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Nooooooooo.... lots of boring people are still in, like Kiara, Geena, Malik, and Heinz... I hate to see Oehda go here.
Ugh... Heinz is so boring. And he had a really good winner's edit before he left. Hopefully he doesn't win....
RIP Ex Machina...again. Is it done for good? Hopefully.

The creation has betrayed it's creator, Jenny probably should have sabotaged Ollie instead lol.

I didn't know that ghosts could be offended lol. I wonder if he wrote hate mail to CBS during Ghost Island
Well, this was a result that....I should have seen coming but didn't. I thought Jenny's tricks were gonna clutch this. That being said, she's in MAJOR trouble, but she's not dead yet. Kade's still a wild card, and she's one of the only players remaining that we know hasn't used all of her wishes. Also, I'm pretty sure the idol has been re-hidden at Bulu, so there's always that. Although the story of being done in by her own creation may be too strong to overturn....also, something I forgot until Jeff mentioned it, this is technically Bulu's first Tribal Council. It would seem that Jenny really was destined to be Bulu's first boot.

And was sorta a sad moment but.... I'm glad the Ex Machina has met its end.
Ollie is literally so amazing. That was hilarious
Jenny is so screwed it's not even funny. Her own creation no longer obeys her, she's driven a fellow contestant into depression, and she openly tried to get the other tribe to throw. She's trying waaayyyy too hard and it's about to come back to bite her.
As for the Ex-Machina, I'm honestly happy to see it go. Raiza doesn't really need it, does she? She has the whole stuntwoman training thing going for her, so perhaps losing the suit will force her to prove her own merits. Plus that suit is OP and I'm glad to see it finally go.
Well, this looks even worse for Jenny than I thought. Not only have we seen the anticipated Ollie betrayal, sabotaging the robosuit she rebuild herself and pushing Raiza into a depression seems like a final move to me.

One thing's for sure: If Jenny somehow manages to survive the upcoming vote, it will only be a bittersweet victory and her allies will hate her for what she did. Kade is obviously not he only one who knows the saboteur.
Ollie you are awesome and it's ether Jenny or Derek who is going home.
@Guest: Oh, and I'm sure you have no self-esteem issues and you're a fully adjusted adult with no problems at all? Or, if you DO have problems, you're just SO strong and tough that you keep them all to yourself and you never show any signs of vulnerability because you "don't want to self-pity and make people hate you", right? Seriously, please don't bash a character with real-life mental issues if you don't understand their full story. Makes you look like a heartless person.
Raiza self pities herself way too much to like her
Raiza is now about to experience the harsh symptoms of mecha withdrawal.

Don’t smoke EX-Machina.
OK I do have to give Jenny props for finally destroying the Ex-Machina. I don't hate Raiza or anything but that was really OP and I'm glad Jen was able to balance things a bit more.

It looks like Jenny will be going home this tribal council, but I wouldn't be too surprised if we had an upset. Kade has made crazier decisions before...
Not surprising.
Well, unless Derek is finally able to pull his head out of his ass, Jenny is completely fucked.
Raiza...hang in there. It'll be alright. Please...don't say things like that...Josh is worthless in every possible way, but he's there for'll be fine. Don't give up.
Koko wins Immunity, a Nervous Breakdown, and a Broken Robot, and all Bulu has waiting for them is Tribal Council.... and eventually CutieCat.
I'm catching up on these and Hannah/Oehda is amazing... Possibly my favorite character yet. Hopefully she doesn't leave soon.
Technically wouldn't that count as an attack on a fellow contestant?? So technically shouldn't Raiza be expelled ? 😏