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Fan Characters will be competing for $1,000,000.

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@ChronoAlone: Thank fucking Go- *cough* I mean, um... interesting. I look forward to this preview.
Good new folks. According to SWSU on DA, the preview for the new season should be up within a week.
@Thenewdonut: Yeah xD
January 4th, 2017
@ChronoAlone: You wanna make it further? just re-simulate it until you win.

It's what I did to guarantee that my inflated ego was satisfied while not winning.
Anyway... Happy New Year!!
@Sweetcupcakes: Hope he's not dead...
@SWSU-Master: plz don't say u died... r u still alive or did u die of diabetes?(idk why I used "diabetes as an example...)
@Blastoise_FTW: Awwww, no one will team up with me
@Robolax7: I always suck in these simulations. Though I have to say they aren't inaccurate.
@ChronoAlone: just noticed this now! Somehow my email notification got turned off. Hmmmm. Thanks Maizono is probably one of my favourite danganronpa characters
@TJBambi93: OMG PREACH! Bitsy is one of my ultimate favourite characters! I really don't understand all the Bitsy hate
This wait is really long ((longest if SFC history if I am correct)) I wonder what happened? Oh well, we all know SWSU-Master so it's going to be worth the wait at least c:
December 28th, 2016
So... Erm... Hi?
God i'm almost as bad online as irl.
Remember back in August when I posted those simulations?
Good. I wouldn't wanna remember those either.
Anyway, I made another.
I present to you, 'Survivor Redemption Island'!
Except I ruined it by adding some of you.
Anyways here's the cast!

We got:
GaryHawkins (your name was too long D: )
And that one guy nobody likes...
...also known as Robolax7

So yeah!
Order your copy of Survivor Redemption Island today and get a second copy ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Just dial 090807060504030201 and give us your credit card details, social security number, and anything else that could ruin your life if put in the wrong hands, and it's all yours!

But seriously.
Here's a link:
Also, for the sake of convenience, everyone is categorized as Male in this. I apologize if this is incorrect or somehow offends you.

If you think this was terrible, please insult me as much as necessary.
Don't worry about lowering my self esteem.
It can't get lower.

(Oh, also, Happy Holidays!)
Happy Holidays Everyone!
@ChronoAlone: I'm afraid this comic will go the way of Pokemon Hard Mode and we'll be sitting here for up to year before an update.
December 22nd, 2016
@ChronoAlone: Yep. I think it's officially time to take away his "God of Buffer" title.
Is this the longest wait we've had between seasons?
@Sweetcupcakes: Nice Maizono avatar.