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Survivor Fan Characters

Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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Well, I guess only Kasai can get away with words and actions like these. Overconfidence shouldn't be a good thing but after seeing how Kasai made it to day 12 without hiding his true intentions I'm sure he knows very well what he's doing. In addition to that he must love being the swing vote
So wait. It's ET/Ethan/Ernest (the E's) vs Deimos/Ria/Sagittaria (the Platoon) with Kasai in the middle? or is it more Ria/Ernest/Ethan (the Future) vs Deimos/ET/Sagittaria (the Past) with Kasai in the middle? Because that's as bout as far as I've gotten. Either way, doesn't look good for Deimos and Ernest.
E.T.'s nice with his character development so far,but Ethan's just kinda fodder other than his sync and doubts with E.T. and the Past Players.On another note,they are really good at chasing people off once they pull out discussions.

But,as 95% of the comments indicate,Kasai's transparently blunt about his views and actions,pretty savvy,and hilarious to the point that he's easily in a lot of our favourites. xD
Hope he makes it to at least the top 7. =p
I really don't know what to make of Kasai, but he is my new favorite.
I love Kasai to bits. He's just so transparently evil, blunt, and genre savvy that it never fails to make me laugh.
Man am I glad we're getting more Kasai this episode, he is truly the best part of the season so far XD
kasai, horrible at motivational speeches. E.t and Ethan, amazing at scaring people away
Kasai is okay, I guess. Like he isn't awful, but he's not like some god tier character people are making him out to be.

On the other hand, as long as he is going after the snoozes (Ethan/Ernest), then he's good in my books............ for now. Fully prepared for him to become CPN boring though ala Vinnie 3.0
Kasai is the greatest thing in the history of everything.
Ok I admit, Kasai openly admitting that he is going to eventually betray them made me laugh. Not the best way to sell yourself, but it is amusing.
Kasai is truly an SFC icon
Can't think of anything to say tonight.
Kasai, you be a devious jackass all you like; I love it. Just make sure ET is safe; work your magic to get anyone else out and I'm cool with it, buddy.
Sagittaria and Deimos seem to have their footing now.... Shady Footing... But Footing nonetheless.
Dang, seems like Yessi has a pretty troubled past. Wonder what happened to her that transformed her into Nolaa
ET seems to be fitting in very well, making a lot of new connections on his tribe. Time will tell if it pays off.
With Kitsunie out of the game, Nayla now has a major target on her back. And her attitude isn't helping her case. Plus, now with Sagittaria acquiring an idol, it should put her and her allies in a good position for the long run.
And So long Kitsunie. Best for him to go now before he got too annoying.
Haha, it seems like Frysk loves to motivate but I dunno if he can expect Yessi to survive that kind of training. She's no female Damon after all.

Funny how Nolaa is thinking aloud and Yessi still doesn't mind. Getting stronger won't really help here if she's still naive afterwards...
So I was right that the P. Body duos would get along but Kasai being stressed out is something you don't see every day. Looks like he cannot smile away everything.

I hope we get to know sooner what happened to Ria but I don't know if Sagittaria wants to know. Wouldn't this change her future unless everyone's memories get wiped after the season?