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Smack Jeeves Community Secret Santa for 2007

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woo i hope everyone got their gifts ^^

and you sound happy its over charlie ><
WOW! Love it to bits, definately worth the wait thank you secret santa!
Ichi mimi has been incredibly positive on the boards despite being scrooged, so here we go, the final secret santa gift, direct from _______ to ichi mimi!

Its over! Its finally all over!
Oh man, I so sorry this is incredibly late. I had it finished then I left for Christmas and left it home...Glad you like it ^.^
shnrrrk* Thats amazing ^ ^ thank you! <3.
Creepy O_O
OH man, this is amazing, thank you so much! You really caught the essence of who I really am ^.^
Oh yeah not a problem, I think I messed up on his hair though...
This is really cool. Thank you. Next year, I'm going to go around saying "Merry Papaya and Happy Mango" to everyone.
haha, cute
January 3rd, 2008
Awww!!! x3
Aw, she looks so amazing! I love the style she was drawn in! Whoever did this is a really amazing artist! And I love the colouring! x3

Too cyute! x3
Oh! how cute!
Wooo!! Sorry I didn't comment sooner, was without internet for about 3 days or so. AWESOMENESS! Thank you Secret Santa XD!
Ahh, I find this one to be strangely beautiful. Awesome gift! :-)
Wow, thanks dragonfire! xD
XD That's great. It made me laugh.
January 2nd, 2008
Aaahh, My handwriting sucks.
You're welcome.
Wow, thanks! :D It's really awesome!

It could have been anyone...