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Survivor Fan Characters

Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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I wonder what the next place for SFC will be. Minecraft world ; Dreamland (From Kirby and not Disenchantment) ; Mobius from Sonic the Hedgehog ; Hyrule Kingdom ; Donkey Kong Island ; Planet Zebes ; An alien planet from Rick and Morty ; Hogwards ; Middle-Earth ; Tamriel ; Azeroth ; Westeros ; The Inkopolis great park ; A Star Wars planet ; The ninja world from Naruto ; Or an island from One Piece?
Hm, wonder why the comic’s much shorter than the previous ones. Could there be an ulterior motive?
One Page Left, and Very soon SFC18 will be completed. Feels like just yesterday it started ;___;
Well, I certainly like the reunion so far since it even gives the less popular contestants the chance to shine or earn some final respect points.

I liked that Atlas finally got rid of his headphones in the previous comic but Kitsunie ending this comic with a black eye even tops that. Seriously... the only good thing here is that he stayed in character. It seems like only his future trauma can change him for the better
Biggest moment of this part? Nolaa punching Kitsunie in his right eye off camera. Be careful of what you say, or you'll end up like him. And listening to how Frysk just thought of him as a spoiled brat, this could solidify the foundations of this warning. #Listen-to-Frysk
Biggest moment of this part? Atlas throwing the memory-wiping headphones into the fire. Savage. :)
"She was as evil as I thought. You saw how she gaslit Yessi, and stole Ria's letter."

"Neither of those things are really that evil...or evil at all..."

hahahaha SWSU I love you
Schadenfreude at its finest. Truly wish I was Nolaa rn
Well, after what happened on this week’s Survivor, I certainly feel a little better about my existence on this planet.
Yessi said the fuck word.

I'm so proud :')
Honestly..... he had that coming.
November 13th, 2019
Hopefully Kitsunie has been able to look back on the episodes and see how much of a bad person they were. Of course they had some good points, and I hope that's what they work on.
So damn proud of Atlas! He just continues to be such an awesome character. Really good heart, really cute personality, and he has shown a lot of development from start to finish...and then AFTER the finish until now! So happy to see it.

Clarissa, Lady Bit, and Kasai all continue to be awesome, too. Really fun to see! Can't wait to hear from my boy Kitsunie, too!
Oh look it's a pallet cleanser.... Nothing dark happened today... Not at all. Lets try and be happy now :)
I read the first part of the Reunion Show, and I'm glad I get to see the analogy of the final 3's games. The answer to Kasai's mystery was a good one to hear. But you know the fact that Ethan thought that E.T. would lose in 3rd place is big news to me. (I'm not mad about it.)

On a personal note, I figured out which of the six people could really be in the SFC18 DVD Cover, but I won't show them to you until the last part of this reunion show! I can definitely say that this one will be my "final answer, no going back after this" type of guess. See you next time.
Well, that was interesting. Nothing I didn't really already know, though. Although admittedly hearing that Kasai somewhat winged things was amusing, instead of him actually knowing every little thing. And hearing that Shin really did vote for ET based on friendship and not REALLY his answer, and Sagittaria knew she was cooked no matter what, was cool.

That was fun.
Lets get this show on the road!