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Well, there goes Vinnie. Unless Bradley suffers a massive brain fart from the concussion, he's probably going to pull off an immunity win and give the hidden idol to Doris. Honestly, I thought Vinnie was faking being hurt by that. Guess time's passed even faster in GTA than we suspected if he's that fragile.
I don't think that Brad is gonna misplay it this time. He's gonna win immunity and he'll basically tell everyone that Doris will get his idol Unless they vote out Vinnie.
Hm, why do all of Bradley's idol hunts have to end with a concussion...?

I'm glad he found it though, this means more trouble for Vinnie and will keep the alliance battle interesting. I doubt it will end with a simple Vinnie boot though, we still don't know what the reward trio is planning...
Huh. Well, son of a gun.

With Bradley with a new idol, and Vinnie in pain, I wonder... Will Bradley even need the idol to vote Vinnie out?
My bet is Vinnie swaps the vote to T and Stagg whiffs his 3rd idol on Doris or himself, officially making him the worst idol player in SFC history.
Geez, Brad, ramming your antlers into blocks with idols in them seems to just keep happening...

Painful, but a good running gag for sure. Ha ha ha.
YES! That's awesome good job Brad! I do want him to succeed, but I also wish he would target Thorne instead of Vinnie...

Here's to hoping that he succeeds, though I can't help but be wary due to his track record with idol plays and Vinnie's ability to sniff idols out.
How often does someone find two Idols in a single game of SFC? Brad is one lucky buck.

Now, Brad once again has to play Idol roulette and select the right ally on which to play his Idol. Last time, he fucked it up and we lost the best character of SFC 14. This is not going to go well, is it?
Typical Thorne is more worry about the competition then she is about her alliance member.
well well, congrats on your third idol overall. now to wait to see if it will actually be used correctly. perhaps third time's the charm?
It's nice that Brad found the idol but he has a history of not using it right, not to sound cynical.
Well, he found it. Accidentally, but he found it.
YES! Go Bradley! As pissed as I am that you voted out Brandi, I'm still rooting for you and Doris. Now, for the love of God, DO NOT MISUSE THE IDOL THIS TIME! You failed Diego and very nearly failed your wife; don't let it happen again. Third time's the charm, right?
Someone finally caught a break....
@Tailslover13: I'm thinking this time he may have just really sucked at this challenge XD But if I'm wrong, I agree, throwing challenges is annoying.
@Tailslover13: He /is/ over 60 years old despite his best effort not to look it.
It's so beautiful.
A big tip of the cap to ya SWSU; great challenge and that must've taken more patience than i would ever have to sprite it.

And now only 1 pair is left on the beach overnight...might some couple start some scrambling??
Ooh, this is an interesting group to go on an overnight reward. Sierra's not going to contribute anything of substance to any strategy sessions, and neither is Riley, so I think Junior's going to be rather domineering on this trip. Vinnie's just being a Crisco at this point, blatantly throwing challenges. Speaking of, this one was pretty damn awesome.
Gonna be weird seeing Rogueport in sprite form and not Paper..

Another masterpiece of a challenge. I want an extended version of this to be the FIC..