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Comment on SFC15 The Finale
ChronoAlone, 30 Aug 2016 06:56 am
@Blastoise_FTW: Glad to hear you're enjoying it XP
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
Blastoise_FTW (Guest), 29 Aug 2016 06:45 pm
@ChronoAlone: I finally started reading homestuck for the first time

wtf even is this
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
ChronoAlone, 28 Aug 2016 10:39 pm
@anime9001: Sounds good =)
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
anime9001, 28 Aug 2016 02:40 pm
@ChronoAlone: Well, I'm planning to start a Youtube channel within the next week, so I suppose that's something. Already got a backlog of videos, but I feel that they're just sorta *meh* at the moment :S

That aside, I got my bachelors in the spring, and life as been fairly slow since.

Edit: Oh yeah, and since I loved the anime and wanted to go through the games before watching Danganronpa 3, a couple of the first videos are going to be me and a friend going through Danganronpa 1 and 2. He's surprisingly good at some of their voices....I'm not though, as it turns out~
Comment on Day 1 Introduction
Psalomon, 28 Aug 2016 01:40 pm
I'm from the Past AND future! top that!
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
Robolax7, 28 Aug 2016 11:27 am
@spinfur: Spoiler: you won twice.
The randomizer must love cats
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
spinfur, 28 Aug 2016 10:20 am
@Robolax7: lol yeah i won:D
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
Robolax7, 26 Aug 2016 05:27 pm
@ChronoAlone: Actually, you were 4th voted out, but one of the players voted out before you returned for the merge.

So yeah.
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
ChronoAlone, 26 Aug 2016 04:18 pm
Anything new going on with you guys? I'm about to start my senior year in high school, so that'll be a trip.
Comment on SFC15 The Finale
ChronoAlone, 26 Aug 2016 04:17 pm
@Robolax7: Heh, I ended up just like Noah: third voted out and didn't return for season two.


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