, STFU, you remind me of Chinese Denise so much. And Krauss, same goes for you.
"She was talking about your back behind your back."
And I love that Wrecker's and Quadratic's designs are so similar.