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Game Stew

by coolcorky
Take three tablespoons of Konami stock, 1oz of organic SEGA, some chopped Nintendo and Capcom, with a sprinkling of powdered Namco to taste, and you've got yourself one good wholesome game stew!
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9 Years Ago
Take three tablespoons of Konami stock, 1oz of organic SEGA, some chopped Nintendo and Capcom, with a sprinkling of powdered Namco to taste, and you've got yourself one good wholesome game stew!


Recent Comments

Holy Christ, this comic is ALIVE again!
AFTER WHAT SEEMS LIKE a whole year in the making, I'm finally one step closer to finishing episode one!

The main thing that has slowed down progress of this comic is - oddly - my enthusiasm to begin a new story arc. Yes, the Solid Snake universe-hopping has been fun, but it's more than worn out its welcome as far as I'm concerned. I want to take the whole concept of the Koppelthorn Engine and parallell game worlds in a new direction.

So bear with me. The amount of work going into creating the Silent Hill backdrops and all the other content (year-long hiatus notwithstanding) has been immense. However once I get to the end of this story arc I will be much more willing to make more of these comics.

Oh and as promised way back last April, every time I'm forced to upload a comic in .jpg format, I'll upload the full-quality version elsewhere for you to view, so here you go:

Now let's finish an episode!

(Oh and by the way, that Maria sprite is edited from - would you believe it - a sprite of naked Raiden from MGS2, made by the same guy as the Snake sprites. I'm going to make a full episode one sprite credits once I've done #50.)
For a filler, a surprising amount of work went into it.

#49 in the next few days. It's a biggun'.
LOL mettaur refences.
Oh tails your screwed. BTW who's running the kopplethorn engine or whatever its called now?
He's going back... BACK... TO THE FUT- *shot*
But snake i'm comfortable now...
Pretty much all characters in SH games stich the torch in their pocket, probably because it would be a bit tough to wield a 3-foot-long steel pipe and a torch at the same time. :P
I am actually starting to see what is happening, and the guy is not holding the flashlight... lazy bast**d
Wow... this is getting creepy as hell.
Yeah, sorry for the long delay, I kind of had to start this one again four times. The second background I used also didn't really lend itself to the auto-level tool (which I think is the best way to do the flashlight effect) as it made the doors and boxes green. I also spent some time making the James Sunderland sprite (which was edited from a Sprite from Bram Stoker's Dracula game on the SNES, ripped by Wing Wing Wao.)
GAH the 8-bityness :o
Game Stew Episode One
Episode One tells the story of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. After losing contact with his Colonel during the test of a new, mysterious virtual reality system, Snake - with the help of everyone's favourite blue hedgehog - must get back home in this fun-filled universe-hopping adventure!
If you can work out which game it is through the portal, you officialy have no life. At all.

I am reliably informed that the 8-bit Mushroom Hill looks more like a Kirby game than a Mario game. Oh well. :P

Also, I changed the font back to how it was. I think it's much easier to read like this.
Thanks, but I solved the problem. Unfortunately there's no way to get around SJ's 500kb image size limit, but I managed to get a full sized one uploaded on Photobucket. However, it was the version I had messed up on when assembling it, and I only amended the changes for the JPEG version. However, I'll post the link to the full-quality versions of all the other JPEG issues.
Hey CC, remember me?

I noticed that you were talking about having trouble with image hosts on SV, and with no other way to contact you resorted to this.

If you can't figure out a way to fix the .jpg-ing/resizing of your comics, then may I suggest

Oh god.

I played Silent Hill 2.
Horribly creepy game. NEVER AGAIN.
...You've never played Silent Hill 2, have you?
your kidding... the hotel were all the zombies must be... typical...
Another JPEG'd one, unfortunately.

The only SH2 monster that those Contra 3 sprites look like is the patient demon (which for some reason I call "squishy") except for the arms.

(Don't get the canned lightbulbs thing? Go play silent hill 2.)