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Survivor Fan Characters

Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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Oh hello
@Thenewdonut: Very entertaining tho lmao
If Liz votes out Desmond eventually then she probably wins because of foreshadowing. If she doesn't Stagg probably wins.

The page before this tribal, I thought "If Desmond leaves here, Stagg wins. If Prussia leaves, Liz probably wins." So I'm sticking to that.

Current Winner Predictions:

Liz > Stagg >>> Diego >>>>>>>>> Desmond > (HUGE GAP) Jojo > Amelia
People liked Ivan? He was the biggest dud on the cast imo... very happy to see him leave. Everyone else is much more entertaining.

I'm becoming less and less confident in Liz, my winner pick... but she had such a good "edit" in the beginning..
I've had Liz as my top winner contender since episode 2, but this episode scared me...

I'm definitely not as confident anymore, especially since I read in the comments that she is SWSU's character.

I'll probably keep her as my top contender, but I'm so bad at predicting SFC winners...
Was really hoping for Desmond or Ivan to leave. Hunter was a fun villain.

This seems to be a truly great cast. Could be the best season ever if this trend continues.
Jim is probably my least favorite winner so far other than Jackie 2.0, but I'm content with his win. The comic needs some more boring, generic winners to avoid being predictable in favor of the big personalities.

This season was really solid. It was about on the same level as 11 for me, and it was a lot better than 10 and 12. Definitely a top half season.

The only individuals that stood out to me as enjoyable characters were Damon, Iyzebel, and Alleio, but even the boring characters worked well in the ensemble. Iyzebel and Alleio are the only two I think could be interesting on a returnee season, though.
Yvonne and Shelby are sore from carrying this post-merge on their backs...

Spongebob and especailly Mike and Kim are snoozefests.
Ugh... Kim, the Mary Sue, is going to take out Shelby this round, isn't she? Disappointing...
Kim, Enter, and Mike can all go. So boring.
Yvonne and Shelby are carrying this season on their backs.

Lola is alright too... kinda bored with the rest.
I'm really starting to like Shelby. She's UTR but fun
I wonder how long I’ll take till the next season?
A nice comic to conclude this season.

I'm lookin forward to SFC18 and its really interesting universe. Jenny must regret she didn't join SFC a season later. I guess Cherman will make a comeback in an upcoming cast release.
Oh wow, Portal! Now I'm hyped up again. The locations just continue to impress.
Now you're thinking with portals.
Man. I wonder if I can get Luna entered in again for a future season. It's all getting so much more exciting.
Did not expect the new season to take place in the Portal world. I hope he holds Hyrule Kingdom in his heart for a future season. It's that or he could take us to another surprise location like Hogwards: School of witchcraft and wizardry.
I was kind of hoping for Minecraftia, but I'm entirely okay with a season set in Aperture Labs. This is gonna be great!
Would not have guessed you'd be going there for season 18. So much for Hyrule..
This journey may have ended, but soon another one will begin. Portal is on the way.