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@Tailslover13: LMAO your OC is going to get cucked.
This would be even funnier if Raiza left them like this on purpose, knowing Tony's true intentions. I think Josh can sooner or later get the girl but it will be quite a rocky road till then...

I wonder what kind of consequences Tony will have to face. If the survivor crew doesn't punish him for "damaging personal property" then it will be Amadeus stopping to be Mr.Cool and have his revenge
I much as Tony is digging his own grave, I appreciate that he's keeping Amadeus from getting the idol. And out of all of the obvious villains and semi-villains this season, Tony's probably the most enjoyable to watch for me. Probably because so little has gone his way up to this point, making it more tolerable. Poor Pikmin though. If this was my game, I'd definitely restart the day after losing that many.
I see Raiza favours the "cut out the middleman" approach to love triangles. That's one of my favourites. Probably not best for this one, though - Josh is too good for Tony.
No need to give Tony a shovel, he's digging his own grave with his own paws.
@ChronoAlone: What is that referencing? I swear I recognize it, but I can't remember what it's from.
So immediately after killing pikmin for six hours, now you’re gonna try to steal Josh’s showmance?
*Ohhh, you touch my tralala...*

W-what is... oh, no... not now, not here! Run for cover! It’s a DOOOOUCHEQUAAAAAAKE!!


(*gets up*) Whew... my god... haven’t had a douchequake like that since Bonnie was on the show!
Tony: Mass murderer, master strategist, and terrible at hitting on mongooses. Mongeese? Mongi? He's terrible at it.
A moment of silence for all of the Pickmin lost today...
Eh, there are a million of them, who cares?
kill those pikmin tony yeah don't let amadouche get the idol
RIP Pikmin.... If only he could do that to Amadouche!

Raiza seems to have self esteem issues
@ChronoAlone: damn it I was going to make that reference
So...Tony is not only a murderer, but he's also a piece of shit. Nothing really that surprising, honestly. Although Josh and Raiza continue to be awesome and the best part of this tribe.
I'm definitely getting the sense that Naomi is the first boot from this tribe, especially now that she's trying to get an alliance with Lester.
You forgot Nezumi
I guess Amadeus isn't the only one with special idol finding powers on the island. I just hope Kade is right in his confidence, because I'm not particularly in favor of these two having any power. At least we know Naomi isn't a serial killer or something like that now.