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A few one shot.


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I think the guy with the red hair is the Cello that hi is playing a while ago because of the tattoo on his face
I really love the story
worth the effort
great job !!!
lol ;p
Sympa, j'aime bien! ^^
SQUEEE. See you on MR
gunryo artist speaking- the comment above was from my writer.. anywhoo i think your comic has a very weird sense of story and art, but that is whats soo cool about it

definatley look forward to seeing more :D
I don't know what to say.....your drawings are wonderful but the storylines are...weird, in an interesting way.

Sorry if that does not make any sense!
These comics are amazing.
i like your drawings you deserve more fans...
check out my comic pleaseeee...and that is why im gonna fav you xD
c'est tres fantastique~ bien fait C:
Loves the way he's running XD <3