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September 11th, 2017
Been a little over a month since the season ended. Wonder how progress is going with the next one.
September 2nd, 2017
Wow I'm Late
Holy crap, I had completely forgotten about this thing...and it was normally one of my favorite daily comics. Not sure how that happened.

Dang, this was an enjoyable season. From the cool setting of the Mario Bros Universe, to the return of classic characters tied to new ones, to all the different plays and strategies, it was overall very enjoyable. As someone who has been a Vinnie fan for quite some time, I'm glad the old man finally was able to make it all the way here. Congrats to Doris, and let's hope the next season is just as good if not better (and hopefully I'll actually stick with it this time. Seriously, how did I forget about this!?).
An amazing end to an amazing season, with a winner predictable but so forgivable shes probably my fifth favourite winner! ((Behind Bitsy, Liz, Skylar, and Lola!)) I just wanted to a) plop down my rankings and b) ask if character forms are still open and where can I get one?
3-Bowser Jr
18-Clydia ((Well idek her so-))
@ChronoAlone: Tell me about it
August 12th, 2017
@SWSU-Master: True enough.. but once Doris made F4... it was almost an inevitability that she'd win if she made F3.
I think the most daunting part of waiting for the next season is wondering whether or not SWSU has sent out confirmation notes.
@SWSU-Master: Let's hope next season will somehow top it.
@Niftyness: Good. Tell Riley I said hi.


-whines a little and lays down in the corner-
@Niftyness: Bad dog.
And here we are. First season I've followed as it was posted, and considering the kind of cliffhangers some of these seasons have had it may have been a good place to start, as this season was at least comparatively less crazy. A bit of a calmer spot after the escalating chaos of the last few seasons, if you will.

Guess I'll do these favorite listings too.

20th - Rosella - Thankfully this wasn't real Survivor. Would weep at anyone losing their spot in favor of her.
19th - Cassidy - Oh boy.
18th - Eli - Nothing against the guy as a personality, but on a meta level he does hurt my enjoyment of the comic with constant analysis of the comic's happenings with a hefty dose of doing unhealthy things to the fourth wall. Would rather go in blind and try to guess what's happening, and he kind of offers too much commentary. Still, was nice to see him fall in a fashion he was happy with.
17th - Bonnie - Vile as ever, but wasn't certainly a bore, even with rehashing her old tricks. Although I think that bit with the sandbag WAS my favorite moment featuring her in the season...
16th - Iyzebel - Needed more of her slow descent into insanity featuring Damon.
15th - Clydia - Could've been interesting to see more of her.
14th - Scott - Can't hate the guy after he made an effort in the game, can't like him since he was just that little bit smarmy enough.
13th - Bowser Jr. - Generally not a fan of kid characters, but he offered a good mixture of outdoing Bowser in the strategy department while his mistakes showed he's most certainly Bowser's son, as well. Shame he had a grudge against my favorite contestants and the brains to carry it out...
12th - Lake - A mixed bag, for sure. Started out as a horrible, horrible, horrible man but the potential and willingness to own up to his screw-ups can't be ignored, either. An abysmal showing from him, but should he ever come back for Round 2, would most likely like him notably more. Pretty much like his daughter.
11th - Doris - Must admit I may understand a bit of Thorne's sentiment from the jury. While I'm guessing she's a perfectly lovely lady outside Survivor, that sugary, smiling face alongside a cutthroat game with seemingly no emotional attachment to anything but her husband is a bit unnerving to watch. That's just me, though, her game plan worked quite well and she was a deserving winner in my books.
10th - Bowser - Oh, Bowser, you lovable oaf. As little as I respect his (conscious) gameplay, he was fun to watch like no other. This season was also good to him in that he was actually quite useful most of the time and seemed to acknowledge his own limits regarding scheming. He may not have made the plans, but he was essential to this season.
9th - Tialayla - Think I did like her better while she was fighting every step in her last season, but as a character she certainly got more chances to shine this time round. A well-rounded contestant (pun not intended) for whom a second chance was much needed.
8th - Riley - A wonderfully nice guy with Kopeii's stupidity offering a both tragic and comedic balance. His gameplay was pretty much just following T, so wouldn't have liked it if he'd won, but an immensely likable character.
7th - Vinnie - More of a dick this time round, to a way unnecessary extent, but he made the game exciting, for sure. Especially after taking Jr. under his wing.
6th - Sierra - Should probably dislike her more, as she's just about the worst type of person one could have the misfortune of playing Survivor with and pretty much contributed to the downfall of my every favorite, but can't really hate her. Just can't see any malice in her actions, mostly a nice (and unassertive) person lacking any kind of understanding for Survivor's nature. Frustrating, for sure, but can't not sympathize nevertheless.
5th - Thorne - By the time her last season ended, I considered Thorne a good character I regardless could not really get behind due to... well, her mentality that would probably result from prison and was therefore understandable but hard to accept. That drunken confession pretty much was the little push of humanization I needed. Thorne's cool. Their division of labor with Sierra didn't work out quite as well as the Staggs', though...
4th - Bradley - And here's a second character given an entirely new dimension by this season. Everything I loved about the guy was still here, but just the presence of Doris was enough to make him stop going overboard and made him probably the biggest threat in the game. A great run from the Staggs.
3rd - Brandi - Speaking of great runs... probably not the only one who wasn't exactly enamored with Brandi in her last season, but there's a precious few better things than a good redemption arc, and a good redemption arc we got. Taking down Bonnie was just the icing on the cake for a new Brandi who seemed much more a servant of justice this time around. Redeemed, so very much, and the arc with Lake was likewise wonderful.
2nd - Angelo - The Muscle Bros share many factors I enjoy, especially the combination of exploding with over-the-top behavior yet being relatively nice human beings considerate of the well-being of their surroundings, but concerning Angelo, specifically, liked his tactical acumen. Making plans at the right moment, covering them up and keeping himself open to options, he would've been my favorite winner of the season.
1st - Damon - A ball of good attitude, belief in one's fellow human being and SPIRIT OF MAN. His speech to Lake was probably the best moment of the season and his friendship with Riley wonderful. One of my all-time favorite contestants, for sure.
Great season with nice implentation of Mario games and items, however the finale was a bit disapointing to me. I don't have a problem with Doris' obvious victory but Sierra simply feels like a terrible 2nd place to me, especially since Vinnie did much more to earn his spot.

Showing villain qualities shouldn't make you automatically lose to one or two overall nicer finalists. I hope this will change in a future season but don't let this criticism discourage you.Just like I said I enjoyed the season as it had more likeable contestants than usual with some exceptions. Will be around for SFC17, that's for sure.

From worst to best: Rosella - Bonnie - Cassidy - Clydia - Iyzebel - Lake - Sierra - Angelo - Scott - Eli - Bradley - Tialayla - Thorne - Doris - Brandi - Bowser - Vinnie - Bowser Jr - Damon - Riley
@Tsurasa: Well, I figured I'd miss someone. Such a long list of characters. I'll see if I can fix that.
@ChronoAlone: Sorry to be that guy after you did all this, but seems Frank of 9 and 10 is missing. Noticed since I actually liked the guy enough to want to list him as a favorite, but will leave him an unofficial vote of sorts here. (but thanks for taking the trouble, voted at both)
August 7th, 2017
@SWSU-Master: Except it ruins Brandi's entire redemption arc.

She returned to right her wrongs, and be a better person in general.

Voting to spite Vinnie is something her FATHER would have done. Lake wouldn't have hesitated to ruin Vinnie's game if he could. Brandi was better then that.
August 7th, 2017
@Yumichika Time: Excuse me? A let down? Vinnie?

This was by far his BEST GAME out of THREE SEASONS. Even though he didn't win, that was never his goal. His goal was to make it to the end, and he did.
@dat4yc: I will keep apps sent for SFC16 in the mix for casting SFC17
@qazox: In the Final 5, I felt like there was ENOUGH of a red herring with Riley, Junior and Vinnie, with plausible winning stories.
@NateInDisney: I hope the next one delivers as well
@Guest: Brandi didn't forget what Vinnie did to her and Lake