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Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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The suspense is killing me, SWSU!
November 14th, 2017
@SWSU-Master: Darn. Didn't get in.

Eh, always next season I suppose.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Oh don't get me wrong, it's gonna be an interesting season for sure. Plus if its 18 or 16, 11 is a more sizable majority
@Blastoise_FTW: It still seems interesting to me. But probably because I'm one of the newer people here.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Assuming this is a 20 person season, that's 11 apps and 9 SWSU's. Not TOO big of a majority.
@SWSU-Master: confirmation note for me. Spoiler alert to everybody who cares: I likely won't be in this season. A shame, I know, since you all clearly wanted to see me involved.

Hehe, but in all seriousness, 11 applicants sounds fun. In SFC7 and SFC8, however, having all applicants didn't do that well, since neither season is considered good. But, having just one number off hopefully won't be too bad! I have faith.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Its happened once before. I just got lucky with the apps this season.
@SWSU-Master: Damn, eleven applicants? This might be the first time we'll have more applicants than SWSU characters, if I'm not mistaken.
I have sent out all of the confirmation notes for this season and have gotten 8 of the 11 back.

You have one week to reply before I just wing it with only what you have said on the app.
@SWSU-Master: lmao I just checked this randomly and now I'm glad I did, glad to know it's going well!
@SWSU-Master: Be still my beating heart.
Progress is being made and confirmation notes are being sent.
@Tailslover13: Well thanks ^^

Just don't jinx anything >.>
@ChronoAlone: I at least hope some of the people on this site have their characters in, rather than the people on Deviantart...since those people are despicable. And other than a nameless troll or two on here who specifically enjoys bullying ME, the people here are a lot more mature, level-headed, and nice. They deserve it.
@Tailslover13: Don't worry, this isn't EA. We won't disappoint everyone with loot boxes and microtransactions.
@ChronoAlone: I have a feeling like none of this will be worth it and the screen edge-riding won't be warranted. You know what happens when things gets hyped up too much.
@Blastoise_FTW: Shall we go past it then?
@ChronoAlone: You guys are riding the edge of the screen xD
@Tailslover13: Yeah, I can come up with a few myself, but we shall see what happens when the season gets here.
@ChronoAlone: Well...IF it's in another will probably be a video game location. I don't see him doing something like the Harry Potter world, or Lord Of The Rings world, or anything movie-based. Video games or animated shows seem to be more his style, which I would be all for. So some off the top of my head would be...

- Equestria (My Little Pony)
- Gaia (Final Fantasy VII)
- Kanto (Pokemon)
- Eagleland (Earthbound)
- 200X (Mega Man)
- Raccoon City (Resident Evil)
- Hyrule (Legend Of Zelda)
- Mobius (Sonic The Hedgehog)
- Phantomile (Klonoa)

So, those are some possibilities that crossed my mind. But they're honestly endless, depending on what SWSU knows and doesn't know...and likes and doesn't like.